Miraculously, the Blues extricate themselves from the Turkish trap and advance to the quarter-finals

They saw themselves excluded, and returned home. “We were hot!”, admits Amath M’Baye, relieved. 12 seconds after the end of the game, the French basketball team trailed by two points and saw the Turkish Sidi Othman advance on the free-throw line by two pieces. Before throwing entry to Turkey. We no longer have the cards on handconfirms coach Vincent Colette. But this is basketball… Anything can happen. »

Sports laws can be harsh. Saturday 10th September, they preferred the blues over the wire. Two free throws? miss. throw in? objected. Dunking from hub Rudi Gobert in … 2.7 seconds from the end of regulation time, to equalize, then control overtime to the max, allowed the French to pull themselves out of the Turkish trap, in the round of 16 of Euro 2022 (87-86 after overtime).

Sometimes miracles happen, and this miracle was against us. We deserved to win.”notes the Turkish coach, Ergin Ataman, upset, after “Maybe it’s the worst defeat [ses] Twenty-six year career. »

Before derailing in the last twelve seconds, it was a plan Turkish magician – The qualifiers his French counterpart used the day before – worked great, despite the positive start to the Blues match. “You feel like you survived a match you should have lost.”recognizes the tricolor captain, Yvan Fournier.

After returning from Hell, his team continues its journey in competition. But his tendency to deliver asymmetric matches is not reassuring, with fearsome Serbs looming in the quarter-finals – if they beat Italy on Sunday.

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Caught in the Turkish “spider web”

However, the France team was warned. After arriving in Berlin, where the final stage of the continental competition is taking place, after exiting the very difficult Group B, the French knew that“It was a new tournament starting”also fired Vincent Colette on Friday.

The first to enter the final stage of the Euro, at an unusual time (12 noon), the deputies of the Tokyo Olympic champions learned that they must come on time. Applied in defense, rolling the ball well in attack, Rudy Gobert and his co-workers didn’t miss their entry onto the scene, quickly carving out a first hole.

“brings a nuisance”, Intimate kakemonos installed on either side of the German capital. ‘Make some noise’, is the competition slogan, which the Blues expected to see applied to the message by opposing fans, bolstered by the powerful Turkish diaspora in Berlin. “They will play at home. Every time we came to play in Germany, there were more Turks than Germans.reported on Friday tricolor leader Thomas Hurtl, player of Anadolu Efes Istanbul between 2014 and 2017.

While they were also struggling to adjust to the early fixture schedule, Turkish fans responded when their team started catching up in the third quarter. Because the Blues couldn’t maintain their level of play at the start of the game.

“We have to be clear about their defence, which is very stressful, Vincent Colette is expected on Friday. They are trying to weave a spider web. » by selecting it ” Weakness “ From his team from the start of the competition – stray bullets – could accurately pin the blues into the Turkish trap: “We have to be careful and patient not to waste ammunition.”

“We are still alive”

However, his forces directly entered the wires stretched by the Bosporus players. “We controlled the game from the start, we let it slip out of our hands in the third quarter, Thomas Hurtle is annoyed. It is not possible. » Less consistent in attack and defence, the Blues saw Turkey with their sights set. “They adjusted it, and it took us a few minutes to understand that it was all, the shots were coming.”Get to know Evan Fournier.

Altogether, the French think they got themselves into a bind, seeing the Turks loot 19-0 on their return from the locker room, which was ignited by the Bugrahan Tuncer match (22 points, thus 6/10 on three points). Led, on the verge of collapse after this slump, the blues have managed to hold their own. “At least we’re stubborn.”hits strong winger Amath Mbaye.

At the end of the match, Rudy Gobert was the cornerstone for the Blues, swallowing rebounds and saluting his team. “Rudy gives us a coach match at the end of the game. Once there’s a shot, he’s the one who takes the rebounding ball, even in the shot to equalize, it’s the dunk click that allows us to go into overtime.Greetings, Evan Fournier. With twenty points and seventeen rebounds (a new record for the French team), the future hub of the Minnesota Timberwolves signed a major performance.

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He prefers to highlight his mistakes. “That’s fine, but I know I can do so much better.”the tricolor axis is estimated, “I’m not really happy” who played it. “I missed a lot of free throws, and I should have finished other plays that would have given us extra time.” By losing two free throws, at the end of extra time, he exposed his partners to the Turkish overthrow.

“Now there are no more accounts, you have to win or finish”, Vincent Colette warned on Friday. Even through the eye of the needle, his team managed to emerge victorious from a “crazy game”as portrayed by Rudy Joubert, and is still in controversy. “We’re alive, we’re still playing games, which is great because I didn’t want to go home”, concludes Amath M’Baye. If the gold medal, the target set at the start of the campaign, is still within reach, the Blues know they will have to show an entirely different face to hope of making it through the quarter-finals.

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