Italy stuns Serbia Jokic, stands on the way to the blues

“We shocked the world!” As a player, Gianmarco Pozzecco was a trickster, capable of igniting at any time, both in and out of the game. Now the coach of the Italian men’s basketball team, Transalpin continues to put on a show. At the end of the match he sees “Arguably the greatest in the history of Italian basketball”his team got the best, Sunday 11 September, by winning Serbia from the best player double (Most Valuable PlayerBest Player) from the NBA, Nikola Jokic, in the round of 16 of Euros (94-86). Thanks to this surprising victory over one of the candidates for the tournament, the Italians will face the French national team, Wednesday, September 14, for a place in the last four of the competition.

Gianmarco Pozzico, expelled at the beginning of the second period, witnessed the achievement of his troops from afar. At the final whistle, the wide coach rushed to the field from which he was excluded, bowing to his men. “It would have taken a dozen security guards to stop me, and again, the UFC guys [Ligue de sport de combat nord-américaine]like Conor McGregor.”The technician smiled. He laughed, after crying while being sent off (for a second technical foul), as he hugged each of his players, and saluted his Serbian counterpart, Svetislav Pesic.

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“This expulsion was a complicated moment for us, but we stayed together. And mentally, we were very strong.”Capt. Luigi Datome explained. After starting the game poorly, and seeing the Serbs advancing quickly, the Transalpines struggled hard to undermine Serbian certainty. Led by Marco Speso, who scored 19 of 22 points in the second half, the Italians took the lead, ahead with a rude three-point speech and a stubborn defense, despite a deficit of size, especially against hub Nikola Jokic.

France warned the next opponent of Transalpine

And when the Serbian axis stopped briefly, Italy widened the gap. “No player can play forty minutes, he’s one of the best players in the world, so we tried to take advantage of the few things he could do a little less”Powerful wing strikes by Giampaolo Ricci. Despite 32 points and 13 rebounds, the Serbia leader could not lead his teammates to victory.

In office for only a few months – he was appointed at the beginning of June – Gianmarco Bosico has infused his forces with the energy of “the atomic fly,” his nickname when he abused defenses on the ground. “He’s our leader, our chief. We’ve been following him to war.confirms Giampaolo Ricci, who, like all his partners, the dismissal of his coach was a turning point in the match. The coach’s exclusion created something in usMarco Speso insisted. He told us, “Win for me.” » A few minutes later, the Squadra Azzurra team dominated the meeting, never letting go.

Italian coach Gianmarco Bosico in the round of 16 against Serbia.

Coming to watch the game as spectators, the French team will have things to say to their flock during their upcoming training session on Monday. Because the Blues, as all observers expected, a victory for Serbia, having painfully extricated themselves from the Turkish trap on Saturday (87-86 victory after overtime). Instead, they will find Wednesday in the quarter-finals (5:15 pm) the Italian team, which they beat twice during preparation (78-77 in Bologna, 100-68 in Montpellier). And they came out last year at the same stage in the Olympic Games.

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In euphoria, after the favorite did not attend the tournament, Italy would see itself do the same against the French. “After the game we played tonight, I’m not sure France wants to play us.”and concludes Strong winger Giampaolo Ricci. “We don’t want to stop there.”

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