Preview of Dead Island 2: The bloody return of this 8-year-old zombie game

preview Dead Island 2: The bloody return of this 8-year-old zombie game

“He’s alive!” Shocking FPS from Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios, the Arlesian franchise of video games, appears 8 years after its initial announcement. Gamescom 2022 was the scene of an unexpected zombie infection. Dead Island 2 is back, really well. Was this comeback done skillfully?

Preview conditions

During an event organized by Deep Silver in a restaurant in Camden Town (London), the editorial staff at JV were able to rediscover Dead Island 2 for a short presentation presented by Dambuster Studios followed by a half-hour game session on PC. The demo explored was the one made available to the press shortly after during gamescom 2022.

Welcome to Hell-A

Dead Island first stood out from the name of other zombie games with its beach and sunny atmosphere that hit the context of zombie apocalypse. persistence adhere, Dead Island 2 takes the core principle of the franchise and exports it to North America, specifically in California. The City of Angels became the new theater of a survival adventure marked by the presence of particularly hungry zombies and the absence of the US government, whose law enforcement and military forces had left the area.

Los Angeles, once an urban paradise, is turning into a hell. Artists turn this iconic destination into a succession of bleak “postcards”. This FPS (first person shooter) game invites survivors to (re)discover Santa Monica, Venice Beach or even Hollywood Boulevard under the red sun. This semi-open world consists of vast interconnected areas to explore. The map alone promises to “walk” long distances within California’s diverse environments and has a sunny, pulpy artistic direction. Enough to bring out “It’s good there!” …if the zombies didn’t invite themselves to the party.

The seventh art is inexhaustible inspiration and does not hesitate Dead Island 2. Quite the contrary, Dambuster Studios gleefully draws on one genre in particular, which is horror… both in terms of unfortunate encounters, horrific atmosphere as well as camera shots, in order to design unforgettable sequences. Little warning! Cherubops are at high risk of breakage while visiting a seaside amusement park. After the demonstration provided, but the first clues suggest that the latter would certainly be traditional, but worthy of attention.

There will be blood

Dead Island 2 is an RPG (Role Playing Game) from a first-person perspective. It is clear that he is taking his predecessor’s formula and improving it on all the points that have been stressed in the past. The experience focuses on exploring zombie-infested places, completing objectives, increasing character strength, and of course battles primarily in hand-to-hand combat against rotting monsters. Dumpster Studios calls it “a glorious and bloody melee combat system”. The tone is set!

The clashes are the least violent, bloody and tactical in terms of choosing weapons, managing space as well as legions making the difference between life and death. Dead Island 2, admittedly by the developers, is a challenging game, which can never be beat, but which tests your skills as a virtual survivor. For the rest, fans will find a feeling in their hand similar to that of the first episode. He must be wrong because Dead Island 2 offers a controlled twist of the combat system. A special reference to real-time damage to enemies that brings a sweet “bad blood” flavor to the adventure.

The title published by Deep Silver follows in the footsteps of its oldest all the way to RPG mechanics. The role-playing dimension begins with choosing a hero or heroine, with her own abilities and style, from among the six available. Thus, gaining experience and thus leveling up leads to the acquisition of new basic skills to advance in the story. Thus it is possible to personalize the survivor and trace his fate. This also includes the possession and manufacture of weapons of all kinds … blunt, blunt, fiery, etc. Finally, Dead Island 2 can be played alone or in cooperation with up to 3 players, which is enough to clean Hell-A with friends.

Our impressions

Dead Island 2 is such a legitimate and modern sequel to Dead Island that the title could replace its number “2” with “2022”. Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver offer fans of a zombie apocalypse and a bloody first person battling a powerful and natural evolution, not a revolution, of the franchise. This saga comes out of the ground with an intent that is pervasive in the world of video games and can do so with blood and courage.

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