Eurobasket: Presentation of France – Italy

After the serious injury of Danilo Gallinari in preparation, we did not give much skin to Italy. Admittedly, Gianmarco Bosico’s players were in a fairly easy group, but from there to leave Serbia, the top favorites for the tournament, it was in the realms of improbable. However, it is Italy, not Serbia, who will face France on Wednesday at 5:15 pm (Live on Canal+).

France the miracle that ” He already saw himself on the return plane When Sidi Othman appeared on the free-throw line twelve seconds after the siren. The Cavaliers winger will miss both, and we know the rest…

This “miracle” might have made a flick in the blues, even if Yvan Fournier cleared the topic. “The feeling of being a miracle is gone. I feel like we are in the place we should be.” So far the blues captain thought.

Ten consecutive victories for the Blues

When you’re a vice Olympic champion, the quarter-finals are already the bare minimum. The Blues will also be a favourite, which is never an easy place for the French team. Evan Fournier’s colleagues also enjoy the art of annoying and frustrating us when they are the candidates or when they are making good progress.

They are all favorites because they got an extra day off, because they have a richer squad on paper, and above all because their record against Italy is impressive. Thus, the Blues maintained 10 consecutive victories against the Italians, the last of which was in an official match in Tokyo.

It was already in the quarter-finals and France played with fire before winning. ” It happened in the last minutes Vincent Colette remembers at L’Equipe.

The blues savior of the day, Nicolas Batum isn’t there. La Nando de Colo, and even if these blues beat Italy twice in preparation, this is but a gift. The Italians are like their fiery coach, they are not afraid of anything. ” France is a good team. We know them well Little Marco Speso heroic against Serbia. ” They were among the three favorites to win this EuroBasket, but we proved against Serbia that we can compete with anyone and that we were not afraid to face them. »

Italy tops objections

Italy’s strengths are well known: good ball management (she lost 7 balls to Serbia); 3-point shot (12 successes on average, 16 successes against Serbia); Aggressiveness (first in objections). Indeed, Italy is the perfect contrast to France. The blues lose countless balls and are clumsy on three-pointers. For example, Simone Fontecchio’s teammates take 33 3-point shots per game, compared to the French’s 22. The Blues are the team that loses the most balls (16 per game) while Italy steals an average of nine balls.

Even in the game, the contrast is obvious. Where Italy is based on multiplayer and interchangeable, France is based on five classic players, with a real hub (Rudi Joubert). The NBA’s top three-pointer is gaining momentum in this Euro, and his morale of 20 points and 17 rebounds was marked against Turkey. But he will find himself, like Nikola Jokic in the previous round, in a complicated and confusing defensive role, especially against the staggering Nikola Jókic in this runaway inner role. Italy will work to spread the game as far as possible, engaging it in as many actions as possible to stretch the French defense and take the pivot off the racket.

“We will use our strength. To them. And we will see what happens.”Mustafa is expected to fall on the Fed website. “When there are such inconsistencies in matches, the team will have to impose its style.”

Rudy Gobert, key player

For Vincent Colette, the key point remains trust. Italy, like Finland in the first half against Spain, Turkey in the second half against France, or Germany against Greece, feed on the confidence generated by their title at 3 points. The blues don’t know what it is. France doesn’t have periods of 3-point ecstasy, and the France coach wants to limit the three-pointer streak as much as possible.

It’s a team that plays a lot in shooting, so confidence is very important.” Confirms. “They will look to entice us broadly to use what they do best, in and out of the outside shooters. That will be one of the main challenges, not to suffer so much in these situations to limit what happened to the Serbs on Sunday.”

So alternating will be essential in defense, with outsiders flapping to avoid any open position and tall men who raise their arms well. The challenge for Vincent Colette’s men will be first of all to break any “momentum” in Italy, to avoid being allowed to enter those periods of euphoria where they can then take it all in. For this, it is clear that it will be necessary to control 3-point shooters, but also “drive and kick”.

On the other side of the field, Italy are risking a high defense, and there will be good moves to play behind the backs of the defenders. In Tokyo and even while preparing, Rudi Gobert was always a nuisance to Italians. In the Olympics, he finished 22 points in 10 of 13 shootings, with multiple dives, including 360 degrees. France snatched 49 rebounds, against 33 for the Italians. If the Blues win the racquet battle on either side of the field, Italy will only be able to count on the long-distance title. This is what was done against Serbia. It’s up to France to better defend the open seas, and avoid giving it too much ammunition…


Big Five : Marco Speco, Stefano Tonot, Simon Fontechio, Achille Polonara, Niccolo Meli

alternatives : Tommaso Baldaso, Paul Beliga, Luigi Datume, Nico Magnion, Alessandro Pagola, Giampaolo Ricci, Amedeo Tesitori

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