Two additional years for Olivier Lafargue, now associated with Bourges Basket until 2025

After winning twice in the UEFA Women’s League last season, Olivier Lafarge still faces challenges to tackle the tango. The 46-year-old manager, initially linked to TBB until 2023, has extended his contract until 2025.

If the signing is officially signed on Thursday, discussions go back to the end of last season. “It’s an honor for me to continue the adventure,” he says. Great pride, but also responsibilities to continue developing this legendary club that is Borg Basket. »

The season of each of the French champions watched by Olivier Lafarge

Reached Cher from Basket Landes to succeed Valérie Garnier in 2017, winning Olivier Lafargue [ses] First titles” and “Discover the Euroleague.” “Borg is a development in my career, the technician claims. I had to face myself with the best of France and Europe, and see if I was able to develop in a very competitive environment. Fighting to win trophies is great. Borg is an environment that has allowed me to continue to grow and, above all, has allowed me to win titles. I think Olivier Lafarge now owes a lot to Borg Basket and to all the players and coaching staff he was able to deal with. »

“The desire to go higher on the European level is there. You don’t just have to want it, you have to work for it. So we are trying to put all our energy into giving ourselves the means to transcend these European milestones.”

Olivier Lafarge (Bourges Basket coach)

At the end of an impressive season (44 wins, 8 defeats) capped with two titles, what new challenges does coach Tango intend to face? “The idea is to keep performing,” says the man who has been named three times LFB Coach of the Year, a record (2014, 2021 and 2022). What is unusual with Borg is this club’s ability to always stay on top and never be satisfied. Winning over time, that’s great. It’s not easy to keep making it grow because there’s a fleet going up on the right, on the left. But the desire to rise to a higher level at the European level is there. You don’t just have to want it, you have to work for it. So we try to put all our energy into giving ourselves the means to go beyond these European landmarks. Without revealing it, the desire to play in the Euroleague 4 final, which TBB has not known since 2014, is strong…

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Coach Olivier Lafargue introduces the recruits of Bourget Basket

If the results are important in the balance sheet of the club and the coach, then other aspects motivate Olivier Lafarge. Such ‘the ability to have players train, perform and exit, as was the case with Eliana Robert. But also to train youngsters who have the ability to make their own progress and take them higher and higher, as with Pauline Astaire. There is also all this parameter to consider.’ »

Therefore, Olivier Lafarge has plenty of time to take on these various challenges. The time that could make him join Pierre Vincent in the club’s elite as a coach has led the Peroire team to their longest term (eight years). “But talking about it is complicated because we don’t control everything,” he slips. Today, I am very happy because Agnes (St-Ges, president of TBB, editor’s note) Valentine’s Day (Cavilier, Managing Director, Editor’s Note) Show me their confidence and attachment. How do I share my attachment to this project and this club. »

Nicholas Werkin

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