Top 20 Players to Watch: Volume 1 – FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022

Sydney (Australia) – With only a few weeks left until the start of the 2022 FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup, we have chosen to present you here the 20 most awaited female basketball players in Sydney.

All countries will be represented at least once in this ranking. Let’s start the day with players taking places from 20 to 16!

20. Arella Guirantes – Puerto Rico

The task is expected to be complicated for Puerto Rico, who will struggle to win a match in Sydney. But if Gerantes is having a busy day, Puerto Ricans can cause a stir. She demonstrated all her qualities during the FIBA ​​2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup Qualifying Tournament earlier this year, earning a solid spot in the ‘Major 5’ in the competition after her solid performance.

She averaged about 15 points per game out there, which fully justifies her time in the WNBA last year with LA Sparks. Embodying the revival of women’s basketball in Puerto Rico, it will be interesting to see the former Rutgers player perform in her first-ever FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup.

19. Danby Kim – Korea

While it looks like rookie Jisu Park will be out next month in Australia, it is up to the experienced winger to take on more responsibility to help his country meet the challenges ahead. This will probably be his last tournament with the Korean national team and his career with the national team was fantastic.

Correa would like to see her take matters into her own hands when attacking, as all players will need to up their game to make up for Park’s usual contributions on offense. Kim’s combative mindset and drive will be required to lead the attack, especially when he is widely listened to and appreciated both on and off the field.

18. Lauren Jackson – Australia

If you haven’t heard about the return of Lauren Jackson, you are living on another planet. The women’s basketball legend came out of retirement to play in the fifth edition of the FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup. The announcement of his return sparked enthusiasm and enthusiasm in Australia and elsewhere.

Her presence in the World Championship automatically makes her a Top 20 member. In fact, all eyes and eyes may be on her during the competition. You’ve got the class, the skill, the experience, the low job moves – in short, you’ve got it all. The only question remains how his body will hold up in such a rigorous tournament, even if everything seems to be going well so far. She has already deceived many skeptics and intends to make a successful comeback. Fasten your belt!

17. Shu Han – China

These days have not been easy to manage to impose the inside in China. Under coach Limin Xu, she made her debut with the national team and made tremendous progress, especially in Tenerife (Spain) four years ago when she was still a teenager. She was in “Major 5” of TQOF Tokyo 2020, but since last year things have changed a bit. In fact, Limin Xu chose to put the gorgeous Yueru Li in front of her, made her bench, and the China coach refused to line up side by side yet.

Instead of frowning, the inside did the opposite by continuing to show her best side and improving her game – her touch, finishing and blocking skills. Han has also amassed a lot of WNBA playing time and the experience gained in the US will definitely be useful for China in Sydney.

16. Tina Krajesnik – Serbia

In the absence of several experienced players, between international retirements, absence and injuries (notably Sonia Vasic, Jelena Brooks, Anna Dabović and Alexandra Crvendakic), Krajesnik will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders. She will have a critical role to play in defense, and she will be expected to tie her doubles together as usual.

It will also be interesting to see if she is able to take more responsibility in attack and score more points. However, there would be nothing easy against his opponents in the future. It seems somewhat likely that she will act as a defensive anchor to block the opponent’s attempts and in attack to draw the defense to her and thus create space for her teammates. Then, it’s up to them to take advantage of the absence of defenses to turn their assists into baskets.


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