Tonight resumes Friday laughter at Cloyes-les-Trois-Rivières

As usual after six seasons, today Laughter Friday releases the second part of the sixth season of this comedy event from Cloys. The program runs through December, with one show per month, at Yron Monastery.

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Behind Friday’s laughter hides in particular Serge Cornet, the second deputy mayor’s delegate for community life, major events and entertainment, who programmed “artists who toured a lot in France, including Parisian cabarets” in the second half of the sixth season.

Guignol de l’Info is former in the program

“These are four humorous and varied shows. Humor has a lot of paintings and openness. Everyone chooses according to the program,” says the elected official.

This “complementary to the Romantic Loire Festival” event, opens this evening at 9 p.m. with Dennis and her show it can not be controlled On the subject of medicine. Then came the turnunder constructiona one-man show, half-French, half-Portuguese, by Jose Cruz, scheduled for Friday, October 7.

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Thierry Garcia, who is known to have given his voice to Guignols de l’Info for over ten years, will introduce cheekyFriday, November 4th. A mixture of tradition, graphics and songs. Finally, Adeline Zaru will be closing the program on Friday, December 2 with From A to Zen at lastA display of self-loathing.

The order of appearance of the artists is not easy. “With Isabel Buhet, Producer of Little Armada, we present the joint programming. Moreover, it is the woman who introduces and concludes the second part of the season”, confirms Serge Cornet.

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At the end of each performance, the artist comes to meet the audience, and even shares a glass of champagne. And Mayor Didier Renvoisier confirms: “It is always a great success. A large part of the public is accustomed to the Yaron Monastery. They come from the region, even from Chartres or Thiron Garde.”

The previous season attracted 360 spectators. Three of the four scheduled shows have been sold out.

a program :

Friday 9 September. Dennis it can not be controlled. With Incontrolable, Dennis, aka Mickaël Denis, tells of her various medical experiences, each one crazier than the next. The theater will be transformed into an antechamber. The comedian will reveal his worst subjects, but his big heart and naivety will forgive him.

Friday 7 October. Jose Cruz Under construction. This show is a sequel to Ola, which has gathered more than 60,000 spectators across France, Belgium, Switzerland and of course Portugal. José Cruz returns to the stage to recount his new life as a married couple, his role as a father and performances set in the depths of France. It’s all sprinkled with a touch of ‘frantugais’.

Friday 4 November. Thierry Garcia cheeky. The person who gave his voice to Guignols de l’Info addresses sexual identities, love between the elderly, the new paranoid billionaires, behind the scenes of football or even the transgressions of all channels of information through L’insolent, imitation synopsis, sketches and songs.

Friday 2 December. Adeline Zaro From A to Zen at last. Influenced by her inner little voice that prevents her from becoming a zen, Adeline Zaro frequently releases the audience into ridicule of herself in her pursuit of spirituality, peppered with good personalities. By showing her difficulties, she shares her highly personal methods of personal development.

Practice. Laughing Fridays, at 9 p.m., in the Abbey of Yaron, in Chloés-les-Trois-Rivieres. Single price: 14 euros. Reservations are open at the town’s tourism office. Phone:

Julie Giloy

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