UEFA European Football Championship 2022, Quarter-finals: Slovenia Preview

And against Belgium, Luka Doncic’s Slovenia will be the favorite for this meeting, scheduled for 8:30 pm in Berlin, where it will serve as a digestion for the quarter-finals. But beware, it won’t be taking Mateusz Bonnetka and his forces out of the race for the supreme title, especially when we know the fragile ankle condition of the Mavericks star. Unless the Slovenian prodigy is still behaving well, of course, in which case the match could end in the middle of the third quarter. See you at 8:30 pm!

The first thing you might think when you see this poster is surely that it’s crazy to see Poland reach the top eight in Europe, when institutions like Lithuania or Serbia have already taken their return tickets. A rather favorable table is not in vain, the Ukrainians in eighth place are not the most difficult opponent, but if we did not really know where the Poles would be if they had to face another team of great caliber in the previous round, Their presence in the quarter-finals should not lose credibility And Mateusz Ponetka won’t tell you otherwise. Unfortunately, the descent to the top of Europe has begun to descend further and to exclude an Italian-type miracle, the Poles have every chance to pack their bags after facing Lulu. In any case, one thing is for sure, if this is the last match we can be sure of a good fight and that the Poles will send everything they can to try and survive against the 23-year-old beast. A victory on their part would be a real achievement and they will also reach the round of four for the first time since… 1967!

“We all know it will be a tough match. […] But we will play hard, give everything without giving up. We will play with pride. Moreover, it is basketball, the best team does not always win. we will see. – A.J. Slaughter, via Fiba

Slovenes shouldn’t worry too much frankly. Although we said the same in the Round of 16 against the Belgians, the latter was still in the game for three quarters of the time. There is a tendency to believe that Poland is one step ahead of our Belgian neighbours, and therefore Goran Dragic and his comrades will not have to play with fire much. Offer high quality basketball if they want to avoid the very boring money time in the face of moody and sudden Ponitka. Note that Zoran, the younger brother of the eternal Slovenian leader, will be out for the rest of the tournament after he partially tore his thigh muscles. A relatively unfortunate absence, he who has spent an average of more than 17 minutes on the ground since the start of the Euro, is not insurmountable and coach Aleksandar Cikulic must find solutions to replace him in the rotation. Anyway, with Luka Doncic as captain (if Luka is in good shape because he was seen yesterday morning with a snowpack on his ankle…), the Slovenes shouldn’t worry too much. The Poles can, but we understand that fear of the opponent is not a huge trend for Matthews’ teammates.


Poland: Aleksander Balcirovsky, Aaron Sell, Alexander Dziwa, Jacob Garbach, Lukas Kolinda, Michal Michalak, Dominic Olizhnick, Mateusz Ponetka, Jacob Schenk, AG Slaughter, Michal Sokolovsky, Jaroslav Ziskovsky

Slovenia: Jaka Blasic, Vlatko Kankar, Ziga Demic, Luka Doncic, Goran Dragic, Zoran Dragic, Ido Muric, Alexei Nikolic, Klimen Pribelic, Luka Rubnik, Ziga Summer, Mike Toby

Team trip

  • Slovenia – Lithuania: 92-85
  • Slovenia Hungary: 103-88
  • Slovenia – Bosnia : 93-97
  • Slovenia – Germany: 88-80
  • Slovenia – France: 88-82
  • Slovenia – Belgium: 88-72
  • Poland – Czech Republic: 99-84
  • Poland – Finland : 59-89
  • Poland – Israel: 85-76
  • Poland – Netherlands: 75-69
  • Poland – Serbia : 69-96
  • Poland – Ukraine: 94-86

We cannot assure you that the match will be close. On the other hand, we can assure you that this match is worth watching. If only because the winner would be the next Blues opponent, if the Italians never became possessed by the basketball demon again. Well, let’s not look away and instead observe Luka’s exploits against the brave Poles, it happens at 8:30 PM in Berlin!

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