The train is conspicuously absent from the AJA, Bourges Basket, and Clermont Foot الرياضية sports tours

In Yonne, AJ Auxerre uses a bus for trips up to 400 km and boards the plane when meetings are close. For Tango Bourges Basket (Cher) or Clermont Foot (Puy-de-Dôme), it seems hard to think of a train option.

oxir : “The train is impossible!”

Baptiste Malherbe, chief executive of AJ Auxerre football club (Ligue 1), says he is aware of concerns about climate deterioration. While emphasizing the limits of some modes of transport, he puts forward solutions and invites the Minister of Sports to think about them.

“We have budgeted 400,000 euros for the travel of the professional team this season. To choose the mode of transport we take into account the cost, the distance, the travel time, the match time and the environment. The train is impossible We tried it a few years ago in Ligue 2. First, in Auxerre, we do not offer Good services.You have to go to Paris by bus to catch the train and the bus should come back empty…Then, the appointments are not always respectful, it creates stress.Then there is the luggage problem because we have some very huge luggage;The train is not configured.I still need To a bus at the arrival station to pick up the team and the train times must coincide with the match times, in order to return we have to spend an extra night in the hotel …

“The transfer budget for all our teams, including the professionals, is 900 thousand euros.”

Baptiste Malherbey (CEO of AJA)

One year, we went to Nîmes by train. We went to Dijon by bus. Then we waited on the sidewalk. There was a delay…at the time, under Guy Cotrett, we were systematically looking for the most economical solutions. We leave by bus when we have three to four hours to drive. This was the case at night, during the first day. For Troyes, Paris, Lyon and Reims we also take the bus. Except when we have a match every three days. We recently left for Lyon by plane from Auxerre to return in the evening, because we had received Marseilles three days later.Marion Puigot pictures

Rethinking the composition of groups and calendars among amateurs
“It is better for the Minister of Sports to ensure that the French Football Federation, placed under her supervision, thinks more about the composition of the groups and the calendars of the amateur and youth teams, notes Baptiste Malherbe. For example, this year AJA B found itself in a southern group where it will cover 15,000 km against Less than 10000 last season. Another example, U19 and U-17 youth teams play most of the time against the same clubs. Why don’t you put the schedules for these two categories match? Instead of packing two buses on different dates, we’ll just use one to transport the two youth teams. As it is The case for opposing teams, stop 2. The transfer budget for all our teams, including the pros, is €900,000, including go green.

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Borg basketball : By bus in France, by plane in Europe

The only professional club in Cher, Tango Bourges Basket has its players traveling exclusively by bus on the national territory. In Europe, they travel by plane, in regular lines.

Since the 2017-2018 season, Bourges Basket players have been cruising across France in a bus in the club’s colors. From Landerneau to Mont-de-Marsan, via Lyon or Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Berruyères crosses France by bus, the almost exclusive mode of transport for matches in the French Women’s League.

“It’s not that we don’t want to travel by train, but that being in Bourges, using rail transport is complicated,” points out the club’s president, Agnes St. From Bourges, there is no direct train to another city in the tournament. You will have to go to Paris to take the TGV…

On boarding to Paris by bus, Tangos take the plane for their trips to the European Cup (except for matches in Belgium or Switzerland, where the bus is still a favourite). That will still be the case this season. European travel by plane, on regular lines.
The exceptions are not many, but they do exist. Last season, Borg Basket, on a trip to the Czech Republic, privatized a plane that took off from Châteauroux and brought the players straight to Bourges after a game on the floor of Brno.

A privatized plane flight last season to play in Brno

“There was a real complication in making this trip on a classic passenger plane, President Agnès Saint-Jesse recalls. And there was a huge share in the period in which the matches were tied (three Eurocoupe matches and the French Cup in seven days, editor’s note We made that choice, With Valentin (Cavilier, general manager of the club) to use a privatized plane to put the players in the best conditions, since the length of the flight necessarily affects the physical aspect of the athlete.

A year ago, during the Covid epidemic that did not facilitate travel, Burgess Basket joined Lands Basket to charter a plane for Hungary, as the two teams were competing in Sopron for a group of Euroleague.
“If we had the means, on certain trips, to be able to take a special trip, avoid fatigue build-up, and allow more time to recover and train, I’m not sure we wouldn’t. -Ges. When you play two games a week, you’re not in the best of circumstances. When you spend 24 hours in transportation…”

The TBB president notes that the club is “trying to find the best value for money. Economically and from a practical point of view, the bus is the most attractive. Our transport partner is in the process of thinking for the future. We are all involved, both personally, in the company and at the club level, Through climate change, the cost of energy…it is our role and our duty, as a club, to have this environmental awareness.”

Claremont football The plane is mostly the bus, depending on the weather

Claremont Fute 63 chose the aircraft primarily for its flights (more than 30 people at a time). And it was for a long time. “It is not linked to the Premier League, the partnership has been with our service provider for ten years,” explains Rafael Vaz, CF63 team manager. Without being in Clermont Club an initial position: “Last year we traveled to Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris, Saint-Etienne and Montpellier. This season, four new trips have been made. And we have already been targeted. As such: Lyon, Auxerre, Montpellier and Paris for sure.”CF63 image
Why choose one option or another? For a geographical reason more than it has to do with the schedule: “Whether we play at 7, 9 or 3 pm, Monaco is still more than 6 hours away, CF63 Director of Communications Florent Crosoir sums up. The matches take place during the same week, or if we see that the bus journey exceeds five hours by road…there becomes a punishment for the players’ recovery (Andric in the picture).

Because the match is at 3 pm (Clermont’s most frequent schedule, editor’s note.) You need to arrive the day before the match and that for a professional competition, everything is important, such as observance of the pre-match ritual, breakfast, chat with the coach, video session, snack … “and leave during the day until training, when it ends at 5 Evening, to arrive at midnight to the hotel, the bus, it is not convenient for a high standard.

Could it be the train? Raphaël Vaz identifies: “I have contacted several team managers in France via our WhatsApp group to get feedback on the train. Some clubs have already done this this year and it has obviously been well received by the staff and players. In addition., it is part From an environmental approach. The most varied reactions are related to the geographical location of some of the clubs.”

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Jean-Philippe Biel, Philip Boude, editorial staff


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