LDLC ASVEL – Betclic Elite 2022/2023: Schedule, transfers and squad

At the dawn of the start of the Betclic Elite 2022/2023 season, We Sport returns to you the status of the 18 teams that make up it. Today, trend Lyon suburbs and champion of France LDLC ASVEL.

balance sheet LDLC bottom Last season

On the national stage, ASVEL has been the dominant and had a completely successful season. I got off to a bad start at the beginning of the year with a budget of [8-6] Within fourteen days, T.J. Parker’s players took their steps and entered the tournament. Having been defeated only twice in the last twenty matches and undefeated from mid-March, Villeurbanais reclaimed the top spot in the standings to ensure a home advantage throughout the playoffs.

In the playoffs, Asfel surprised Cholet in his first match, but then racked up five wins (two against Cholet, three against Dijon) to reach the finals. Against Monaco, the club led by Tony Parker got scared but finally won five matches after an extraordinary streak and a matching 5 pick. Despite those cold sweats, ASVEL is now France’s triple champion.

[26-8]1Verse Regular season French champion (3-2 win over Monaco in the final).

Off-season moves

As is often the case for the teams participating in the Euroleague, the slump has meant a lot of change. In the departing direction, Leon Villeurbanne left Chris Jones, William Howard, Dylan Ustykowski and Eli Okubo – heroic in the finals against Monaco, four of the five players on the team with a rating above ten. Valuable bottom side Kostas Antetokounmou, who is back in Greece, also lost to French basketball block Victor Wimpanyama, who is back in Ile-de-France.

However, Asfael did not give up and achieved XXL size conversion window to compensate for these losses. Villeurbannese was hit hard, especially among the French players. Thus, they brought back Amin Noa, two years after the latter’s departure from Asvel, but they also offered young Yves Ponce, formerly in the NBA, and international players Joffrey Louverni and Nando de Colo. The club also experimented with shots, by crossing the Atlantic to Anthony Polit or by signing German Championship Player of the Year Parker Jackson Cartwright.

Access: Nando de Colo (Fenerbahce, TBSL), Parker Jackson Cartwright (Bonn, BBL), Geoffrey Louverne (Zalgiris Kaunas, LKL), Jonah Matthews (Anuel W.IOKIawek, DBL), Amin Nawa (GIS Strasbourg), Retin Obasuhan (Hapoel Jerusalem, Premier League), Anthony Bullitt (Florida, NCAA), Yves Ponce (Memphis Grizzlies, NBA)

Departures: Costas Antikonmo (Olympiacos, Greece), James Guest (?), William Howard (Badalone, Liga ACB), Kimani Hoensu (Washington State, NCAA), Chris Jones (Valencia, Spanish Football League), Marcus Knight (Samara, Russia), Remar Morgan (Galatasaray, TBSL), Eli Okubo (AS Monaco), Dylan Ustikovsky (Malaga, Liga ACB), Victor Wimpanyama (Metropolitan of Bologna Levallois 92)

Accessories: TJ Parker (Fitness Trainer), Yusufha ValAnd the Charles Kahoudi

Work’s strength Ie LDLC bottom 2022/2023

Leaders: Antoine DeutAnd the Parker Jackson Cartwright

succeed: Nando de ColoAnd the Paul LacombeAnd the Jonah MatthewsAnd the Retin Obasuhan

wings: Charles KahoudiAnd the David LightyAnd the Anthony BullittAnd the Zachary Rescher (the Apprentice)

Attackers force: Amin NawaAnd the Yves Ponce

Axes: Yusufha ValAnd the Geoffrey Louverne

Fitness Trainer: TJ Parker

LDLC bottom : ambitions and arrangement

The defending champion, Asvel will inevitably try to retain his title and prove his dominance on the national stage a little more. A step above competition with AS Monaco, Villeurbanais have significantly renewed their workforce, but that shouldn’t stop them from playing for the title. Seeing ASVEL finish in the top two during the regular season and not reach the final in the qualifiers would inevitably be a failure for an ambitious club representing France in the Euroleague.

Player to watch: Nando de Colo

This is certainly the most surprising and ambitious recruitment of the season for the Betclic Elite. Among the most famous players in Europe and already a multiple-time Euroleague winner, Nando de Colo chose to return to France, thirteen years after leaving Cholet. The pillar of the French team, the Protect Is there to allow ASVEL to take a step into the European arena, he who has been fully aware of these games for nearly ten years. It is now up to De Colo to show the way for his new team, both in the French championship and in Europe.

Evaluation LDLC bottom in 2022/2023

D6: 10/23/2022@Chorale Roanne

D9: 11/19/2022@JDA Dijon

D13: 12/18/2022@GIS Strasbourg

D14: 12/23/2022@AS Monaco

D16: 01/06/2023@Metropolitans 92

D19: 01/29/2023against Monaco

D20: 02/05/2023opposite JDA Dijon

D22: 05/03/2023opposite SIG Strasbourg

D24: 03/14/2023opposite Metropolitans 92

D27: 04/02/2023opposite the Roan Choir

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