Basketball: At N3 with Elan Aveyron, Nicholas Flutes ‘expected to suffer’

After a summer full of twists and turns, Elan Aveyron’s basket will kick off her new season at Women’s National 3, Sunday, September 18 at 3:30 p.m., on the floor of Highland favorite Chalosse. Coach Nicholas Flutes speaks a few days before the first meeting.

Last April, your team held their own in National 3, before initially relegating managerially, then out at the end of June. How did the group manage this particular period?

We first experienced this situation as an injustice. Last year, we played 22 matches and won 10 matches. We deserved to stay. Then there was a waiting phase, which was difficult to manage, because we had no idea what division we were going to play in this season. And then there was finally a phase of joy, when we learned we were staying at N3. We accepted the situation and everyone is united. We won’t touch this out of season for a year.

But this situation caused the departure of an important player …

In fact, due to the uncertainty surrounding the club, our top scorer, Alizee Belopedas, decided to leave for Brive, at level 2. When the players learned of her departure, they were necessarily a little worried.

Did you manage to make up for this departure?

no. We found ourselves at the beginning of July with a hole or two to fill in the workforce, and it didn’t work out. We thought we could do this a few times, but the reality was different. In Rodez, it is already difficult to recruit girls in April with a project like ours (Privately financially, editor’s note), but then in July of this year, the mission was impossible. We wasted a lot of time on this organizational mishap. This delay, we paid for, because in the end we couldn’t recruit much.

We’re still wrapping up the profile of the 14-year-old and half-year-old Abla Sosa that comes back to us. She had started club basketball when she was seven or eight years old. She will be in Toulouse during the week, and she will come to play with N3 at the weekend. Despite his young age, his first friendly matches were encouraging. But we will have to take our time with her.

To complete the team, will you trust the other guys?

Yes, we will put other guys in the loop. We thought we’d leave them a year or two into U18 to help them advance. But the process will accelerate, especially for Faustin Bastide (ward). She was supposed to be a sparring partner at first, but in the end she could be more than that.

What kind of season do you think your team is expecting?

We expect to suffer on Sunday this year. It will be a very difficult season. We aim for maintenance. We should hope we don’t have too many breakouts, because we have a light band. But I believe in my group, which has real resilience and qualities. We are used to starting our seasons badly. This year, in our first three matches, we’ll face the two favorites on our way to promotion (Chalosse and Cugnaux)It won’t be easy again. We will have to win our first home game against Eauze.

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Two players are still injured on the team

For this fourth consecutive season at National 3, Nicholas Flutes will be able to count on a pool of 13 players (including youngsters Faustin Bastide and Abla Sousa). At least on paper. The truth is not necessarily that players are gradually recovering from torn ligaments and are far from being available. “Matilde Moest will be back after Halloween. For Marin Terrall, it should be around January or February,” said coach Aveyron.

2022-2023 team


departing : Alizée Pélopidas (Brive, N2), Tess Desangles (Studies).

Arrival : Abla Sousa (Toulouse Hope Centre).


wings: Clemence Caprett, Ludivine Gamba, Audrey Otkolas, Jervi Savi, Lauren Vigoe, Faustin Bastide.

interior: Pauline Boisseau, Uriah Laval, and Laura Senchul.

leaders: Justin Golinac, Mathilde Moisette, Marine Terrall, Abla Sousa.

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