France-Turkey: watch out for the wounded beast of the blues

What if France finished in the worst place in their group with third place? Some believe this in light of the schedule that will come with Turkey in the round of 16 of the European Basketball Championship, before facing Serbia in the quarter-finals and perhaps Slovenia in the semi-finals. But before making plans for the comet, it will already be necessary to pass over the body of the Turks, the second place in their group, behind Spain.

It will be Saturday noon, and this unusual schedule will already be a staple. Physiologically and physically, players are not used to playing such a schedule, and the “most awake” team can take charge from the start of the match. Another more important component, learned at the beginning of the day, was the Shane Larkin package.

Turks beheaded

Even if the Blues could be denied Gershon Yabuseli, and Shane Larkin was injured in several matches, that is a serious handicap for Turkey deprived of its master of play. Especially since Ergin Ataman went to Germany without a replacement, and that he used his captain, in choice as at the club, for the rope (49 minutes against Georgia when he was already injured …).

Seamus Hazer should start the match, and he will now be the weak link in the lineup who lost to Georgia after two extra times and a stormy end to the match, and then against Spain again in the final seconds.

Even without Shane Larkin, Turkey remains strong. We also saw it during the preparation when I stood up to Slovenia without him. For this, he relies on a trio of NBAers at his best with Cedi Osman taking over as captain and always dangerous when he has space, Furkan Korkmaz comfortable in FIBA ​​basketball, and Alperen Sengun who is not far from a revelation for the championship.

Perhaps the Rockets’ pivot is the biggest threat to the Blues with his style, movement and also the quality of his passing. Guershon Yabusele may be the perfect defender to oppose him, and if he is absent, Rudy Gobert will have to be vigilant, and he will have to rely on his experience. As we saw against Spain, Alperin Sengon doesn’t like being pushed, and he still struggles to control his temper.

Watch out for stray bullets

On paper, given the absence of Sean Larkin, France appears to be the favourite. The workforce is richer, and Thomas Hurtl can be decisive once again in his role as a clown.

We will also have to watch the selection of Vincent Colette to start the match. Shane Larkin is absent, will he amend his base quintet streak by removing a defender (Andrew Albissi or Terry Tarby)? As the formula works so well, we bet he will stay in these five because it is through defense that the Blues go into their games better.

The most important thing for the Blues is to limit lost balls. Especially since Turkey is one of the least losing teams. In each match, Evan Fournier’s teammates lose about fifteen!

Another important area to play is the Three Points Skill. The Blues are not exceptional in this region (35.5%), but it is clearly a weak point among Turks with only 30%. So the temptation would be to close the racket and force the Turks to shoot from afar. But Furkan Korkmaz and Melih Mahmutoglu are happy with the trigger, and you have to be careful of heat stroke.

To help him thwart the Turkish traps, Vincent Colette has a spy in his ranks: Amat Mbaye. Gershon Yabusli’s replacement joined Anadolu Efes Istanbul, coached by Ergin Ataman, and is ready to play a trick on him: “ “My pleasure. I will play against my coach next season. I hope to win before coming to training and breaking c……… every day.”

Finally, it must be remembered that France had not lost an official match against Turkey since 2010. It was in the World Cup, and the Turks were playing at home. This will not be the case this time even if Turkey in Berlin is able to count on the strong local Turkish community for strong support against the Blues.

The last three France – Turkey

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12 September 2014 : France-Turkey (76-53), Eurobasket 1/8 . final

July 9, 2016 : France-Turkey (75-63), Olympic Games Qualifiers

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