Governmental announcements about energy and the victory of the right and the extreme right in the legislative elections in Sweden and France in the semi-finals of the European Basketball Championship… Wednesday’s news

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energy crisis. Christmas is three months away and the French are wondering if they can light the tree. In the face of rising prices, they fear power and gas outages in the middle of winter. Enough to encourage the prime minister, flanked by Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire and Energy Transition Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher, to speak to the press on Wednesday afternoon to explore the different scenarios in the study. Ministers promised that price increases would be capped at 15%, the tariff shield would be extended in 2023, and the introduction of an exceptional energy check paid into “lower families”.

Elections in Sweden. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson admitted, on Wednesday, the defeat of the left and the victory of the right-wing and far-right bloc in the legislative elections, after almost complete counting of the votes. As a result, the Social Democratic leader, during a press conference, announced her resignation, which will be officially presented on Thursday.

In the reoccupied Isyum, Zelensky promised “victory” over the Russians. The pre-war city of nearly 50,000 inhabitants, in the Kharkiv region, was the subject of deadly fighting in the spring before it was invaded by the Russians who made it a strategic node to supply their forces. Thus, Kyiv’s recapture of it represents a setback for the Russian forces that have retreated to Donetsk, a region controlled by the Kremlin since 2014. “We are advancing only in one direction, forward, towards victory,” the Ukrainian president wrote. on Telegram.

France qualifies for the European Basketball Championship semi-finals. And after another exciting match, the French basketball players clinched their playoffs on Wednesday by defeating Italy (93-85) in overtime in the last quarter in Berlin. The Blues, the vice-champion of the Olympics, meet either Slovenia Luka Doncic or Poland in the semi-finals on Friday.

Matignon accusations of the former head of the Palestinian National Front. A week before the trial of Eliane Howlett, who was at the head of the Palestinian National Front at the time of the “The Substitutes” case regarding Nicolas Sarkozy and his lawyer friend Thierry Herzog, before the judges’ disciplinary body, a report revealed the point which Release Significantly puts the government’s accusations of who was the first president of the Palestinian National Front into perspective.

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“Controlling my fertility without relying on my partners.” Since its launch in August, more than 30,000 people have signed the petition release him in favor of “The real male contraceptive policy in France”. Vincent, Killian, Erwan, Maxim … Many contraceptive men tell their experience.

Replacing absent maternity representatives in the National Assembly: “The Constitution must be changed.” Mathilde Huygent, the LFI MP who is due to give birth in the coming weeks, is introducing a bill to allow surrogates to replace elected officials who are absent from receiving a baby.

After the abuse scandal at Ehpad, Orpea’s new general manager wants to “turn the page.” if he saw “shocking” Detecting abuse by grave diggers Laurent Guillot certifies that he has not noticed anything since taking office and returns the responsibility to the previous administration. The group is still under several investigations.

A “secret” investigation, DNA and a new audience in the saga of Omar al-Raddad. After the new items are updated, the lawyer for the former gardener convicted of killing Ghislaine Marshall in 1994 will plead Thursday before the Instructions Committee of the Court of Review. It requires new genetic expertise.

Will thousands of UK medical appointments be canceled due to the Queen’s funeral? Many medical centers in the UK have canceled appointments “not urgent” Scheduled for September 19, a public holiday marking the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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