Two sides to one defeat

SIG Strasbourg played its sixth roleThe tenth Pre-season match against Cholet. After a controlled first half, the SIGmen struggled to wake Choletais who managed to overpower Bodian Massa (20pts-7rbs-26d’éval) and his squad who missed the return from the locker room. The group collapsed over time and the defense was the first to pay for it. In the end, Cholet won 92 to 81 in a match that brought in Marcus Kane and Stan Okoye who showed very good things.

A balanced start to the game between two teams that present consistent basketball. On Cholet’s side, Boris Dallo, who has always been very excited about the idea of ​​playing against SIG Strasbourg, started strong. For SIGmen, Bodian Massa was in the lead while JB Maille enjoyed the lead. With 6 passes by 5′, our captain distilled the game with “Maille-stria”. However, both teams were volatile in terms of score: 10-9, 5′. After taking the general temperature, Leo Cavalier put on his clothes and spent the second. A 6-point author at 1’30, he was the instigator on the first round of the match. 8-2 that gave SIG Strasbourg a 6-point lead after 7’30:18-12. Then Marcus Kean made his debut under our colors and soon everyone realized there was a shooter out there. Two balls in the attack and two gangsters with surgical precision, SIG Strasbourg set out to unfold towards the end of the dominating and controlling period. The rating said it all, 34-9 for SIGmen and the score makes sense in end 1Verse Quarter: 25-16 (Rating: 34-9).

Cholet came back strong after the short break thanks to another former SIGman, Gaylor Curier. Percutant et toujours aussi adroit, il ramenait son équipe à 2pts après un 2-9 très rapide (27-25, 11’50), mais Stan Okoye ouvrait son compteur avec la SIG Strasbourg, avant que le serial shooteur ne Marlui step. The SIGmen resumed their ease of play (34-28, 14 min) motivated by their captain who also showed he could distribute the game. In fact, a 3pds composer at the same time fed Matt and Dre who planted behind the bow and, 3’30 from the break, Strasbourg steered his boat well by capturing the biggest gap of the match: 42-32, 16’10. With only one small ball lost on December 14 at the break, the seriousness and application from Frank Cohn’s squad were evident. Our players fired the basketball, outrageously controlling the rebound battle (24-15). Les 11 rebonds offensifs collectif, conjugués aux caviars de JB (9pds), l’énergie de Léo (10pts-7rbs) et la volonté de se partager la marque (4 joueurs à 8pts et plus), faisaient que la SIG Strasbourg de 11 menait in Half Time: 50-39 (Rating: 67-34).

Unfortunately, the yield from the locker room was the opposite of the first half of 20 and the lead obtained was excessive for the big shows. Ball losses, quick failures, rushing selections and Schullet took the opportunity to hit us 3-12 which reset the counters almost to zero at 2’50:53-51, 22’50. The team stayed in the pits very clearly. Coach Kun’s players could no longer find fault and take control of all areas of the game, and under the circumstances, it was no surprise to see Cholet take over in the 26th minute.The tenth Next minute of Gudo Sinha’s arrest: 55-57. The hemorrhage from the 5-18 snapped in the face was stopped by a 2+1 of JB Maille, but the thread was so brittle as the Choletais enforced their technique and law to resume their flight and 7 points before unleashed Enzo Goudou-Sinha (60-67, 28). ’), but luckily Stan Okoye was still around to let him fall two tiny points behind. end 3The tenth Quarter: 65-67 (Rating: 76-69).

After this mismanagement we had to show another face and the staff defined it fiercely. Strasbourg’s defense appears to have regained some color, but Boris Dalo found a 3-point foul while Boudian-Massa was very important. 5 points allowed the team to draw 7′ from the bell: 72-72, 33′. Unfortunately, the bright sunshine did not last. In fact, the rest of the quarter swung in favor of Boris Dalow (15pts-7rbs-3pds) and his squad who killed the match 1-12 by 3′, giving their team an 11-length lead: 73-84, 36′. Indeed, SIGmen have fallen into frustration with the refereeing decisions (5 fouls by Deandre and Matt’s disqualification…) and will never recover from this final blow. After providing excellent basketball in the first half, our players had to give up after the second half which failed on many levels. Boudian Massa and JB Mill’s last effort (79-87, 38 min) were nothing more than stab wounds in the water because in the end, it was Cholet who really won. Final score 74-71 (Score: 78-84).

after 1time High quality at halftime, SIG Strasbourg paid a heavy price for their failed return from the locker room, restoring the confidence of a Cholet team that asked for nothing more. The defense took possession of the water and the group disappeared during the match, but regardless of the outcome, a merger of Marcus Keane (10pts-6pds) and Stan Okoye (7pts3rbs-1pd) is on the way. The cast knows they can also count on Bodian Massa’s desire (20 points – 7 lbs), JB Maille’s good vision (12pds), Léo cavalier’s combativeness and Matt’s scoring (19 points). However, you will have to keep your nerve in the hot moments and not get out of the match, regardless of the external elements. The work must continue and will continue to advance defensively and offensively. Gaining consistency is one of the goals tomorrow at 2:30pm in the mini-final against Crailsheim defeated by JDA Dijon (57-107).

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