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Saturday 10 September 2022

8 final

France 30-40 Turkey

Saturday 10 September 2022


2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 40-30

9′ Emphasis on Turkish a little better.


2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 38-27

8′ The Turks find a small address in three points.


2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 38-24

8′ The Turks, in turn, took the penalty.

12:36 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 35-24

2/2 throw for the Turks.

12:35 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 35-22

7′ Another technique against the Turks. Let the blues get away with two throws.

12:33 PM

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 34-22


The Turks 2/2 on this foul throw by Yabusele.

12:32 PM

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 33-20

6′ Three more indications of coercion from the Turks.

12:31 PM

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 33-20

6′ Very good timing from Vincent Poirier with his backpack for the basket.


2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 31-20

5′ The new ball and chained Turks lost to three points. The timeout requested by Vincent Colette.


2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 31-17

5′ The Blues in the penalty kick already this quarter. The Turks take the two points when throwing the ball.


2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 31-15

5′ Oh yeah the Luwawu-Cabarrot counter in Batum and behind Poirier in the dunk.

12:25 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 29-15

4′ Poirier makes his opponent dizzy.

12:24 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 27-15

4′ French interception, but Hurt miss the end.

12:23 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 25-15

4′ Sanli do it again.

12:22 PM

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 25-13

3′ Yes, Thomas Hurtle is behind the line.

12:22 PM

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 22-13

3′ Sanli finds space in the racket.

12:21 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 22-11

1/2 for the France team axle in the throw.

12:20 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 21-11

1 ‘ The error caused by Rudy Gobert.

12:20 pm

2ndQT. FRA – TUR: 21-11

1 ‘ Luwawu-Cabarrot three points in the corner.

12:18 pm

1qt. FRA – TUR: 18-11

end of the first quarter. The blues progresses by seven lengths. All is not well but the France team is profiting from the waste of shooting from the Turks.

12:17 PM

1qt. FRA – TUR: 18-11

10′ The first 3 Turkish points of the match signed Hazer.

12:16 pm

1qt. FRA – TUR: 18-8

10′ The rally whistled against Luwawu-Cabarrot.

12:16 pm

1qt. FRA – TUR: 18-8

10′ The Turks are still under surveillance at 3 points. 0/6 in this area for them so far.

12:15 pm

1qt. FRA – TUR: 18-8

9′ Yvan Fournier takes matters into his own hands and signs 2+1.

12:14 pm


The Blues have already lost 5 balls in this match.

12:14 pm

1qt. FRA-TUR: 13-8

8′ The Turks return to the match on two balls that the French lost.

12:11 pm

1qt. FRA-TUR: 13-4

7′ Heurtel gives a layer. The Turkish coach asks for a time-out.

12:10 pm

1qt. FRA – TUR: 11-4

The force of falling into the racket.


1qt. FRA-TUR: 9-4

6′ Kurmaz concludes this quick run from the Turks.


1qt. FRA-TUR: 9-2

5′ Already 5 points for Yabusele in this game. The Frenchman has recovered well from a groin injury.


1qt. FRA-TUR: 7-2

Segun opens the Turkish counter, thanks to his game and his back to the basket.


1qt. FRA-TUR: 7-0

The Turks are struggling at the start of the match.


⏱️ And here we go on this round of 16! I wish everyone a good game!


5 major of the blues

Albissi, Tarbe, Fournier, Yabousel, Joubert.


warm-up sweatshirt


Vincent Colette with microphone Canal + before the match:

These are matches where you have to forgive yourself, these are tough matches where there is no after. You have to see them mini finals every time. We’ll try though a little early. We must be prepared to ignite.


‘It’s Impressive’: Guerschon Yabusele creates gold for the blues

The best French team in the first round in Cologne, Guerschon Yabusele was the center of the blues in the first round of the EuroBasket in Cologne. Real Madrid’s powerful winger, who lost against Slovenia, made a comeback against Turkey in the Round of 16. I read here

11:34 am

The Blues can count on Nando de Colo’s support

After losing this EuroBasket tournament, Nando De Colo does not forget to support the French national team before the round of 16.

11:31 AM

Seeing the blues from the inside

Yesterday, the French basketball team reporter published a video of Ivan Fournier’s speech at the end of the Hungary national team match. Video to rediscover it here.


France-Turkey: “The Blues must pass” according to Georges Eddy

Channel + columnist confident ahead of the round of 16 for the euro between France and Turkey. I read here

11:21 am

Turkey, good memory for the blues

Turkey at Euro is a good memory for Vincent Colette’s players. In 2015, the Blues beat the Turks in the quarter-finals (76-53) in the round of 16 – already – before winning the bronze.

11:15 am

Shane Larkin’s absence hurts the Turkish side

If the 16th round between the Blues and Turkey is balanced on paper, the absence of Efes Istanbul leader Shane Larkin clearly shifts the balance on the French side. It remains to be confirmed on the ground.

11:04 AM

The Blues arrive at the Mercedez-Benz Arena in Berlin


Hello everyone and welcome to this live. To follow the round of 16 of the EuroBasket tournament between France and Turkey.

France no longer has the right to make mistakes. Ce samedi 10 septembre, les Bleus débutent la phase à élimination directe de cet Euro 2022. Seument 3e du groupe B, derrière la Slovénie de Luka Doncic et l’Allemagne, pays hôte de la compétition, l’équipe de France acrovec le Turkey.

With the Turkish selection, dominated on Wednesday by Spain (72-69), the Blues inherited the second in Group A and the selection dwindled due to the injury of their naturalized American leader Shane Larkin. After touching his finger, the holy star of the Euroleague with Efes Istanbul has returned to Turkey for tests and will be played.

Blues with good memories of 2015

On the French side, doubts remain over the presence of powerful winger Gershon Yabuselli. The Real Madrid player, who was injured in the thigh, starred in the start of the Euro Championship, and he missed a meeting against Slovenia on Wednesday.

Turkey at Euro is a good memory for Vincent Colette’s players. In 2015, the Blues beat the Turks in the quarter-finals (76-53) in the round of 16 – already – before winning the bronze.

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