Rudi Gobert Titanic vs Turkey: “Everyone shut up now!”

Is this the greatest performance of Rudi Gobert’s career in France? Obviously there were other great performances, but the question deserves to be asked given his position (20 points on 7/11, 17 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 in 30 minutes). “As strange as it may sound, I’m not really happy with my game”He answers himself. “I could have put in 30 points: I left a lot of free throws, I missed things I should have finished. If I do that, we won’t go into overtime. More than anything, I’m happy with our win but my game… (vent) I can provide better. ” Offensive, sure, but the Saint-Quentin native certainly feels satisfied at least because he broke France’s all-time record for rebounds with 17 shots, carried… by himself (16, twice)… no? Well, you know, I average 15 rebounds in the NBA.clears first, before it can better appreciate the context. “Well, it was FIBA ​​Basketball: There are fewer attempts at shots, and less effective playing time…” At his side, Vincent Colette laughs. “Well in that case, we’ve made an extension.” Five extra minutes, he grabbed in a dipping faucet, allowing him to cement his record with 5 rebounds captured, only to enter the France team history books definitively. From now on, it appears at the #1, #2 and #3 places in the Blue Class platform! Leaves us a coach match »Evan Fournier launched.

21 points and 14 rebounds on average
In the first play-offs of the last three campaigns

A Joubert faucet that snatches the extension, without fail?! (Photo: FIBA)

Dominance confirms, later, the comments made by the same Yvan Fournier last week in Cologne. “Rudy, it’s diesel, it takes a long time to get into the competition »And the He said last Saturday, after the first two slow games of his teammate. When we look at history, he always raises his level after the first match. I know he will end up dominating the opponent’s rackets. » When we look at history, we also realize that the giants have always used to shine from the first knockout match of an international competition. for example? 21 points and 16 rebounds in the achievement against Team USA in the 2019 World Cup quarter-finals (during the achievement against Team USA), then 22 points and 9 rebounds against Italy last year, marking the World Cup quarter-finals. Olympic Games. Not enough to silence the frequent criticism about him, which came out of the woods during his trial and error in Cologne… However, the Blues can count on Picard’s totem once the way is up! “Everyone shut up now »Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot burps in the mixed area. “Everyone talks, everyone says shit about him, he doesn’t deserve it, etc. There is a lot of pressure on him which makes us all proud to have a match like this. Today showed why Rudi Gobert is who he is! »

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He is one of the most deterring players in the world already, he is the best three-pointer in the NBA. “From the beginning, I frustrated Alperin Seungun », notes Vincent Colette. Identified as the main Turkish threat, the rookie from Houston delivered an underrated performance (8 points in 4/10 and 5 rebounds), well short of championship standards (18.2 points and 8.8 rebounds on average). But this Saturday, Rudi Gobert is above all the champion of France! Without his incredible activity under the paintings, the Blues would already be in Paris. Child Cholet Basket physically dominated the money time, while developing four fouls since the 35th minute, as he dominated operations (11 rebounds and a great counter on Hazer) from a tri-color revolution (49-57, 30 min.). “He was huge and his attacking tracking helped us a lot when we had trouble putting in easy baskets », appreciates Amath M’Baye. When France went from 75-77 to staggered 81-77 in the fourth quarter and overtime, a 6-0 was obtained entirely thanks to Gobzilla’s tap dance! “At the end of the match, defensive passes are less visible »explains technician Vincent Colette. “The defenders are afraid to drop their player and take the basket that might kill their team. There are more isolators. As a result, Rudy finds himself with his gaze and since he’s in control… »

Italian Little Ball or Jokic:
The huge challenge in the quarter-finals

Like his group on Hazer in the fourth quarter, Joubert delivered a massive finish to the match (Image: FIBA)

On a mission to win his first gold with Team France, the NBA All-Star trio was content with the suspension with a certain break from his record. “I’ve done what I’ve been doing since the beginning of my career. The fact that we attacked the basket allowed me to be in a better position to take the rebounds. Since the adults were going to help, it was hard for them to “square” me. I tried to punish them. It’s all related to the way we play. When we take good shots, even if we miss, I am in a better position to take the rebounds. » The numbers prove him right: During a third quarter marked by misunderstandings, disconnections, and multiple poor offensive options, the former Jazz player only reclaimed one…

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Now averaging a double in competition (14 points by 63% and 10.3 rebounds), Rudy Gobert now has four days to prepare for his next challenge. Quarter-finals (Wednesday 5:15pm) where he eagerly awaits, no matter who the opponent is: either Italy where his task will be to exploit a deficit across the Alps in fifth, or Serbia from double NBA MVP Nikola Djokic… “IGoing up from one game to the next Vincent Colette notes. So… see you at the next game! »

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Sep 10, 2022 at 6:41 am

Is this the greatest performance of Rudi Gobert’s career in France? Obviously there were other great performances, but the question deserves to be asked given his position (20 points on 7/11, 17 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 in 30 minutes). “As strange as it may sound, I’m not really happy…

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