USO Basketball Team One Shirt, Bonnut and Sault-de-Navailles

“We are now playing at the level that suits us. There will be victories again,” s…

“We are now playing at the level that suits us. There will be victories again,” said Camille Shamar enthusiastically. But the NBA president sees it as too early to set an NF1 recovery target at the club’s window. “We will see more clearly at Christmas,” he comments, delighted with a strong team (read elsewhere).

Heroes Nursery

The club’s path at the end of last season was certainly the coaching path. “We think the territory needs this above all else,” Camille Shamar book. With Club Bonnut and Club Sault-de-Navailles, USO Basketball is positioned as a nursery for champions around the orange ball. “We are in basketball land with a thriving ecosystem of good players in our clubs. A girl can go to play in Basketlands or a boy in Elan Béarnais or anywhere else. As soon as a player from here becomes very good, he will be spotted,” said the president of Ortisia .

We can group all our players of the same age into the same team

So the ambition is to shape this franchise. To that end, this summer the three clubs endorsed a collaboration that began last year. “We are engaged in a regional cooperation of the clubs,” notes Patrick Tasry, president of Bonot Club, using the official terms. A marriage that would allow the three clubs to form teams with players of their rank in order to compete in divisional or regional competitions under the same jersey. A combination that would only interest, for now, the little boys.

Recruited Sports Director

And each president must ensure that each club is still independent because it is not a merger. “Without this cooperation, there will be a lot of heterogeneity in the level of playing of the players. There, we can put all our players of the same age on the same team,” explains Camille Chamard. The merger of the three clubs also makes it possible to leave no player on the sidelines.

“Even if there are only five players on the floor, you make up ten on the bench. However, when you have more than ten players but not enough to make a second team, you have a problem. Not everyone can play every weekend,” says Patrick. Tasry: “This collaboration allows us to solve it.” It also encourages the pooling of volunteers, which is welcome.

The clubs’ commitment to training is also reflected in the recruitment of salaried skills. Bownot just welcomed a graduate from the state who will be responsible for supporting volunteer coaches. At Orthez, Camille Shamar has just hired no fewer than three new recruits. Among them is a sports director directly from the Basketball Association. Tempting the orange ball culture in this orthic land, the Parisian will accompany the club’s coaching training. The USO also welcomes a new teacher and a person into the secretariat.

“Success does not happen by chance. You have to meet the conditions and have competent people”, concludes Camille Chamar. And Le Post’s path, a former USO graduate, French under-17 European 3×3 champion, cements the club in its mission as a talent designer.

Saturday 17 September, 8pm SF1 de l’USO / Gars d’Herbauges Bouage

Transfer period for the women’s first team

On Saturday, fans of the women’s first team will find a squad not unlike last season. Only Assetou Diakité and Cécile Baudy actually took another route. Captain Emilian Vidal welcomes two new recruits, including Irene Goicoechea who wore an Orthizian jersey in 2019, before a break from Morenx. She is accompanied by Kimberley Provost, who has extensive experience in a professional team. Finally, Emma Vignau, already licensed at USO, joined the group. The team resumed training in early August under Gil Garderes, assisted by Paul Henderson. The club has two other women’s teams, one at the pre-national level and one at the departmental level. On the boys’ side, three teams are also on call. The first is in Regional 2, the second in Regional 3, and finally the SG3 team that has just been set up to evolve in the division. Finally, the USO has about thirty players on two senior teams, men and women, in a modified sport.

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