Athletics standings ahead of the fourth qualifier window – FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023 African Qualifiers 2023

Abidjan/Monastir (Cote d’Ivoire/Tunisia) – With the fourth window of the FIBA ​​2023 Basketball World Cup qualifiers approaching, everything is still open for the twelve teams still on their way to winning five eligible tickets to participate. The tournament will be held in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines.

The race is in full swing.

But who is driving this? How have the teams positioned in recent months?

A week before the start of the second round, what position is each team in?

Note: The small number written next to the country name indicates the number of places gained or lost compared to Previous ranking from July.

#1 South Sudan (-)

evaluation: 6-0 in Group B
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: eleventh

With the qualifiers entering a crucial stage, South Sudan chose to bet on continuity. As a reminder, South Sudan struggled to qualify for the FIBA ​​AfroBasket.

The return of most of the players who started the South Sudan qualifiers in February is a sign of the character of this team, although some new faces are expected against ambitious teams such as Egypt, DR Congo and Senegal.

South Sudan quickly learned the peculiarities of African basketball, and managed to stay in the first place so far. If he wins his next three games, the entire continental basketball map will be reshaped.

#2 Tunisia (+3)

evaluation: 4-2 in Group B
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: Second

How did Tunisia manage to grab three places in such a short time? The answer lies in his home record.

It is indeed necessary to go back to August 29, 2015 to find a trace of Tunisia’s defeat on its territory. It was in the semi-finals of the FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2015, when Angola beat them 58-51 to join Nigeria in the final. After scoring 6-1 in this edition of the continental competition, Tunisia scored 6-0 (FIBA AfroBasket 2017), 6-0 (FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Africa Zone Qualifiers 2019) and 3-0 (FIBA AfroBasket 2021 Qualifiers 2021) in the second round. the home.

Add to this string of victories the support of a passionate crowd and a group of players who have known each other perfectly for over a decade: The Eagles already seem well positioned to fully re-launch their aspirations for the Cup. FIBA World 2023.

#3 Ivory Coast (-1)

evaluation: 6-0 in Group C
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: Fifth

The Elephants will be approaching their fourth qualifying window without crucial players: Matt Costello and Asimian Mullari.

However, playing at home for the second time in a row may help make up for the absence of these two players from this team that has won its six games so far.

The return of Slimane Diabatti, who was absent during the third qualifying period in July, is also excellent news for the selection of Côte d’Ivoire.

#4 Egypt (-1)

evaluation: 5-1 in the fourth set
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: VI

Having emerged from a training camp in the Bahamas, where the Pharaohs finished a friendly tournament against Puerto Rico, University of South Dakota and Ohio State University with a 1-2 record, Egypt remains a strong opponent and his defensive spirit and discipline can damage Monastir.

The strengths of the Egyptian national team lie in its cohesion and balance, along with a great desire to return to the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup for the first time since 2014.

#5 Nigeria (+3)

evaluation: 2-2 in group A
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: the first

The D’Tigers are in high spirits ahead of the games against Angola, Guinea and Ivory Coast, with the additions of Tokyo 2020 Olympic players Josh Okoji, Ike Nawamo and Mi Oni, as well as the return of coach Mike Brown.

The last time Nigeria visited Abidjan, it recorded its worst result in two decades, with a humiliating defeat (76-46) against Côte d’Ivoire in the Africa Zone Qualifiers for the FIBA ​​World Cup 2019.

It is undeniable that the Nigerians also caught their pride during the first qualifying periods, after their defeat to Cape Verde.

With the current team and coaches, Nigeria has a great opportunity to remind everyone that they are a legitimate contender for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup berth.

#6 Cape Verde (-2)

evaluation: 3-1 in Group A
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: The tenth

Cape Verde does not need to prove its resilience, but it will have to correct its lack of regularity.

Walter Tavares – crucial to his country’s recent good results – is available for the next three games. Islanders have an interest in profiting from its existence.

Facing Angola, Guinea and Ivory Coast is no small feat, but this team has shown that it is among the best continental nations. He has a way to surprise again.

#7 Angola (-)

evaluation: 4-2 in Group C
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: Third

The good news for Angola is that Bruno Fernando – the first Angolan to play in the NBA – has joined the team at a training camp and is thus on the verge of making his “black antelope” debut since the tournament. FIBA Olympic Qualifiers in Belgrade in 2016.

However, some of the team leaders are not there and promising players Childi Dondao, Gerson Lokeni Goncalves and Abubakar Jako will find them hard to forget against Nigeria, Cape Verde and Uganda.

#8 Senegal (+1)

evaluation: 3-3 in group D.
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: the fourth

All eyes will turn to former Senegalese international Desagana Diop, who took charge of the team following the departure of Boniface Ndong.

Facing South Sudan with full confidence, Tunisia and Cameroon, the task seems complicated for the new Senegal coach.

However, the return of Branko Badiou, Amar Sylla and Khalifa Diop, and the 89-72 friendly win over Cape Verde earlier this week, give the Senegalese cause for hope.

#9 Democratic Republic of the Congo (-3)

evaluation: 4-2 in the fourth group
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: Thirteenth

Although NBA champion Jonathan Kuminga is expected to make his national team debut, and Picchu Manga will join the squad soon, it is unclear how the Leopards will progress under new coach Emmanuel Mafumo.

#10 Uganda (-)

evaluation: 1-3 in group A
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: fourteenth

The Silverbacks lost three matches last month in Kigali, enough to take advantage of this fourth window to try to show a completely different face, hoping to rebound against Angola, Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea in the race for places for next year. World Championship.

#11 Cameroon (-)

evaluation: 1-5 in group B
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: seventh

Super Dealer Paris Lee has been granted Cameroonian citizenship and has to make his debut with the Indomitable Lions in Monastir.

Can Lee turn things around on his own in this playoff? The answer will be given soon.

#12 Guinea (-)

evaluation: 0-4 in group C
FIBA World Ranking (Africa), submitted by Nike: 17

Zeljko Zecevic’s chances of qualifying aren’t great, but they are determined to give their best despite their 0-4 record. The return of Shane Evans and Muhammed Quetta has good reasons to be concerned about this Guinea.

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