Which golf balls to choose (weight, price…)?

The clubs, the jacket, the polo shirt, the pants, the shoes, the gloves, the hat… and of course the balls! To practice golf, it is essential that you have all the right equipment if you want to have fun sessions. If one can easily believe that all the balls look alike due to their honeycomb shape, they can vary and deserve to be chosen carefully. To give you a little boost on this crucial purchase, we give you some tips as well as the best models available. You will be able to make the best choice and try it out as soon as possible during your next golf session on your favorite green.

Our selection:

  1. Ultra-distance golf balls, Wilson
  2. Distance + golf balls, Taylor Made
  3. DX2 soft golf balls, wilson
  4. Recycled Pro V1 Golf Balls, PGA Tour
  5. golf ball net, PGA Tour

Ultra-distance golf balls, Wilson

Wilson’s Ultra Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Shot Series. This is a pack of 15, so you have plenty to see coming. These balls are designed for long trips and provide optimum energy transfer thanks to the core formation. These balls are also made of high quality plastic.

  • Pack of 15
  • long trips
  • Optimum transfer of energy
  • plastic quality

Distance + golf balls, Taylor Made

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    24.09 €

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    30.00 EUR

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Are you looking for balls designed for speed? So golf balls should estimate distance + distance from TaylorMade. They are intended to aid in alignment and provide a compression of 77. These balls are available in white and fluorescent yellow. This is a set of 12 balls, which is enough to ensure many shots during your sessions on the green.

  • Speed
  • alignment help
  • several colors
  • Pack of 12

DX2 soft golf balls, wilson

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    24.99 €

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Leave nothing to chance when you go golfing by choosing these DX2 Soft Balls from Wilson. They show good flexibility, but also good contact. These balls are ideal if you want to take long distances and improve your distances. It also provides a lot of accuracy. If it is effective, it is a little expensive since there are only two.

  • long trips
  • Accuracy
  • good touch
  • good flexibility

Recycled Pro V1 Golf Balls, PGA Tour

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Do you want to play golf and do a little for the planet? Then you can choose these PGA Tour Recycled Pro V1 Golf Balls. This set of 12 balls contains refurbished balls. Collected by experienced players, then cleaned and restored. Despite the renovation, some may still have very visible signs.

  • Pack of 12
  • Titleist quality
  • renovated

New Orange Golf Ball Net, PGA Tour

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Always sure to always find your golf balls after every day on the course thanks to this net from the PGA Tour brand. The balls are very bright orange in color and therefore easily visible on the lawn. The net contains 20 balls, to hold them down during long matches. These balls are strong and will therefore hold up well over time.

  • original color
  • Pack of 20
  • hardness

How do you choose your golf balls?

To be able to play as best as possible, you should not neglect choosing your golf balls. In fact, contrary to what one might think, they are not all the same. Balls can vary from model to model so it is important to consider several criteria when purchasing.

First of all, you should choose a golf ball that suits your level. They are classified according to three factors: rotation, control, and distance. If the pointer is high, bet on a distance or a control ball. If your level of play is improving, choose a ball that provides more spin.

Next, consider the number of layers on the golf ball. It usually contains 2 or 3 for beginners or hobbyists. These layers are also called “parts”. Good players can buy 4 or 5 pcs balls. It will produce backspin effect. Other factors, speed and pressure. The better you are, the lower the pointer and the faster the swing. You will then need to choose a golf ball that can handle that speed without distortion. With pressure between 70 and 80, golf balls are more intended for women and beginners. Pressure 90 is intended for the general public, especially males. Pressing over 100 players is very good, even the pros.

Finally, you must take into account the type of your game, each player has special needs and therefore it is necessary to perform several tests before finding the golf ball that is designed for you. For example, if you hit the green most of the time but the ball doesn’t hold up, find a more spin pattern. If you often fall short during confrontations, turn into the so-called distance ball.

The good news is that there are a large number of commercially available references and brands. We can mention in particular the Wilson brand, but also TaylorMade, the PGA Tour, or even Callaway or Srixon. Before making the purchase, feel free to get acquainted with all these brands and find out the characteristics and strengths of each of them. It can also guide you in choosing the best golf ball for you.

Why are golf balls slicked?

You must have noticed that golf balls have dimples. But for what reasons? To get started, let’s take a quick look at the history of golf balls. Originally, wooden balls were used. Since the end of the 18th century, they have been replaced by “speakers” made of cowhide, filled with goose feathers. At the time, it was believed that the ball should be as smooth as possible. For this reason, the leather has been flipped so that the seams are inside the ball. However, due to play, the balls almost always end up with distortions due to blows delivered by the clubs. The players then realized that they were becoming more efficient, but without really knowing why.

Since then, physics has looked into the matter to provide us with an explanation. When a golf ball is thrown, two forces come into play: lift force and pull force. The second causes friction that slows the ball down. The dimples will allow the air to cling around the ball to reduce the effect of the drag force.

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