Manu Ginobili enters the Hall of Fame: Thank you for everything.

This weekend, in Springfield, Massachusetts, far from Bahía Blanca in Argentina where he was born, Manu Ginobili will return to the Hall of Fame. The highest dedication to any basketball player, and the logical end to the phenomenal career of one of the greatest competitors in basketball history.

from where we start.

Evidence perhaps? Sending a resume in a somewhat formal way?

lets see.

Emmanuel David Ginobili Makariwas born on July 28, 1977 in Bahía Blanca, a port city located 600 miles south of Buenos Aires.

23 professional seasons played in the wonderful world of basketball, 16 seasons in the NBA, 7 seasons outside the NBA.

16 seasons in the NBA, 16 years with Tottenham, 16 years in that black and white shirt like Batman in his robe, chasing bats with his bare hands on certain fall evenings (sic).

Manu, one of only two players in the history of our sport to win, inspiration – inspiration1 Euroleague Champion, 1 NBA Champion and 1 Olympic Champion.

Manu, the man who made Eurostep a Democrat in the NBA long before James Harden and other Ja Morants in the past decade took over and improved it.

I repeat.

Manu, the man who democratized Eurostep in the NBA.

There are what, two All-Star Game picks (only), one sixth man title of the year (only) and 57th place in the 1999 draft (only)?

Pig …

Three times nothing.

It’s still a lot worse than many of the highly ranked All-Stars, emblematic trade figures of their generation whose T-shirts have sold out and are still selling big. We are a long way from the greatest players in the sport on paper, and the highest paid athletes of all time. Or, as some Twitter genius says, he’s not even an NBA player.

So yes, that’s right. When we see this biography, we want to say Gently friends.

However, all those who lived through the career of Manu Ginobili gave up a smile by reading these few lines.

why ? Well simply because El ManoIt was much more than that. Rather, it was, by definition, the exact opposite of a simple resume.

“For us non-American players, sometimes it’s hard to believe in ourselves and dream about great achievements. But you allowed us to dream big, and you showed us that we can be great players in this league.” – Giannis Antetokounmo

“You represent exactly how you should play basketball. With passion, joy and a great all-time champion.” -Stephen Curry

“I was the one I looked at first, when I decided I would forever be the Sixth Man. We will miss your style, your talent, your competitive spirit and your desire to win.” – Jamal Crawford

There are always very different ways to look at and enjoy basketball. Everyone has what they want, everyone has their own way of developing their passion. It’s even funny to note, in the adorable shared residence for NBA fans. In one corner, we have the notable kings. Elsewhere, we have the advantages of advanced statistics and statistics. We also have passionate defenders of their franchise, or player, FC LeBron or ThunderFan77 for our networks. There’s silencers, podcasters, and I don’t watch live matches but also I watch all the matches live. There are basketball players who watch basketball, and non-athletes who shoot the NBA. There are readers, brawlers, trolls, poster lovers, crossovers, big counters. The It was better than before and the ok boomer. The I hate curry and the I love Carrie. We have those who criticize for the sake of criticism, and those who intervene to advance the issue. There are those who constantly think about the past, and those who do not remember what happened 48 hours ago. There are community kings, and solitude freemen.

And in the middle of it all? There is Manu Ginobili.

The man who does not fit in any box but is nonetheless assembled.

Nobody, and I mean nobody who has seen or known of Manu Ginobili’s career can hate this player. It is absolutely impossible.

Go ahead and ask around. It is not possible to hate this player.

just awesome ? winner? Modest ? Check, check, check.

Does he represent his country with love? Made absolutely everything on the field? Not much money? Check, check, check.

loyal to the band? Perfect mate? Smart on and off the field? Check, check, check.

idiomatic? Athlete? Versatile and versatile? Check, check, check.

The only lobby that can blame Manu Ginobili is the hairdressers’ lobby. And even the biggest bald person in this world thanked him for what he had done.

More seriously, there is something totally clear and collected about Manu that makes him a living legend, and not just in the NBA. How many countries would dream of seeing an athlete blast a sport, lifting an entire people on their shoulders to climb to the top of the world, the Olympic gold medal? And how many of these players will fear their bad reputation, end up in disturbing stories, or complain about their playing time and responsibilities? Who, in this world, could combine so much determination to win a match, the collective dimension to get there, and the humility of victory as in defeat… for over 20 years?

So yes, some doubted which pen was going to write this paper.

And yes, I won’t hide it because I’ve said it often: No player will ever make me feel what Manu Ginobili made me feel during his career.

It is a love that cannot be shared because it is unique.

But it’s also good, sometimes, to take the time to tell someone you love.

So why do I love Manu Ginobili?

Each of these passages in force provocation at the age of forty. For all that crazy business in the fourth quarter. For that dunk on Chris Bosh’s head, for the cups buried under Tim Duncan’s butt as he sits on the bench. For those improvisations in full dead time, that stupid mistake on Dirk leaving at one, but those three throws back a stride because I can only excuse you. For this Argentine shirt that the child proudly wears in front of his father, due to his inability to give up the slightest match. For this madness with Luis Scola, Andres Nocioni and Jill Dorada. For this trio with Manu, Tim and Spurs.

For those smiles, those press conferences, for that awareness of the world you live in, not only as an athlete but as a role model for young people to follow. For this absolute respect for your opponents as they respected you, for this ultimate sense of sacrifice for the good of the community. For giving up your body on the basketball courts, for that angry closed fist after a big basket, for that nose, that nose. For these trips, Eurosteps trips, Bodiroga lassos, these side steps, for these real technical lessons offered all these years. For this shirt that is systematically worn in shorts, because that’s what we were asked to do when we were young.

This is a functional model that has been brought into our sport but no one really wants to follow, due to the fact that he has tried it. That’s why the name on the front of the shirt has always been more important than the name on the back. For these collective records, this extraordinary dominance if we take a closer look. For the simplicity of these things, you face the enormity of your accomplishments. For that coffee with Boris, those photos with Thiago and Patti. For those bewildered faces with every shot, every selfie. For this combination of so close and yet, so close to us in these everyday gestures, and so far from the greatness of deeds and accomplishments. For that perpetual calm, to have in his mind and in his heart a player any team, any coach, any teammate and any fan would like to have.

For this class, simply put, this representation of the Spurs dynasty is better than anyone else’s.

For all this and more, thank you.

Thank you Manu Ginobili.

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