French ambitions in the European Basketball Cup 3×3

The French national team has a chance to achieve an unprecedented achievement in the history of the European Cup Basketball 3×3 Women, September 9-11: Be the first team to win the continental title three times after the successes of 2018 and 2019.

The Tricolores were not only the favorite at the Continental Meeting organized in Graz (Austria) thanks to these earlier feats. They are also in good condition. peers Laetitia Gabu He won the bronze medal in the last European Cup, after reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League Tokyo Olympics 2020In 2021. Above all, they managed to continue in 2022 by winning the World Cup organized in Antwerp in June.

This was the Tricolores’ first planetary title in 3×3 basketball and it almost happened when they least expect it. After the Olympics, a new generation was incorporated into the tricolor group.

“This world title is very encouraging, we did not expect to win the title this year because we are in a new cycle. It makes you want to dream big and win an Olympic medal in Paris 2024,” explained Hortense Limousine At Quai 54, an international 3×3 tournament in Paris.

The French are betting on a “real defensive identity with great intensity”

Les Bleues is now at the top of the world’s 3×3 basketball. They intend to stay there. Victory in the World Cup opened their appetite Paris 2024 Olympics. And in Arena de Concorde in two years, they want to reach the position of the best team in the world.

“We have a young group with a lot of ambition. We have a big group with 3×3 experience, and we have the chance to have a lot of girls who can play at a very high level. It’s true that the hardest part about being at the top is staying there. But that’s what we want to do. We have reached the top of the world podium, it gives a taste of all these medals, all these victories,” declared the Saint-Aman player, in the women’s league.

Tricolores have always played the main roles in 3×3 basketball. They have three European medals to their credit and four podiums at the world level. Now, above all else, they have the assurance that their style of play can take them to the top.

Despite having a large group of players, the identity of French women’s basketball 3×3 remains the same.

“The strength of our team lies in this desire to always look for the best without cutting corners,” continues Limousine.

“It has been a kind of our identity throughout the World Championships. We also have a real defensive identity with a lot of strength on the pitch. This is what has allowed us to achieve great things like this great title.”

Double World Cup – The European Cup achieved only once

With this state of mind, the French women’s team will come close to the 3×3 European Basketball Championship. During her stay in Austria, she could have added a new line to her roster, but above all confirms her dominance of European 3×3 basketball.

Tricolores will have to be particularly wary of Lithuania, the only other European country to have reached the 2022 World Cup semi-finals, or Spain, the European champions. After the victory of teammates Sandra Yejerved, ranked 5th in the world rankings, it will be synonymous with a World Cup doubling – the European Cup, which no one has achieved since 2017.

Such a feat rewards a very promising historic year for French basketball players two years after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

September 11-9

3×3 Basketball | European Cup | Graz

French women’s team program in the European Basketball Championship 3×3

  • September 9, 2022 at 3 pm: France – Switzerland
  • September 9 at 8.20 pm: France – Romania
  • September 11: Quarter-finals (if qualified).
  • September 11: Semi-finals (if qualified)
  • September 11: Bronze Medal Match or Final (if you qualify)

French selection for the 3×3 European Basketball Cup

  • Myriam Decondad
  • Laetitia Gabu
  • Hortense limousine
  • Mary Many

How to watch the European Basketball Cup 3×3 live

The 3×3 European Basketball Championship will be broadcast live by Olympic Channel (Geographical restrictions may apply). in France, channel team Owns the broadcast rights.

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