Basketball. Back with a bang to Cherbourg at National 3

Like international financial banker Benki Diaruma, the rookies showed great things on September 10, 2022 against Hinnipont. (© La Presse de la Manche)

for him First national outingAnd the Cherbourg basketball (Munch) completely fulfilled his contract, with a A clear victory over Hennebone (75-53), in Nordez, that evening Saturday 10 September 2022. In addition to this good deal, the CBB was able to realize that it can count on all seasons public Many came with More than 500 people are presentbut also in recruitsWhich showed real qualities even though they weren’t 100%.

Three juniors in the big five

Mohammed Al-Raqbawi I also decided to include Three new faces in the Big Five, together with Basile Brier, Dogo Alexandre Gobro and Diaruma Bank, arrived in Cotentin during the week and just qualified for the meeting. An option that does not pay off immediately. after, after Less than a minute of playingCherbourg accused a 7 points behindparticularly embarrassed by Marc-Antoine Hello, an insider who worked for many years at N1 (0-7). The gap jumped to 12 units, before locals could finally return a basket, Diaruma signed (2-12, 4e). The CBB was going Back to the game at the end of the quarter, but Morbihannais were ahead after the first 10 minutes (13-19).

But Alcharbourgwa very quickly dominated the match. Clumsy in the first act, Jimmy Giard suddenly woke up, scored 7 points and delivered a masterful counter-kick in less than two minutes, putting his team ahead for the first time (23-21, 12e). Hinnepont will never pass the front again. The CBB gradually increased its lead, especially with a dip of GoPro (34-27, 18e), and returned to the locker room with a difference of 9 points (37-28).

During the third quarter, which was marked by Too much waste in photography (10 registered only), but the irony Lots of three points (7), the difference, slightly higher, did not guarantee a quieter final action (52-39).

But the people of Cherbourg had the resources to avoid the slightest fear. This time around, it was Brière who did wonders, notably dripping three delicious passes for Diaruma and Fabien Aumont, the latter down two alleys that made the crowd soar. One last basket from Giard puts an end to Finally, a one-sided encounter for 35 minutes (75-53).


Mohamed Ragabaoui (Cherbourg coach): I am satisfied with the result and the reaction. We had the ability to reverse this complex start to the match. We looked for each other at first, but we were patient. The group has begun to build itself, it is very promising for the future. There are things to work on, but when we see the behavior of the recruits, and mingle with the guys who were already there, we can do good things. But this is only the beginning. Benké Diarouma, I wanted to get him in right away, even if it meant turning him over quickly. He only had a couple of sessions with us and a drastic change in his life, Jimmy Giard had the power to change status, while still being productive. It was the behavior of these two players that allowed us to reverse the trend.”

Benké Diarouma (insider in Cherbourg): “First of all, I thank everyone! The people are so kind to me, it made my integration into the team easier. I arrived on Wednesday, and it was a good start to my first game. I am a little tired, but I will continue to improve. Next It would be better than this (laughs)! I’m really happy with this win and with my teammates.”

technical card

Quarter: 13-19, 24-9, 15-11, 23-14. Referees: Messrs. Picard and Bansard. Spectators: about 500.
Cherbourg : Giard (10 points), Bouquet (4), Leyronas (2), Goprou (7), Grand-Guillot (5), Lerebourg, Omont (12), Brossard (4), Brière (12), Diarouma (19) . .
Hinepoint Kerzerho (2 points), Hello (19), Le Baron (3), Kinga, Perron (12), Rezgui (1), Malungila (9), Gouriou (7), Bourguignon, Ngandaluki.

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