Santamaria spoils the Bereuer in Cyprus; Guapo does not regret the 5×5; Benjamin Mendy censors Prado: This is the return of this week’s sporting indiscretion

booty. The draw for the fourth round of the French Football Cup will take place on Wednesday at the headquarters of Orleans in the Central League – Val de Loire. The Shield of the Dean of Competitions will be present for this occasion.

Swimwear offered. The former executive director of the women’s Borgfoot 18 District 1 team, Lucy Papiot, was on vacation in Cyprus with her relatives. Last Thursday, they went to watch the Europa League match between Larnaca residents and Stade Rennes. At the end of the encounter, which the French won (1-2), another Berroyer, present on the lawn, Baptiste Santamaria, crossed to show them his shirt. Nice.

Mendy censored. Spokesperson for the Sorcelle Bee Insurance Basketball Cup held this weekend in the Prado, speaker Pierre Salzman did his best to create an atmosphere in the Berruyère room. In his playlist, Vegedream’s perpetually poignant “Bring the Trophy Home,” whose lyrics list the 2018 soccer champions’ names. Barring that, Benjamin Mendy is accused of rape and sexual assault. So the announcer cuts the sound, it’s time to move on to the next player.

Footballer Benjamin Mendy has attempted multiple rapes

Pierre Salzman. Photo by Ludovic Origen.

Live. The Une Saison En Ovalie team has chosen to broadcast the Fédérale 1 encounter between Nuits-Saint-Georges and Bourges XV on video. Under the spotlight, BXV (31-10) lost more than half the time at 14.

Verizon Bourget clash. On Sunday, in Ligue 1 French football, Beroyer Baptiste Santamaria came out on a stretcher during the match between his team at Stade Rennes and AJ Auxerre. He was injured after colliding with Auxerrois Rayan Raveloson. Player who played for Églantine Vierzon during the 2013-2014 season. After checkups, Santamaria has a torn ankle ligament which will keep him off the field for four to five months.

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in the family. Committed to Sunday’s Grand Meulen triathlon at La Chapelle d’Angellon, Beroyer Frédéric Leclerc finished fifth in the M distance. Encouraged by his daughter Manon, who finished third in the distance S.Frederic Leclerc encouraged by his daughter Manon Leclerc (photo by Ludovic Origan)

no regret. While the French women’s 5X5 team flew to Australia without several injured players for the world championship, Tango Laëtitia Guapo wouldn’t be part of the adventure while its name traded. “But I have no regrets, I got rid of the back of Borg Basket, who was crowned European 3×3 champion this weekend in Austria. I am very happy in 3×3 and nothing in the world would change what I just tried.”

in Bourges. With the men’s team as well as the women’s coaching, the American Florentines will be represented twice, this year, in the National Club Championship 2 (CNC2). Cher’s Pétanque fans will be able to celebrate on October 22 and 23 as USF plays at Esprit II bowling alley in Bourges on the second day of the tournament. The men would oppose Domérat and then Pont-à-Mousson, while the girls would challenge Bourbon-Lancy and Nogent-sur-Marne and then Essoyes.

Network. The final of the Sorcelle Bee Insurance Basketball Cup between Limoges and Belgium-Charleroi stopped for a few minutes on Saturday at the Prado Sports Hall. No field invasion or any other disgraceful act, just a small logistical issue with a net torn a bit by a player wanting to take on an opposing attacker. Time to find a ladder and a volunteer who wasn’t afraid of heights and presto, the final could resume, with a happy CSP result. Photo by Nicholas Werkin

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