Terry Tarbe, a little-known but essential player for the Blues

For a moment, he would have apologized. “You are in the right place at the right time”Terry Tarbey, Dawn, Saturday, September 10. on the earth From the Berlin Arena, in the last moments of the stifling extension between the French men’s basketball team and Turkey, the winger, less than three seconds from the last bell, came out, intercepted the ball and wiped out the last hopes of the Bosporus players.

If his registered dynasty didn’t count after the siren, number 22 of the Blues didn’t care. The winner (87-86), having crossed the abyss, the French ascended to the quarter-finals of the Euro. They will face, Wednesday, September 14, the surprise Italians for a place in the last four (5:15 p.m.). Thierry Tarbe should find himself once again in the starting line-up.

In the right place at the right time. The formula perfectly applies to those who are developing at a club in Le Mans. He arrived on tiptoe in the French squad in November 2021, thanks to the international windows where neither the NBA (North American League) nor the Euroleague (the semi-private league among the biggest clubs) made an appearance. Europe), the player was far from confirmed for the Euro jump seat.

“At the beginning of preparation, I didn’t really know him, Meet Rudi Gobert. But his name appealed to me long before I played with him. » Terence M. Tarpey III, honestly, evokes the skyscrapers of New York more than the skyscrapers of the Ariège Pyrenees, from which his paternal great-grandfather emigrated to become a chef at the Empire State Building.

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If he colored Molière with a beautiful American accent, then the French-American winger did not pass the “naturalization” box like many European players. Born in Boissy (Evelyn), where his father, Thierry Tarbe II, who is also a basketball player, played, the 28-year-old spent his first three years in France. He only returned there in 2016, after a full course in the US, first in ProB (Second Division), before joining Le Mans, where his father also developed.

A galaxy far from the NBA stars

It’s crazy to talk about Evan [Fournier] my roses [Gobert] Like friends and colleagues, the player admitted after beating Lithuania, in the first round. His wages in Le Mans – 130 thousand euros a year, according to basketball europe He has made him develop in a galaxy far from the stars of the NBA and is influenced by nearly 33 million euros, for example, this season by Rudy Gobert, the new hub of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

But, down to earth, Terry Tarbee got his place. “For some, I come out of nowhereAnd the The player recognizes. But I worked all my life for it. I think France is starting to appreciate what I can bring with or without the ball in my hand. »

At the start of preparation, Vincent Colette spotted Manceau in the locker room. “He always does his best, doesn’t bother me, knows his role and plays it perfectly”Tricolor coach revealed. In his position since 2009, the Norman technician knows the importance of shadow players in the chemistry of the national team. “We need players like these to be a better team. Not everyone will be able to shine and play the most productive basketball. Looking for it would be a mistake.”

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In a group that resurrected this year in the absence of bar owners Nicolas Batum and Nando de Colo, Vincent Colette quickly understood what a combination of asceticism, energy, and defense could bring to the person once nicknamed “Spider-Man” in high school. Ability to spring on all balloons. “His friendlies suggested to us that he could be part of the puzzle. He found his role immediately. The one who wears “warm blue”, who never stops errands in the shade. “My dad wasn’t much of a defender, so he tried to make me a good defender when I was little.”Says Terry Tarby.

Like he filled in all the holes.

“Every time Terry is on the field, it’s like he’s filling in all the holesTribute to Rudy Gobert. It has become necessary. He exudes positive energy for the team, puts himself completely at their service and does all the little things for others. We need these kind of players. He looks a bit like Nicholas [Batum] did, in another record. » “If we want to win, everyone must understand that he is the best example of how we should play.”supports Yvan Fournier, the French captain.

Physically less impressive than many of his teammates, he never skimps on an infectious smile as if he is gifted with the gift of being omnipresent as he appears to be at the same time in the four corners of the field: at many points, Thierry Tarbe also evokes N’Golo Kante . “He’s my favorite player” to me Appreciate the tricolor pavilion on Sunday on TwitterAbout the indispensable midfielder for the world champions of French football.

The best interception player in the Euro (2.2 balls stolen per match) is no longer a secret, and many top clubs have inquired of Le Mans about his status. Insists Focus on the present moment. Wednesday, against the Italians, Thierry Tarbe will do everything to be, once again, in the right place at the right time.

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