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If you indulged in the exciting songs of Mick Gordon while playing Doom and Doom Eternal, here’s a concept that takes it even further. A mixture of rhythm game and fast-paced FPS, Metal: Hellsinger will put your reflexes and your neck to the test.

Since the first Doom in 1994, fat guitar tracks have been the rage in FPS, especially if demons are involved. Therefore, metal is often a preferred musical style in this genre and you only need to look at the popular OSTs of Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal to better understand this phenomenon. has evolved Metal: Hellsinger is the fusion of image and sound, which plunges you into a form of trance that is very loud and very angry, but it’s so much fun when you fall into it. Let’s be clearer: in Metal: Hellsinger, you have to shake the devil to the beat with the soundtrack, nothing more, nothing less. The rhythm is essential and is set thanks to the visual signal on the screen, but also, of course, thanks to the rhythm imposed by the music.

Metal Helsinger: Level One Discovery

Headbang and headbang

Here’s how a typical early game goes: For the first few seconds, only drums and bass are heard. Then comes your first shots at enemies, which will raise the combo meter. Once you pass the combo level (x2, x4, x8, x16), a path will be added. You’ll start playing a big guitar, and he’ll hear a solo, Reaching the highest level that allows you to hear the singer’s voice. So the challenge is to stay on top of the combo during the game, by shooting properly, reloading at the right time and avoiding getting hit. And we must admit that the concept works particularly well: Once the tempo is set well, we are more than happy to calculate the right moment to pull the trigger, To reload with rhythm, to dash to avoid hits, appreciating the built-in soundtrack little by little.

In terms of handling, Metal: Hellinsinger is very effective, whether it’s a keyboard/mouse duo or a console. Double jump, dodge, switch from one weapon to another… Everything is very instinctive. It must be said that the title is inspired by the Doom form again, with the possibility of completing a sufficiently damaged enemy, the best way to restore life. And to boost action and speed, the ammo of our demonic weapons is endless. So to speak, you don’t have to pick up anything from the ground. Good way to focus on battles.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is it really a good idea?

A word about the few but very successful and integrated weapons. Before each start of the game, you must choose a primary and secondary weapon, which will complement a sword and a “small fireball throwing skull” equipped by default. We thus have a rifle that is rather slow, but with a good level of dispersal, a pair of colts that allow us to shoot far and with accuracy (our favourite), two boomerangs that deal massive damage or a crossbow that has the ability to fire explosive bolts if fired at the right cadence. Each weapon has a special function, which can be started when a certain gauge is filled. This gives, in the end, A great variety of fighting styles, even if you quickly find your favorite weapon duo, to stick with until the end of the campaign (For our part, it was the gun/double ponies combo that tempted us.)

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is it really a good idea?

So, of course, Metal: Hellsinger wasn’t called that for nothing: With artists like Refused, Lamb of God, System of a Down or Trivium in the creditsWe doubt we’ll have a little piano and violin in our ears. Here, it’s rather the double pedal and looping sounds that dominate, for a very successful result, but we wish it had more variety. The fact that most songs are based on the same duet, with roughly the same speed or less, discourages diversity in shooting speeds. However, the pieces are of high quality for those who love the genre and everything is in perfect harmony with the universe depicted. It should also be noted that while there are many high-profile artists on the cast, they are mainly on The Show, with the vast majority of the soundtrack being composed by Two Feathers, a video game music studio.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is it really a good idea?

Also, with its title, Metal: Hellsinger is full of visual promise and we can well imagine what kind of atmosphere it would like to offer us. Again, if you like Doom, “light” demonic visuals and Franck Frazetta-style fantasy settings, you’ll be in your element. Technically, the title is nothing out of the ordinary, but it shows a beautiful artistic effort, with fantastic apocalyptic panoramas and highly diverse successful monsters. It’s Doom but in a more “comics” style, allowing for a very good motion reading. Enemies are well identifiable, even from a distance, and visual cues are numerous.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is it really a good idea?

On the other hand, we can blame Metal: Hellsinger for a certain laziness in level design, pretty much identical from level to level. : “The arcade” is a large arena where you face waves of enemies, then a lane again and finally a leader. On that last point, again, we would have liked more variety, because we always face the same enemy with some differences. It is only at the last level that the final confrontation is drastically different (and very successful).

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is it really a good idea?

Above all, it is a scoring game with fairly little content

Overall, we would have liked the title to have been more generous. With only 8 levels, the campaign is completed for the first time in barely 5 hours in “Normal” mode. But fortunately, several levels of difficulty allow you to challenge the more persistent and cleverer challenge system which lengthens the experience. These require you to achieve different goals, but with different punishments/rewards: for example, kill 50 demons in a limited time, but without the possibility of getting a life back. The success of these challenges is important, as it allows you to unlock rewards for the campaign, which you can equip before the start of the level.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is it really a good idea?Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is it really a good idea?

If we take a quick tour, at first glance, of Metal: Hellisinger’s content, we should all define it as a pure “record” game close to arcade and Which offers a highly stimulating challenge at the highest difficulty levels. This is without a doubt where adventurers find their happiness and desire to spend 20 or 30 hours there. But if competing with fans of heabangers around the world isn’t your cup of tea and you’re not a supplement, the content will still be a bit slim. This gameplay loop is still very successful and instantly appealing, as well as such an impeccable connection between picture and sound. We just like a little extra.


strength point

  • FPS / Rhythm game combination, which works perfectly
  • Effective handling whatever the console
  • Sound quality, with beautiful names in the credits
  • hunting weapons
  • Challenges that add challenge and rewards
  • Good Metal Fantasy

Weak points

  • very short campaign
  • Few weapons available
  • Repeated level design
  • You have to love recording games

On its way to turning a fast-paced FPS into a raging rhythm game, thanks to its impeccable soundtrack support, Metal: Hellisinger gave us a few hours of pure adrenaline. The gameplay loop is mastered, instinctive handling and multiple difficulty levels allow you to create an eclectic experience. The fact remains that the content is very light, because we will complete the main campaign in 5-6 hours depending on the required challenge. However, the challenges allow you to extend the lifespan, but above all the interest in registration and the desire to climb the world rankings is what will allow you, or not, to play Metal: Hellsinger for more than 10 hours. As it is, it’s still a try if you like “Doom Like” and big guitar songs. Note that the game will be available once it’s released in Gamepass, on Xbox and PC.

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