Roblox’s ESBR Rating Dropped From E10+ to T – Roblox Gets New Teen Rating

As of September 8, 2022, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating for Roblox has been updated from E10+ (all 10+) to T (Teens). The change comes just three weeks after the second beta of Roblox’s voice chat, which saw the feature launch for anyone over the age of 13 with a verified phone number and email address. At the time of publishing this article, Roblox has not released an official statement regarding this change.

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas l’ESRB, cette organization à but non lucrative travaille partout aux États-Unis et au Canada pour placer des classifications d’âge et de contenu, et conseiller certaines restrictions, sur les jeux vidéo et le contenu video games. Similar to the Motion Picture Association (MPA), which focuses on movie ratings, the ESRB aims to keep parents informed of what their children are playing by rating video games with their three-part system: Rating Ratings, Rating, Content Descriptors and Interaction. elements.

Depending on where the video game ranks in each part of this system, you will receive a rating out of five ratings, all drawn from the ESRB website and listed below.

  • Everyone (A)
    • Age: 6+
    • Description: The content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain a small amount of cartoon or fantasy, mild violence, and/or infrequent use of moderate language.
  • From 10 years (+ E10)
    • Age: 10+
    • Description: The content is generally appropriate for ages 10 and up. It may contain more cartoons, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or little suggestive themes.
  • teen (T)
    • Age: 13+
    • Description: Content is generally appropriate for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive subject matter, foul humor, minimal blood, simulating gambling and/or use of vulgar language.

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  • adult (m)
    • Age: 17+
    • Description: Content is generally appropriate for ages 17 and up. May include extreme violence, blood, sexual content, and/or foul language.
  • Adults Only (AO)
    • Age: 18+
    • Description: The content is only suitable for adults of 18 years of age or older. It may contain extended scenes of extreme violence, graphic sexual content, and/or real money gambling.

Prior to the change on September 8, 2022, Roblox was rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence, as listed on the ESRB website. Now, however, as stated in both the Roblox Xbox app description and the Apple App Store, Roblox has a T rating for its repetitive/slightly realistic violence and slightly violent/realistic cartoon or fantasy, as well as the ability to be recursively moderate. Language, mild or rarely suggestive themes, and simulating gambling, all of which may not be suitable for children under 12 or 13 years of age.

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It is unclear how this will affect existing Roblox account holders under the age of 13, but it is unlikely that Roblox will forcibly remove them from the platform. Alternatively, players may start to see limitations on individual experiences based on developer ratings, which means that Roblox may ask developers to rate their experiences when it launches in the future, allowing the platform to monitor and dictate who can play experiences.

As mentioned above, Roblox has yet to comment on the leaderboard change and likely won’t. The site is trying to convert to . If Roblox makes an official statement regarding this change, we will update this guide accordingly.

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