Luka Doncic, the Slovenian prodigy and executioner of the French

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Basketball star Luka Doncic is unstoppable at the 2022 European Basketball Championship. The talented Slovenian scored 47 points single-handedly against France on Wednesday, and signed a historic performance.

‘Crazy’, ‘brutal’, ‘legendary’, ‘unrealistic’, ‘inhumane’… all offered shouts of supremacy in an attempt to describe Luka Doncic’s phenomenal performance on Wednesday 7 September against France at the EuroBasket. The match ended with a score of 88-82 in favor of Slovenia with Doncic scoring 47 points single-handedly, confirming his status as a basketball prodigy.

The performance of “Luca Magic” against France is historic: only one player performed better in the history of the competition, 65 years ago. And again, it was Belgian Eddie Terrass who collected 63 points in a rating match, without much stake, against Albania in 1967, according to FIBA ​​data.

Luka Doncic is a regular player in the deluge of points scored. He’s already done better than his 47 points by picking him up. Was at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics: 49 points in the group stage match against Argentina.

In addition, with 53.4% ​​of the points scored by his team, “Luka Magic” has the highest percentage since the Greek Nikos Galis against the Soviet Union in 1989.

“I was just born to play basketball”

At just 23 years old, he is already considered one of the best basketball players on the planet. Luka Doncic was fed the orange ball. The son of former Serbian player Sasa Doncic, a naturalized Slovenian in the 1990s, he started playing basketball at a very young age, while attending his father’s matches. “I remember him staying under the basket,” Goran Dragic, a former fellow father and current NBA player, told Reverse magazine. “Even at this age, you can tell he had a good feeling about the game. Like his dad. When we came back from the locker room in the first half, he was always there shooting. I always kept that memory.”

In the youth teams, Luka Doncic is already panicking in competitions and plays in the higher categories. For him, basketball is not just a sport, it is a passion that everyone consumes. “I think it’s a gift,” he told “I was just born to play basketball.” At the age of 13, the Ljubljana native went into exile in Spain to train at the prestigious club Real Madrid. Three years later, he became the club’s youngest player to play in La Liga. Then he was followed by titles with the Euroleague, three Spanish championships, the King’s Cup twice, and the Confederations Cup. He also shines in the national team. In 2017, he participated in the European Championships with Slovenia, which won the tournament without defeat. Luka Doncic was selected among the top five in the competition along with his compatriot Goran Dragic, Spain’s Pau Gasol, Russia’s Alexei Chived and Serbia’s Bogdan Bogdanovic.

A resounding start in the NBA

His exploits could no longer be confined to Europe alone. The Slovenian bloc was selected in 2018 at 3e Position in the NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks before being sent to the Dallas Mavericks. His arrival on American soil does not change anything in his habits. Luka Doncic brazenly continues to advance. He was even named Junior of the Year at the end of his first season and became the second European player to win this award after Pau Gasol.

Since then, he’s enjoyed the Dallas Mavericks’ boom, reclaiming their fan-favorite status following the departure of German legend Dirk Nowitzki – whose honor was held on Wednesday on the sidelines of the European Basketball Championships. During the 2021 season, he sent his team to the playoffs during which he faced the Texas team in the first round, like the previous year, the Los Angeles Clippers of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Although the Mavericks are out in seven rounds, Luka Doncic averaged 35.7 points, 10.3 assists and 7.9 rebounds in the series. Essential to the franchise, the Slovenian now has the right to his official day, July 6, in Dallas County. He also signed a five-year contract extension of more than $200 million in August 2021.

“Luca Magic,” named three times in a row in five of the NBA season, is draining American media into the old continent of the euro: a reporter from the Dallas Morning News, the daily following his Mavericks, and another from ESPN preparing a book. about him. Even franchisee, Mark Cuban, and his coach Jason Kidd made the trip. Ceremony honoring assistant Dirk Nowitzki.

Revenge to take against France

It remains to lead his privilege, like his choice, toward a title as president. The encounter with France on Wednesday brought back sensitive memories for the Slovenian player: the one that was knocked out of the semi-finals of the Olympics (90-89) after Nicholas Batum answered at the bell to Klimen Pribelic who was about to score his goal.

“It was very difficult to absorb” the Slovenian phenomenon at a press conference on Tuesday. “It was our first Olympics and we finished fourth, which is the worst possible place. It was hard to move forward. But you know what you should have done better, and what you shouldn’t.”

On Wednesday, Luka Doncic showed his revenge on the ground in Cologne. The rest is already history and can continue to be written: until the address on September 18?

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