ESSM Le Portel Betclic Elite 2022/2023: schedule, transfers and squad

At the dawn of the start of the 2022/2023 Betclic Elite season, We Sport returns to you the status of its 18 teams. today, Zoom in Northern France and ESSM Le Portel.

balance sheetand ESSM The outlet Last season

Maintenance is once again confirmed for Le Portel, even if Benoît Mangin’s colleagues are frightened. Fighting so long and instead in a bad position, Portelois saved himself thanks to a near-perfect final stretch, scoring four wins in their last five encounters. ESSM is still fearless, but it ended up securing its place in the elite, six years after its discovery.

[13-21]14e Regular season, no playoffs

Off-season moves

rotation Measured in the Portel during the off-season, with many tires kept. Almost all season long, Charles Noe Abobo has initialed a new two-year contract, just as young Nader Heavi is now linked to ESSM until June 2024. On the other hand, the designers had to push the departure of two important members of their five majors, with Devin Davis exiled in Greece And Muftau Yaro’s choice to leave the professional world by signing Levallois in NM2, a presumed choice to get close to his family and begin, at the age of 32, his transformation. Also note Mathieu Wojceichowski’s departure to Limoges, seven years after his first mixed experience with CSP.

In the arrivals section, Eric Gerrard saw several players arriving inside to rebuild his racket. Among them, we note the Dutchman Emmanuel Nzkoize, the top scorer and 2e In the MVP vote for the Dutch Belgian League, the stretch 4 Terry Allen, as well as French youngster Yvan Mbaya and Kenny Kassiama. Very active in the transfer market and ready to smell a good shot, Le Portel also strengthened his backlines, as Ronald Carey, the Latvian champion with Riga and particularly prominent in BCL (Basketball Champions League).

Access: Terry Allen (Medi Bayreuth, BBL), Ronald Carey (VEF Riga, LBL), Yuan Granforca (Union Neuchâtel, SBL), Kenny Kisima (LDLC AVSEL), Ivan Mbaya (Basketball Poitiers 86, NM1), Ryan Mixel (Walter Tiger Tübingen, Pro A), Emmanuel Nzekwezi (Belvius Mons Hino, BNXT League)

Departures: Devin Davis (Peristeri, ESAKE), Luke Nelson (London Lions, BBL), Mehdi Nojoma (?), Femi Olugobi (?) Tadas Panzera (?), Johan Bassaf Docktel (FOS at sea) Matthew Wojciechowski (CSP Limoges), Moffatu Yaro (Levallois, NM2)

Accessories: Charles Noy Abu OwAnd the rare heavy

Work’s strengthand ESSM The outlet 2022/2023

Leaders: rare heavyAnd the Benoit Mangin

succeed: Ronald Carey

wings: Charles Noy Abu OwAnd the Yuan GranforcaAnd the Ryan Mixel

Attackers force: Terry AllenAnd the Kenny Kisima

Axes: Ivan MbayaAnd the Emmanuel Nzekwezi

Fitness Trainer: Eric Gerard

ESSME janitor : ambitions and arrangement

Le Portel narrowly saved from relegation last year (one win more than Orleans, 17th), Le Portel will enter its seventh season in the First Division with the same goal as last season: maintenance. The Eric Gerrard players, who have been flirting with relegation for four years, will still want to save themselves, those who have gone to various frontier leagues to strengthen themselves. With a strong defensive identity, ESSM has shown that it deserves its place in the Betclic Elite over the years, but will have to prove it again during the 2022/2023 exercise.

Player to watch: Nader Haifi

Le Portel will take charge of the eternal Benoît Mangin, and will be able to count on his nugget Nadir Hifi. And it was revealed last season that the French-Algerian quickly established himself in the rotation, evoking his energy in defense in the pure tradition of ESSM. Having become a professional at the start of 2022, he has a real card to play within a team he trusts and can advance with, perhaps imposing a bit more as his coaching future?

Evaluationand ESSM outlet in 2022/2023

D5: 10/14/2022@ FOS on the sea

D9: 11/18/2022opposite SLUC Nancy

D15: 27/12/2022opposite ADA Blois

D16: 01/08/2023@BCM Gravelines-Dunkirk

D17: 01/13/2023@Chorale Roanne

D21: 02/11/2023@SLUCNancy

D22: 04/03/2023opposite the Roan Choir

D28: 04/08/2023@ADA Blois

D30: 25/04/2023versus BCM Gravelines-Dunkirk

D31: 04/28/2023against Voss-sur-Mer

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