State of Play PS4 PS5: God of War, Final Fantasy, PSVR 2, What do you expect from the PlayStation show?

game news State of Play PS4 PS5: God of War, Final Fantasy, PSVR 2, What do you expect from the PlayStation show?

It’s back in school and the big players in the industry – Ubisoft, Disney, and Nintendo – are taking the floor to reveal their new products. Tonight, it’s Sony PlayStation’s turn to launch another State of Play game. So between God of War or Final Fantasy, what can we expect?

September 2022 by Sony, not – yet – a “PlayStation Show”, but an entirely new state of the game. The Japanese manufacturer announced that yesterday, its popular video format is back tonight, Tuesday, September 13th from 11:59 pm (French time). “Expect about 20 minutes of announcements, new updates and gameplay content for ten games coming soon on PS5, PS4 and PSVR 2” can be read at Official Blog company. “This new presentation contains amazing updates from our amazing Japanese partners and surprises from other developers around the world.” Everything will be live, on JV.

God of War, Spider-Man, who will be there?

So yeah, this state of play isn’t PlayStation’s big speech at the start of the school year, but we can still expect some great announcements. Starting with – of course – God of War Ragnarok, which is still scheduled for November 9th on PS4 and PS5! Since last year’s lavish trailer, we haven’t seen much of it, except thanks to US media exclusive Game Informer. Suffice it to say that we look forward to Sony talking on its own with a long time and Nice gameplay sequence. The icing on the cake on Twitter: State of Play sharing by Cory Barlog and Christopher Judge, God of War 2018 director and American actor for Kratos, respectively. Even Mila Pavlin, who is responsible for everything related to accessibility options, moved on from her emphasizing message with a sour look.

Of course, other PlayStation games can point to the tip of their nose! Like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for example, the sequel to Weaver’s adventures released four years ago, or Marvel’s Wolverine, also developed by Insomniac Games. The first is expected for 2023 and the second does not have a date yet. Let’s also mention titles like the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake. So there are a lot of possibilities but it seems a bit cramped In this state of play. As far as they’re concerned, we’ll probably have to wait for the PlayStation show.

Final Fantasy, Pragmata, The Japanese are in the Force

On its blog, Sony talks about surprises from its “cool Japanese partners” and the arrival of the Tokyo Game Show. Sure, sure, that Japanese developers will be in the spotlight Tonight. Inevitably, the name Final Fantasy XVI (Square Enix, scheduled for 2023) is on everyone’s lips. But we must not forget that the RPG was the subject of a big presentation during the State of Play in June 2022. As for the highly anticipated fighting game Street Fighter 6. And for the action game -Forspoken Adventure (January 2023), it was recently filled with information. So we’re unlikely to hear about it during a Tuesday 13th evening event!

On the other hand, when we think of Sony and a Japanese developer, we think of a project we haven’t heard about for a very long time. Do you remember Pragmata? Yes yes, discord New franchise from publisher Capcom Based on an astronaut in a ghost town and a young girl in space. Announced at Sony in June 2020 and since Nada, apart from postponing until 2023. Perhaps info during the state of play? The same goes for the Resident Evil 4 edition, which appeared quickly during the last PlayStation show. We would like to know more.

Resident Evil, Team Asobi, PSVR 2 in the arena

We conclude with another interesting mention in the PlayStation message: the presence of PSVR 2 games during tonight’s state of play. Thus, Sony’s new virtual reality headset, which recently found itself with a release date (early 2023), will be an important part of the program. On the topic, how not to think of more images of the VR version of Resident Evil Village, introduced during State of Play in June 2022! Also, we expect a Great return from the Asobi teamHe’s working on a new project from Astro’s premium playroom. The Japanese team has become a specialist in getting the best out of Sony accessories – including the first PSVR. Finally, for virtual reality, let’s also mention the next game from London Studio (Blood and Truth) and the promising Horizon Call of the Mountain. See you at midnight to find out everything.

State of Play PS4 PS5: God of War, Final Fantasy, PSVR 2, What do you expect from the PlayStation show?

Starting tonight at 10:30 PM, the editorial staff at JV will be on hand to help you experience this state of play. At this time we will be launching our live broadcast to assess rumors and information circulating before hostilities begin. Meanwhile, just before 11pm, we’ll be in a group (via LeStream). Our team of experts will be on hand to explain their predictions and extract information from the announcements after the event. Finally, also rely on our detailed articles of the evening to rate each title in writing. You will understand, there is everything you need so that you do not miss anything.

What is God of War?

God of War is a popular action license on PlayStation. With its latest episode, God of War (2018), the series has given itself a very high-end revival, focusing more on storytelling than ever before. Its sequel, God of War Ragnarok, is expected to premiere on November 9.

What is Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy is a role-playing franchise game developed by Square Enix (formerly “Square Soft”). She sets her scene in a fantasy world where magic and gods reign. Episode sixteen, Final Fantasy XVI, is expected next year.

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