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The basketball players The NBA didn’t wait to reach out to them to share just how talented they are, as the main show was the Summer Olympics. This was a perfect opportunity for Dawn Staley, Cheryl Miller (Reggie’s sister), Hortência Marcari, Lauren Jackson or Katrina McClain to receive honors from their nation. But since 1996, women have had their own league within the NBA WNBAtook over the system of privilege and countless other aspects of the surrogate masculine ego.

Sue Bird, Queen of Seattle

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Largely in the shadow of the NBA, in terms of promotion, audience, and promotion, the WNBA still faces sex shields that see basketball as a men’s spectacle. The amazing thing is when you learn that originally, this sport was running these ladies in college while these gentlemen were being tortured in American football or baseball. It’s not uncommon today to see WNBA-level lunar commentaries, and video montages of the worst failures, forgetting that Shaq does the same with men. Because dumplings and falls and stray bullets and improbable shots have no gender. Regardless, let’s take a step further and take a look at the facts: The WNBA is constantly improving. The league has its fans, knows how to generate excitement (Seattle no longer has an NBA franchise but has had a blast with a very good WNBA team), takes care of its image, highlights its players and franchises (modern jerseys and logos) and slowly starts sending things around the world (with a regular shortage in the NBA store). Not forgetting her stars who are making a name for themselves. So BirdAnd the Diana Taurasi And the Candice Parker Known to all the great basketball fans, Lauren Jackson is an icon in Australia. Taurasi and Ogwumike were twins in Space Jam 2. The USA women’s team grabs media attention at every major competition. The current season is making extraordinary noises thanks to Candice Parker wearing Chicago at her 36-year-old prime. What about NBA 2K?

Basketball player Diana Torassi in Phoenix, in the NBA 2K23 video game.

Diana Taurasi in Phoenix

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One of the greatest novelties in NBA 2K20 has been the arrival of the WNBA specifically to the most popular basketball franchise. We don’t find the national teams (whose image belongs to FIBA), nor the G-League teams or the league teams, but the women are finally there. All perks are included, and player modeling is done with great care. All that remains is to lure NBA 2K players who are still hesitant despite the full W mode.

In NBA 2K23, W gets richer. It’s about MyCareer mode The WNBA version was launched in 2K21. In the next installment, arriving on September 9, 2K will offer weekly goals in The W that can be achieved by the entire community, a chance to reward all players in the mode. It will also be possible to create two new franchises, choosing all aspects of them, starting with the city. You will be presented with new challenges as well as more than one remarkable possibility to choose All star game and the Commissioner’s Cup (an off-season cup that gives ideas for the men’s league). The biggest WNBA stars will always be by your side as you go along. In short, 2K doesn’t take this mode lightly but rather encourages players to dive into it by rewarding the most engaged people.
The NBA 2K22 coach's Candice Parker Diamond Award card allowed you to put the Chicago Sky star on your seat.

2K22 Candice Parker Diamond Card

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And the my team In all of this? WNBA players in MT necessarily have their place, and good thing will come of it! At 2K22, Candice Parker had a diamond bonus coach that allowed you to put the Chicago Sky star on your seat. In 2K23, the developers go further with an excellent idea: add floors, jerseys, logos of WNBA franchises.

WNBA jerseys are available in MyTeam mode in the NBA 2K23 basketball video game.

WNBA Shirts Coming to 2K23 MyTeam

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But concretely, what they lack are the players! Their addition is simple, although basketball is not a mixed sport at a professional level. Here’s an idea: add all the teams, all the players in a series of playable maps in a specific MyTeam 100% WNBA mode. Players can be added in weekly packs to strengthen your women’s roster with increasingly powerful cards. To encourage the MyTeam community to play it, it’s very simple: combine the main challenges, experience and rewards in the WNBA mode.

We all have to win. 2K will bring more content to MT. The WNBA will find an important way to generate even greater interest. MyTeam players will expand their collection, they will have more and more various cards and multiplayer, the game is rich, but above all it will expand their knowledge of basketball. In addition to current NBA basketball players, MT allows players to discover or rediscover the history of the league, past decades and their stars (Russell, Chamberlain, Barry, Frazier, Bird, Magic, MG, etc.). It would be the same with the WNBA. If we play WNBA stars, and take on franchises in different challenges, we’ll only be able to make them recognizable faces, and thus, for many, we’ll be interested in what the league really offers on the storied: superstars, entertainment, and talent.

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