Sports: The basketball section for young players opens its doors at Revell

The Revel Saint-Ferréol club basket opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday 7 September with a trial session. (© Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais)

It’s hard to agree on this Wednesday 7 September 2022in the gymnasiumRoger Sidr School, in Revel. The 35 children who attended that afternoon are having an explosion: they dodge, shoot, and keep running across the field.

Apart from the lessons taught in the school environment, basketball exercises It was a rarity in Revel. The city may be a little rich 200 associationsNothing helps: Nothing is entirely dedicated to the sport.

There are clubs in Caraman, Castelnaudary, Castres … but all the clubs are sold out. Then, for Revéloise families, it’s not easy to take the trips every week. Didier Lobeto, president of BO Castelnaudary, gave training at Revel to the juniors, but not hard. So there was a real demand!

Nicholas LasserCoach and Director of Basketball Club Revel Saint-Ferréol

Encouraging trial session

revel However, it appears to have sufficient infrastructure (four outdoor courts, four covered spaces) to allow the basketball club to be born. especially that There are many fans of this football sport : “You just have to go to the Orée de Vaure to see it: a lot of young people playing there”, confirms Nicholas Lasser.

Based on this observation the coach decided to create a division at Revel. Better, link: Basketball club Revel Saint-Ferréol (BRSF).

This corresponds to the current demand. Many young people play basketball in a free and unsupervised way. There, we bring the structure of the practice.

Jerome GarciaVice Mayor of Revel, responsible for sports, entertainment and health

The trial session, which took place on the first Wednesday of September, was a huge success. Nicholas Lasserre says: “I found myself a little confused, but things went well. I think 3/4 of them would be involved.”

Unite around passion

Among the 35 children who came to discover the department, there are many U9s and U11s: the main target of the Club Revel Saint-Ferréol basket.
Among the 35 children who came to discover the department, there are many U9s and U11s: the main target of the Club Revel Saint-Ferréol basket. (© Angélique Passebosc – Voice of the Midi Lauragais)

in between 35 children present, U9 (7 to 8 years old) and U11 (9 to 10 years old), but also less than 7 years old. The age groups that the coach wants to focus on precisely for this first season:

Slots will open on Wednesday afternoons at U9 and U11, from 4 p.m. We will try to offer activities and appointments on Sunday mornings, provided the gym is available.

Nicholas Lasser

The rest of the time, training will take place in the Roger-Sudry School Gymnasium. without competition. “We will first try to organize meetings with local clubs. »

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Nicholas Lasserre also hopes that, in the long run, he will be able to open up his association to other age groups and other basketball practices. ” The goal is union Through internships open to all or summer camps for children. 17-18 years old are very fond 3 x 3 (Olympic discipline played in three against three in a half court)Why don’t we develop this in the future? anyways, We are open to all good intentions “, is called. “All this will be done through a common vision between the municipalities,” adds Jerome Garcia.

Practical information
Basketball club Revel Saint-Ferréol.
Training every Wednesday afternoon, 4pm-5:15pm for the U11 and 5pm-6pm for the U9s, in the gym at Roger-Sudre School in Revel. The entrance is via the avenue de Castres car park.
Information and registration on the site.

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