The AC blues are painfully forced against Hungary

Loud introduction, then hiccups. Alternating current, the French men’s basketball team beat Hungary (78-74) on Sunday, September 4th. His second victory in three matches in the European Basketball Championship, which they play in Germany. But in the face of the supposedly weakest opponent in the very difficult group B, the Blues suffered. If qualification for the Round of 16 continues in full swing, the French will have to show another face in the last two matches of the group stage (Tuesday, against Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Wednesday against Slovenia).

“We started very well, which is not usual for us, but we went down very quickly”, recognizes the coach, Vincent Colette. After quickly leading by 14 points, his forces allowed, oddly enough, his teammates Adam Hanga – the star of the team and a Real Madrid player – to bounce back. By hitting bullet loss (twenty in total), the Blues offers ammo for Hungarian pyrotechnicians, who don’t need to be required to hit the mark.

However, the French knew they were expected. “We had a good game, but we must not get carried away and keep our focus. Now we need consistency”Axis warned Mustafa Val, in the conclusion of the Blues’ victory over Lithuania (77-73), Saturday. “Whether it’s big or small teams, treat matches the same way.” And the start of the match for Yvan Fournier’s teammates seems to show that they know the importance of being consistent.

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A day full of surprises in the Eurozone

But they multiplied the tremors. Each time they accelerated, to snuff out Hungary (with a 15-point lead in the third quarter), the Blues slowed, allowing their opponent to nibble away. Did they take the Hungarians high? “We lacked the basics, and it’s not just a basketball issue”The tricolor coach notes, ” injury “ to speak “lack of enthusiasm” of his soldiers.

After the match, the Blues were far from claiming the win, as style was lacking. “We weren’t very serious”Tans Andrew Bessi. “It’s a good team, we knew if we played with fire a little bit, they would come back”Guerschon Yabusele continues.

For his part, Captain Yvan Fournier regrets ‘Failed state of mind’ from his team. It was their last chance [aux Hongrois]. Guys, they have a heart, pride, do not want to go out and give everything. So when you are not playing a good game and are not confident, you throw a coin in the air and hope it will land on the right side. »

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The winner – thanks to the power of free-throws from Yvan Fournier and Guerchon Yabucelli in the last moments – the French team did not add its name to the list of teams defeated on Sunday by a suspected opponent. In this competition where matches follow each other, and where all teams play a Back to back (Two matches in as many days), Bosnia and Herzegovina defeated outgoing European champions Slovenia (97-93) in the France group; Belgium defeated Spain (83-73), while Turkey defeated Georgia (88-83). Three surprises, which the Hungarians would have liked to emulate, especially as a three-point shot from David Vojvoda a few seconds ago could have put them ahead.

Expect “interrogation”

“We are close to disaster, even if it could have been worse.”Vincent Colette reacted again against his players. A day after welcoming his team’s renewal, against Lithuania, the tricolor technician saw them back out of their way.

“Last night, I had the impression that we had finally begun to build our team and finally started the European Championship; today I have the impression that it has been dismantled. This is unacceptable.” For him, must have certain attitudes of the blues “provoke an interrogation”.

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A team reacting against the Lithuanians After their opening defeat to the German hosts, the Blues won’t have to wait long to turn the page on their agonizing victory over Hungary. And on Tuesday, the Bosnians are waiting for them resolutely, spurred on by their victory over the Slovenes.

“We have already received the warning against them.”And Rudi Gobert insists (15 points and 9 rebounds on Sunday). In preparation, the Blues falter at the end of August in Sarajevo (90-96 after extra time), and their captain realizes they have “Vengeance is taken”. Including against themselves, after their grades were filled with false remarks on Sunday.

The Turkish national team threatens to withdraw after an attack by one of the players

The Turkish national team threatened to leave the 2022 European Basketball Championship on Sunday, September 4, accusing the Georgian police of attacking one of its players in the halls of Tbilisi, where Turkey lost to Georgia.

“Let them show us the pictures from all the cameras in this hall minute by minute, without missing a second. If they don’t, I spoke to the chief. [de la Fédération] Hidayat [Turkoglu]We will leave this tournament.Turkish Basketball Federation Vice President, Omer Onan, said in a press release. “Georgia State Police got into a physical fight with us”Confirms.

According to the management of the Turkish team, the NBA wing of the Philadelphia 76ers, Furkan Korkmaz, was attacked in the corridors of the Tbilisi Arena after he was excluded in the middle of the last quarter, after a fight on the ground.

“When our player joined the locker room, three players from the Georgian national team and security personnel got into a fight”Assistant coach Hakan Demir said at a press conference. ” this is unacceptable. “

“I don’t know anything, I haven’t heard anything about him”Georgia coach Elias Zoros said at a press conference.

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