Why you should believe in OGC Nice’s rise in the Ligue 1 standings

Against Cologne, OGC Nice finally decided to take the match alone and not waste two second-half possession time. If he’s still off target, the gym has the advantage of breaking out of the trap that Ajaccio has set and avoiding a severe crunch. Twelfth in Ligue 1 after seven days, the people of Nice can believe in better days and tell themselves that the worst is behind them. In a flurry of optimism, and trying to forget all that despite common sense has been achieved in recent weeks, on so many levels, here’s your, Bill-Mill, reasons to hope the gym moves up the rankings.

Delort slaps, TMG Labordee

Since the beginning of the season, Andy Delor has scored only penalty kicks. At Ajaccio, he put an end to this anomaly by scoring today’s goal with a fantastic comeback in lob form. An achievement – not his first in a Nice shirt – that allowed Jim to break out of the Ajaccio trap and save Lucien Favre by another week of questioning.

Often alone at the top, the vice captain is feeling much better since the arrival of Gaëtan Laborde, whose generosity and selflessness are a blessing to the congregation. In three matches, the former Rennes striker did not score but was not far from it. It should also be noted that he did not hesitate to pass the ball to one of his partners instead of playing it for him. A position that has already allowed him to be embraced by the locker room and its executives.

Barclay, see you again!

Unfortunately, he signed his contract too late to be registered in the UEFA list and thus, apply for a place in the eleven, Thursday, against Partizan Belgrade.

In Ajaccio, in his first minutes on French soil, he immediately raised the technical level of the team by risking the ball at his feet, hitting the post on the left and showing a real desire.

Despite the sweltering heat and a form still far from optimal, the England international showed great promise and reassured Lucien Favre. He still had to do well against a stronger opponent than Ajaccio who finished the match as best he could, bravely and without really believing in him.

In the game, it could be better

Playing poor, even very poor, since the start of the season, save for a few innings here and there, OGC Nice managed to qualify for the group stage of the European League Conference and limit the damage in Ligue 1. Surprised by such a grueling start due to a very late transition time and the resulting lack of automation among his players.

For two matches, he fixed his team with a 4-4-2 score, which allowed him to regain solidity and the ability to create more chances, especially in the second period, whether against Cologne or Ajaccio.

After developing a groin pain, Sofiane Diop restricted two more performances than right, but we know he can do better. This also goes for Nicolas Pepe, who still has a penchant for catching the ball at his feet rather than going deep, his great strength during his brilliant years at Lille. can he? yes. Does he want her? His first term in Ajaccio raises questions.

Once again, it will be up to Lucien Favre and his staff to improve the qualities of the Arsenal-loaned striker as much as possible.

Another area of ​​progress: the integration of the Beka Beka-Thuram duo in the midfield. Facing the ACA, the two young internationals were very low on the ‘grass’. El-Boudaoui’s entry into his favorite site has brought about a kind collective good.

At the moment, Thuram, who was banned by the club this summer and somewhat saddened by the departure of his friend Amine Al-Juwairi to Rennes, has not had the same effect as last season. In defense, after a good performance against Cologne, Lutumba got back to his ways. The Swiss international, like Bard, on the left, never cheats but his technical waste has held him back for a while. Again, it could only get better in the coming weeks. “It’s not easy to put a lot of matches together in a short time, and sometimes we forget about it.” Remember Lucien Favre.

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