Italy: Remaking Tokyo to take a place in the Eurozone’s top four

We couldn’t have been there. We shouldn’t be there. Led by two points twelve seconds from the end of their round of 16 against Turkey, the Turks were then two behind with two shots and possession, and the French team finally pulled out of a seemingly irreversible quagmire. A sign that this team has a lucky star? Yes, the opportunity, above all, to prove earlier that the EDF is in place in the quarter and, if possible, in the semi-finals of this Euro. The Italian neighbors bring your strawberries, and let the party begin.

Not necessarily the quarter-final match we expected, but don’t think it’s going to be a picnic. If the Italians beat Serbia in the round of 16? It is that Italy in 2022 is a better basketball team than Serbia. a point. a point. So we’re heading into a terrible fight announced earlier at 5:15pm, between two teams who are clearly aiming for more than just a good run ending in the quarter-finals. What about the France team? Oh, we know pretty much what to expect, and we’re starting to know the strengths and weaknesses of Vincent Colette’s team by heart. The early game concerns appear to have been resolved since Andrew Albissi/Terry Tarby duo punched their opponents in the pocket in the first quarter.The main problem to be solved for the Blues today is to reduce the number of balls returned to the opponent as quickly as possible. Trop de déchets, les Bleus sont l’équipe qui perd le plus de ballons depuis le début de l’Euro, et si l’absence de Nando De Colo fait très mal à la mène il faudra résoudre ce problèd’me auj ‘Between the two. The good news is that EDF is gaining momentum in attack and has always scored more points than the previous game, and If the list lacks a real leader, there are many in this group who can take the lead depending on the circumstances. We think of Rudi Gobert who is having a hard time at times but has shown in a few sequences that he was a mandatory anchor, even in attack, we obviously think of Yvan Fournier and Thomas Hurtl, but also of Gershon Yabusley with tenfold responsibilities on this Euro.

Before ? oh bazaar The Italians are in an unbelievable mood after taking out the Serbs and being carried by a great teacher to the bench. Gianmarco Bosico, a well-known figure in cross-Alpine basketball, is currently pushing a group that looks brave and certainly not from a French team that has gone through four highways and nine administrative roads to reach the quarters. Danilo Gallinari missed, then the Italian chances advanced a little in the wing but The amazing Simone Fontecchio has been carrying a Squadra on his shoulders for ten days And a large number of snipers decided to be hit at the same time. Marco Speso, Achille Polonara, the inside escape from Nicolo Meli at the top of his game or even Stefano Tonot or Alessandro Pagola, all of whom are able to transform into JR Smith at any time. Nico Manion is also present and Gigi Datum watches the entire band from above 34 springs, and without lying to herself too much. We feel like the eighth-place victory opened something up in a group that lives and dies with bullets. So we will have to defend the lead, expect the defense on the screens and above all not allow the Italians to settle, under pain of taking the initiative from which we will not recover.


France: Andrew Albissi, Mustapha Vall, Yvan Fournier, Rudi Joubert, Thomas Hertel, Timothy Loew Caparrot, Theo Malidon, Amat Mbaye, Elie Okubo, Vincent Poirier, Thierry Tarbe, Gershon Yabusel

Italia: Tommaso Baldasso, Paul Pellega, Luigi Datume, Simone Fonticchio, Amedeo Tesitori, Nico Magnion, Niccol Melli, Alessandro Pagola, Achille Bolognara, Giampaolo Ricci, Marco Speco, Stefano Tonot

Team trip

  • France – Germany : 63-76
  • France – Lithuania: 77-73
  • France Hungary: 78-74
  • France – Bosnia: 81 – 68
  • France – Slovenia : 82-88
  • France – Turkey: 87-86
  • Italia Estonia: 83-62
  • Italia – Greece : 81-85
  • Italia – Ukraine : 73-84
  • Italia – Croatia: 81-76
  • Italia Great Britain: 90-56
  • Italia – Serbia: 94-86

There is no Nicolas Batum or Nando de Colo on the French side, nor Danilo Galinari or Francesco Totti for the Italians, but two teams are in place in the quarter-finals and will try to join – most likely – Slovenia in the semi-finals. 5:15 p.m. Time stops, there are no more neighbors, nothing remains known to the Italians.

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