The meteoric rise of Sika Kone – FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022

Bamako (Mali) – Nothing is more important to the team than rebounds and recovered balls, because each of them is synonymous with possession.

In other words, bounce = possession, ball recovery = possession.

Currently, no African basketball player has mastered these two categories besides Malian Sika Kone.

The 1.93m wing strong / Inside is full of energy, intensity, tenacity and strength, all while you’re only a teenager!

Having asserted herself this year with Spanish club Spar Gran Canaria, the 19-year-old has become one of the best and most influential basketball players today. Everyone will realize this at the 2022 FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup in Sydney (Australia).

Here is a simple analysis of Kony’s profile and her characteristics that make her one of the best basketball players in the world:

A young man full of energy and one of the best in Africa

Kony was just 15 years old when she participated in the 2017 FIBA ​​Women’s Under-16 Africa Championship and she literally flew above the competition.

Coney hit there averaging 13.7 points, 8.7 rebounds and 3.3 rebounds per game, and Mali dominated their opponents by averaging 41 points per game.

Recurrence of double complications in Depressin

At the FIBA ​​U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup last year in Hungary, she stunned Kony in her opening match, collecting 24 points and 19 rebounds in the victory over Japan. I continued to achieve double doubles in every match.

Koné (above) was quick to score on the counterattack, low list, running and offensive rebounding taps. Even when defenses played a more physical role on her, as against Russia, she knew how to suck on contact lenses and finish hard.

Kony usually wreaks havoc on the racket, but she’s also skilled in the midrange and near the three-point line. All the teams that thought keeping Kony out of basketball would be enough to limit his range of motion were wrong.

It is defense that allows the big teams to win and it is undeniable that Kony also helped Mali immensely with this record in Hungary, predicting the match perfectly for rebounds and interceptions.

The player’s risk in attack increases because he has a good view of the game, as is the case with Kony. At Debrecen she was able to find her teammates without any outside control and when the defense doubled on her she made the right pass.

Smooth transmission with senior selection

Anyone wondering if Kony would be able to dominate at the top level with Mali had a quick answer at FIBA ​​Women’s AfroBasket 2021: In her first match against Tunisia, Kony scored 14 points and 11 rebounds.

Mali’s opponents all struggled to contain Kony’s enthusiasm, which is impeccable and almost unstoppable at the low post. But Kony also excelled in offensive rebounds, counterattacks, transitional attacks and mid-range shots.

The term “tireless” is a term that defines well the defensive posture of Mali. She is quick to jump on balls her teammates have swerved, to intercept passes, to tackle, and to know how to take full advantage of her great mobility to push her opponents into error.

To be complete in attack, you need to know when to let go of the ball and give it to someone in a better position. Connie knew how to do it perfectly when the defenses tightened up on her, and she didn’t hesitate to lure them when hacking to offer help. When she doubles down at the top position, she knows how to find her classmates.

Real fun at the FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 Qualifier Tournament in Belgrade

At the FIBA ​​2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup Qualifying Tournament in Belgrade earlier this year, Kony not only averaged 16.7 points per game, but also earned 10.3 rebounds and 2.3 steals. His stats are the second best player in the tournament in each of the three categories!

Kony at FIBA ​​Women’s AfroBasket 2021 proved that she can shine for the first team and she did so again in February in Serbia, including 26 points, 9 rebounds and 5 recoveries against France, Mali’s number one contender in the competition.

With his relentless determination in attack, Kony was also a tough defender in Belgrade.

Kony was always ready to jump loose balls and had a very good knowledge of how to use her strength and height to hold her opponents in, and she was very active in defense.

It is clear that Kony has been tremendously well trained and continues, as she does not hesitate to pass the ball in attack, to circulate it when it is not clear enough and collect passes in doing so. Totaled two against China and Nigeria.


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