ASVILLE and PARIS shine for basketball at the second edition of the European Games in Paris

On September 10 and 11, Paris Basketball organized its second edition of the European Games in Paris. A four-game tournament, with entertainment and big names in European Basketball on the ground. The perfect weekend before hostilities start at Betclic Elite.

Vacations are over. At Halle Georges-Carpentier Stadium, basketball regained its rights. After the success of 2021, the return of the Paris European Games ignited the legendary hall and its supporters.

Four teams have been entered for this tournament. Paris Basketball, ASVEL and Alba Berlin, which were already present last year, participated in the second edition of the event, as did Maccabi Tel-Aviv, the new guest of this preliminary meeting. – Season.

In a warm atmosphere, the two-day competition showcased real competitive posters and stunning works. This preliminary tournament, which is essential in preparing each group, has generated a physical commitment from all players. The ASVIL players, among others, took the competition seriously by winning both games.

Will Weaver, the new coach of the Paris basketball team, has been able to establish basic defensive principles for his group so that he does not appear again in the ranking of the worst defenses in the league. A tough defense that allowed players to intercept multiple balls for quick, often aerial counterattacks.

Ismael Kamagati in defense of Yannick Witzel from Alba Berlin. Photography: Thomas Savuga

A taste of Europe for basketball in Paris

This season, Paris Basketball will participate in its first European competition: the European Cup. With a tournament of this magnitude, Will Weaver’s workforce has cornered against teams of higher caliber and has come out very well. On Saturday, Ile de France lost by only three points to Alba Berlin (94-97).

The next day in front of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Paris Basketball team recovered superbly from the narrow defeat the day before. Amin Sims (22 points) and Johan Bejarin (17 points) scored their big victory over the Israeli club. A good omen and a reassuring performance for the new European challenge that awaits basketball in Paris.

Familiar faces in Carpenter

ASVEL’s slack season has been eventful. Many departures but above all many high profile arrivals. The European Games in Paris were the perfect opportunity to see the faces who know French basketball so well. The 2013 European champions, master of play Nando de Colo and interior designer Joffrey Louverni made great impressions on the floor of the Carpentier Parque. Against Alba Berlin, the best player in the 2015-16 season in the Euroleague managed to raise the level of his teammates with 10 assists, and the former pivotal player Zalgaris Kaunas scored 21 points and got 7 rebounds in this meeting.

Amine Noua, son of the club and France’s triple champion with Lyon Villeurbanne, has made his return to perfection. It’s as if he never went away… A precious shot off the bench, was crucial to the success against Maccabi Tel Aviv (22 points, 7 rebounds).

Bonizzi Coulson is back in court in a Maccabi Tel Aviv jersey. Photography: Thomas Savuga

Bonzie Colson, best player of the 2020-21 French Championship with SIG Strasbourg was present at Halle Carpentier to continue his preparations under his new Maccabi Tel-Aviv colors. Having arrived this summer from Pinar Karsiyaka (Turkey), Bonzie Colson will make his first Euroleague experience next October. Despite my team defeat, this tournament was an opportunity.” Test themselves before a new challenge, to compete with other competitive teams and focus on their group goals Called this weekend.

Victor Wimpanyama, the new interior of Boulogne-Levallois, came on Sunday afternoon to watch the Paris basketball game against Maccabi Tel Aviv. A year earlier, he had co-starred with Leon Villeurbanne in the first edition of “PEG”.

The results of the European Games in Paris:

  • LDLC Asvel Vs Maccabi Tel Aviv: 86-82
  • Basketball Paris vs Alba Berlin: 94-97
  • LDLC Asvel Vs Alba Berlin: 90-67
  • Basketball Paris vs Maccabi Tel Aviv: 107-96

Photo: Yves Ponce and Nando de Colo (Thomas Savuga)

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