2K Foundations Unveils Porte Chaumont Basketball Stadium Renovation »PACA’s Economic and Political Message

For this charitable project, global video game publisher 2K has given French artist Aurélia Durand carte blanche to collaborate on the creation, renovation and presentation of this land to the public.

2K Foundation2K’s philanthropic commitment that supports and inspires communities through direct investment in local enrichment programs has just unveiled its latest project. In partnership with the City of Paris, 2K Foundation Completely renovated TEP Chaumont basketball courts located at 22 avenue de la Porte Chaumont on 19The tenth Paris district. This renovation includes a 5 x 5 court and a 3 x 3 court so that all basketball fans, young and old, can play in perfect conditions and be proud and happy to come to these courts.

As part of this project, 2K Foundations has partnered with Parisian artist Aurélia Durand for the concept and design of these fields. Aurélia Durand was chosen in a natural way because she was also keen to highlight inclusivity. Aurelia’s work clearly emphasizes the equality of men and women, enhancing the global and social dimension that sport can achieve in our modern societies.

“I work around the idea of ​​diversity by representing the characters in vibrant and cheerful colours. Aurélia Durand comments.” What inspires me is the community they live in together. This is the energy I try to convey through my compositions. For me, the group allows each individual to find their place and fulfill themselves. It was clear to me to be involved in the 2K Foundation project in Paris, a very committed and optimistic project for the new generations. The fact that these actions are carried out embodies a common conviction: we all have a role to play in society.”

“The Porte Chaumont Sports Center, which already has a very long history behind it, is reborn today in these beautiful colors that resemble all the colors of our region and our city.” declares François Dagno, 19 MayorThe tenth Paris district. “This place is ushering in a very symbolic and formal way into a new phase full of colour, hope and values. It carries all the values ​​of equality, brotherhood and solidarity that we are committed to achieving.”

“The Porte Chaumont Sports Center, renovated in this way with the creations of the artist Aurélia Durand, bears many symbols in an area where it makes more sense than anywhere else. Adds Pierre Rabadin, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of sports, the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and the Seine.” With two unique stadiums located only here, it brings culture and sport closer together. »

New land is available to the local community. As part of the opening, young men from the basketball department at Collège Georges Rouault were invited to participate in basketball matches and agility challenges.

over the past year, 2K Foundation He stepped up his efforts to support a number of projects representing communities around the world and offered to expand the program to include employment and apprenticeship initiatives, expand access to sports through discovery sessions on golf and tournaments, opportunities to enrich the community through music and developed studios and more. Recent projects include a renovated and redesigned basketball court at Sojourner’s Truth Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, featuring Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves, 3-time NBA All-Star and 2022 3-point competition winner. in the next years, 2K Foundation It will continue to support international projects and invest in local communities through land regeneration in partnership with world-renowned artists and athletes. For more information on 2K Enterprises, including current and upcoming projects, please visit the group’s official website.

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