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Ryan Poehling earned a rare franchise in 2019.

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Matthias Brunet

Matthias Brunet

Despite only one game behind a tie in the NHL, even if his position wasn’t guaranteed at the dawn of training camp, Poehling was invited to the Canadiens Golf Championship with the regulars.

One can understand the excitement of the moment. Poehling scored three goals in the last game of the regular season, scoring in a penalty shootout to allow CH to beat Toronto.

This team’s first selection in 2017 had just been named the World Junior Most Valuable Player.

Nothing justifies having his main rival Nick Suzuki for a central position. The youngster was exciting in the playoffs with his junior team, 42 points in 24 games, and a Memorial Cup appearance, but he had never touched NHL ice before and enjoyed the junior world championship in a light half. He was expected to start his career at Laval.

From this famous golf tournament, the fate of these two young men was completely different.

Poehling suffered a concussion in pre-season games and started the year at Laval. He struggled to recover from his demotion and his work ethic was at times questioned. Not only did he struggle for production during his call-ups at Laval, but he had just 13 points in 36 MLS games.

Suzuki secured a spot after a training camp on the right of the second streak with Max Domi in the center and Arturi Likonen on the left, but he often finished his matches on the fourth streak with Nate Thompson early in the season.

progress steadily. When activities resumed, in the playoffs, after the COVID break became a mainstay for the team in the center of the first line, Domy was struggling to integrate training and Poehling was the only player on site in the Toronto bubble not playing a game. How things have changed in just one year!

Nick Suzuki was named team captain by the new management on Monday, at the same golf tournament he was not invited to in 2019. Poehling is now a member of the Penguins.

Kent Hughes sent him to Pittsburgh on Jeff Petri’s trade to save $750,000 on payroll and retain supporting player Rem Petlake.

Today we wouldn’t blame Mark Bergeffen for this overzealous dash in 2019. Moreover, Poehling’s presence did not raise any eyebrows. And while this flower helped him take things for granted, he had plenty of chances to redeem himself later. In the end, Suzuki was more talented. a point.

However, the new administration did not provide any service on Monday. There were no recruits. Not even Jordan Harris and Justin Barron, who had ten and five games in a row at the end of the season. After all, they would be in contention with Kaiden Guhle for two of the three available positions in defense, and Guhle has no experience in a National League match. Thus, neither of them will receive a sign that they are taking a step ahead of the other.

Juraj Slafkovsky does not get preferential treatment despite being the first choice overall, despite defender Chris Weidman giving him his number 20 and although the new captain wanted to start the season with him on his left in a hat-trick completed by Cole Caufield.

He is perfect like that.

No to democracy!

Alexander Pratt explains well in his column today the harmful effects of allowing players to vote for Captain. In 1989, leaders, Guy Carboneau among others, hesitated to organize mass activities on the eve of the vote for fear of being accused of embarking on an “electoral campaign”. In 2015, the vote was for Max Pacerity. He had neither the spirit of sacrifice nor the unifying effect of wearing a “C”. Management has the pulse of the players. She wouldn’t have called Nick Suzuki if he wasn’t unanimous in the locker room.

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