Vincent Colette: “The end is a miracle”

At a press conference after the absolutely crazy match between Turkey and France, coach Vincent Colette gave his first impressions.

Vincent, what was your first impression after this match?

I have an idea for Turkey, who might be frustrated with the way they lost. They had the chance before the end of normal time, when they missed two free throws and then lost the ball. Then The Rudy said (Joubert), We fought to the end to try to survive. We missed an opportunity to create a bigger gap in the first half, and they came back with a series of three three-point shots before the break. Then we came back to our offensive shortcomings in the third quarter. We no longer have timing. And there was our eternal sin, stray bullets (21). Even when we come back better at the end, Turkey takes very difficult goals. It’s basketball, not the first or the last time these things could happen. The finish was a miracle, even if Rudy’s missed shots at the end of overtime could have gone the match in the wrong direction.

Rudy Gobert - France national team
Huge Match author Rudi Gobert has made an unexpected extension for the Blues against Turkey. (Photo: FIBA)

Do you see yourself on the plane after the end of the game?

no. It’s basketball and I was hoping Usman would miss at least one free throw and then we could intercept and hit a basket at the bell to equalize. We no longer have the cards on hand. If Osman scored at that time, that would change the rules of the game. It’s basketball. There are a lot of settings. We lost control in the third quarter, and we’re back on our ways. We no longer had rhythm in attack and defended less Difficult. We wanted to recover in attack, not defense. Fortunately, the interval between the two quarters allowed us to regain our senses and start off on the right foot. Since the start of the fourth quarter, we’ve been in the right tune. The Turks delayed our comeback with big shots, not to mention losing balls, with two-three It was very surprising.

Is this the craziest scenario you’ve ever had?

You surprise me a bit but yeah, probably. We come back from the devil vauvert. I even thought we won to tell you the truth. I was only five minutes ago, but I didn’t know it yet (smiles)

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