Football, rally, handball, basketball, cycling… A look back at the results of the weekend

Football: the fourth round of the French Cup

Geldar had no mercy at home against superstar De Matori 8-3.

It’s a slip. Gildar dominated AS Etoile de Matoury in the surprise match at the weekend with a score of 8 to 3. ASC Agouado did the same by beating FC Oyapock 7 – 0. The logic was respected, only the R1 teams would continue the Coupe de France fifth round adventure.
On Wednesday evening, Olympique Caen will welcome ASC Rémire to Edmard Lama at 8:00 pm for the final game of the Tour de Coupe de France 4th.

Results :

Saturday 10 September 2022
Korosin – ASU Gran Santi 0-2
Academy FC – American Sinamare 1-4
EF Irako – AJ Saint-Georges 1-2
ASC Agouado – FC Oyapock 7-0
US Matoury- CSCC 1-1 (tab 3-5)

Sunday 11 September 2022
ASC Gildar de Coro – AS Matori Star 8 – 3
Loyola OC – ASC Karib 1 – 1 (tab. 4-5)

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 8:00 pm
Cayenne Olympic – ASC Rémire to Edmard Lama

Football: Raymond Joseph Memorial aka ‘Zaza’

Seniors match!

As the curtain lifted for the Grand Final, Montgomery alumni gathered for a festive match that the crowd savored quietly, lovely leftovers, and above all the joy of seeing our idols, those who marked the history of football. age.

yellow/greens 3-4
Yellows were selected with:
One of Zaza’s sons, Asard / Kumba / Eric Edwig / Antoine Karam and Genevieve in goal, was a goalkeeper in CONCACAF with USL Montgoli and goalkeeper Yana Doku.

vegetables : Mogès / Faubert / Delva / Jean Marc Edwige / Marcel Lama / Nelson and Bruneau in goal, knocked out and it was Faubert who replaced him.

Grand Final: ASC Rémire is the first club to put their name on the prize list for the event.
On Saturday, September 10, 2022, the Edmard Lama Stadium shook in time for the Zaza Memorial Final, and the crowd turned out en masse for the occasion.

Luxurious spectacle, USL Montjoly was not worthy On the contrary, it seems that this small promotion wants to change the hierarchy, and will undoubtedly play the main roles of this new season in Regional 1.
ASC Rémire used his experience by wanting to control the situation in a very good way as the sponsors of Captain Marc Arnaud Mona gave themselves the title of the first edition.

Grand Final:
USL Montjoly – ASC Rémire 1-2
Fourth Pelaes Critchlow Rodrigo for USL Montjoly, Covis Fordan 59 and Rubichon Alan 66 for ASC Rémire.

Cars: The Rémire Montjoly Rally – Edition 1

The final victory goes to the Lionel Lewisor / Gary Lustau team with the number 22 car!

The Grand Prix de Reimer Montgoli takes place over two days, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September. A rally organized by ASA Ecuador which was a resounding success, the only downside was the number of specials adjusted downward.

Of the 11 special stages, he jumped 4. After the two night stages the rating was as follows:
1/Sham/Maitrel at 6’23” 44
2 / Adelson / Chipouka at 6’25” 49
3/ Louisor / Lostau in 6’42 “68
4 / Brdo / Brdo 6’45” 24
5/Shandy/Joyot at 6’47” 81
6 / Matthew / Matthew at 7’54” 53
7/ patient/ our father at 9’05” 33

During the first special day on the old road to Degrad des Cannes, Cham Ruffin’s machine broke down, so he had to retire. He promised to attend the next gathering in October.

The final arrangement is as follows after accumulating day and night:
1 / Lionel Leisure / Gary Lusto at 16’02” 98
2 / Eric Adelson / Hermann Chebuca at 16’04” 25
3 / Jean Marie Bardot / Melis Bardot 16’16” 96
4 / Ronnie Chandy / Jesse Joyot at 16’20” 69
5 / Lyudat Matthew / Ludres Matthew in 19’03 “92
6 / Richard Pashent / Erin Ebina at 21’32” 62

We were able to gather the reaction of winner and president of ASA Ecuador Lionel Loisur!

Good entry into the material, you won the first season and then the city of Rémire accompanied you very well?
Yes, sure, they put what is needed, where it is needed. There were barricades, locals, there are those who hesitate and others say it is a sport but we are not angry because there are good and bad people, but we will be back.

Especially since this event is held once every 6 months because we will cut through the municipalities of Guyana, Matori and Cinnamari as well as Saint-Laurent, the commander suggested a show for us within the boundaries of the RSMA, 4500 km from a special area. It’ll be great, it’s done, and we’ll do what’s necessary for it.

What can we remember about this first edition and this recovery?
Huge success I saw a lot of people, Saturday evening and Sunday morning, the audience was delighted, the apotheosis of the final against Town Hall.
But I take this opportunity to salute all the teams and think of the ladies, Mathieu Lloydette at the wheel who continues to move forward. Bardoux’s daughter who went into the bathroom as co-pilot but will take the torch in the coming years hopefully everyone will be in place for the next meeting, we’ll say 15-20 participants.

Hand: Ordinary General Assembly of the Association

We are on a journey…!
The Ordinary General Assembly of the Hand League was held on Saturday morning at the Mercure Amazonia Hotel, and all points were voted on unanimously.

Medals awarded for handball service!
Ananda Garin Senior Vice President of the Association
Maud Merval, Second Vice President of the University
Patricia Legel is a USLM HB . coach
Patrick Bruno, Chair of the Regional Jury (CTA)

The Champions Cup competitions should begin on Saturday 08 October.
2022 Cup Winner – Guyana Champion 2022

in the program :
in boys : Gildar de Coro – AJSE
in girls : Gildar – RHK

Basketball: French Cup Draw

The girls and boys are now set as their opponent in the first round of the Coupe de France.
Here’s the new version of Coupe de France!

Among women:
Preliminary role:
ASC Tours – US Sinnamary = Winner A

semi final:

Guyanese Sport – USL Montjoly on October 18, 2022
ASAM – Winner A on October 22, 2022
The final is scheduled to take place on Saturday 12 November 2022

Among the boys:
USL Montjoly – ASC Rou… Kou on 10/05/2022 – Match A
US Sinnamary – ASC Rounds 04/10/2022 – Match B
ASC Cygne – ASL Sport Guyanais on 08/10/2022 Match C
Cosma BB / ASC Matoury 88 Match D

The first round of the French Cup

Winner C / Winner B = H
Winner D / Winner A = F.

Final: Saturday 12 November 2022

Winner E – Winner F

Cycling: This Sunday, it’s healing time!

As a base for the Caribbean Championships to be held at the end of October, the Regional Cycling Committee and its various partners as well as affiliated clubs will try to recycle in order to keep our riders in the saddle in order to do well in the event..
This Sunday, the starting signal will be in the village of Roura to pass through Tonnegrande, go back under our feet and take the direction of the county, turn and dive again towards Roura where access will undoubtedly be at the shelter level. One hundred kilometers for this recovery.

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