Meaux launches her senior sports show: “They tell us thank you for thinking of them!”

With a wide smile, Dominic, 63, ticks the stretching and gentle gymnastics boxes on the table. “It’s to stay young for as long as possible,” she blushes with her eyes shaded by a gentle streak of eyeliner. This weekend, the city of Moe launched registrations for its Masters Sports system, intended for seniors, to mark “SportissiMeaux”. “.

Principle ? It provides people over 60 years of age with the opportunity to practice sports lessons adapted to their physical condition. From October 1, they will be able to test several of them for a year. In the program: water sports, cross-training, boxing, swimming, etc. Created in 2021, this formula is first open to residents outside of Mo.

Pre-appointment with the doctor

But the latter will pay a little more for its registration at the rate of 100 euros instead of 75 euros per year. “Which is still very attractive, I appreciate Dominic who lives in Vilnius. It’s great because as retirees, we have such a huge drop in wages! Without this offer, she would have been satisfied with only one sporting activity per week.” Too expensive. While I’m there, I’ll do three,” she concludes.

Mo, this Sunday. Dominic, 63, estimates the very attractive price of the Masters Sports system (between 75 and 100 euros per year). LP / MB-L.

But first, Dominic will have to go, like 134 other early enrollees, to an appointment with a doctor to make sure she is fit to practice her chosen units. “It’s reassuring that classes are planned to fit our age,” she says, emphasizing that “there are some health issues, like a heart murmur.”

To enroll, she also had to submit a fitness certificate. She laughs, “I’m not allowed to bungee jumping or skydive…but between us, that works for me.” More seriously, these classes will allow him to stay in shape for the sake of his grandchildren: “I have a 14-month-old, and as long as I can bend over with him, it’s okay. »

“On your own, it’s hard to go to a club with guys”

In all, 150 people will be able to benefit from these masters. Registrants will be able to change majors five times. “It’s great because the playing periods are not very long, notes Regis, 65, who lives in Mo. On your own, it’s hard to go to a club with guys. There, we’ll all have the same expectations. We don’t come to compete. In our time, We take care of ourselves. Especially since we know that if we don’t exercise anymore, we may have back problems!”

Christian Allard, Sports and Health Assistant, is the origin of this concept. “Health and sports are a basic balance after 60 years, and this is confirmed by this doctor in terms of profession. Some registered in good condition. Others are less. That is why I wanted to include in the package a medical examination. He will evaluate the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system to see if They could have followed the majors.”

Mo, Sunday 11 September.  Regis, 65, is delighted with the flexibility this formula provides for seniors.
Mo, Sunday 11 September. Regis, 65, is delighted with the flexibility this formula provides for seniors.

These lessons will be supervised by sports teachers. “Even people over 80 can come. For jet skis for example, there is no limiting factor. Christian Allard insists that sports are part of medical care. It is beneficial for those with osteoporosis or respiratory problems.”

In addition to this device, the city is currently working on the Institute of Sports Medicine project. “In France, there is only one in Saint-Etienne (Loire). It will be for sports licenses holders in our city, ”the sports assistant already predicts.

“Without it, some will not be physically active”

In the meantime, the municipality plans to increase the number of enrollments in the Masters Sports program next year. And the elected official notes “Without it, some would not be physically active. Often, they tell us thank you for thinking of them!”

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Group of 10 to 15 people. From 45 minutes to 1h15. 75 Euros for Mo residents and 100 Euros for others. Information on

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