AS Monaco Basket – Betclic Elite 2022/2023: Schedule, transfers and squad

At the dawn of the start of the Betclic Elite 2022/2023 season, We Sport returns to you the status of the 18 teams that make up it. today, Heading to the Principality and AS Monaco Vice Champion of France.

balance sheet AS Monaco Last season

Being one of the two French members of the Euroleague, Monaco approached the tournament with the favourite, which was held jointly with Asfel. And that was true all season. Among the leading teams, the Monegasques eventually ceded first place to the Villeurbannais competition, but finished second with a small captain’s win.

In the playoffs, Sa . playerssin Obradovyagainst They were so scared at first, that they lost their quarter-final match against Strasbourg. Fortunately for them, the rest of their path to the final was much less turbulent. Monaco ousted SIG, then won four matches (3-1) against Alain Bernier to find the final for the first time since 2019. Against Asfel, the team from the principality will put on great matches, even leading 2-0 in the series before welcoming their opponents at Gaston Médecin In Match 4. Unfortunately, ASVEL ended up being eliminated in five matches, depriving Monaco of the French champion title.

[25-9]2e From the regular season, eliminated in the final by LDLC ASVEL (3-2)

Off-season moves

Like many teams that play at the highest level in Europe, Monaco has seen a high turnover of its workforce, even if some of its owners (Diallo, James, Motigue)ūPeople). Thus, Monaco left players such as Paris Lee and Will Thomas, as well as other key players such as Danilo Anjusic and Ibrahima Val Fay. Former France international Leo Westermann also left the ship and, like Will Thomas, opted to join the Spanish Championship.

To make up for these departures, Monaco brought in several Americans with experience in the European Games, such as Jaron Blossom, John Brown and Jordan Lloyd. The team also did not hesitate to recruit Made in Betclic Elite, with guys like Matthew Strazel and Yoan Makoundou, but also and above all Elie Okubo, the best player in the last French championship finals. Monaco were also hit hard by signing two-time Euroleague winner Adrian Moormann with Anadolu Efes in 2021 and 2022.

Access: Jaron Blossomgame (Ratopharm Ulm, BBL), John Brown (UNICS Kazan, Super League), Jordan Lloyd (Zenith, Super League), Yuan Macondo (Chullet basket), Adrian Moorman (Anadolu Efes, TBSL), Eli Okubo (down), Matthew Strazel (down)

Departures: Danilo Angusic (Partizan Belgrade, KLS), Dwayne Bacon (?), Jerry Botselli (Bahçesehir Koleji, TBSL), Rudy Dahmes Blue (?), Ibrahima Val Faye (Metropolitans 92), Rob Gray (Tufaş Bursa, TBSL), Paris Lee (Panathinaikos, ESAKE), Brock Motom (Livanga Hokkaido, JBL), Will Thomas (Malaga, Liga ACB), Leo Westerman (Obradoiro, Spanish Football League)

Accessories: Alpha DialoAnd the Donta HallAnd the Mike JamesAnd the Donatas MotigueūPeopleAnd the to hersin Obradovyagainst (Fitness Trainer), Yakuba Ouattara

Work’s strength AS Monaco 2022/2023

Leaders: Mike JamesAnd the Matthew Strazel

succeed: Eli OkuboAnd the Jordan LloydAnd the Yakuba Ouattara

wings: Alpha DialoAnd the Jaron Blossomgame

Attackers force: Adrian MoormanAnd the Yuan Macondo

Axes: Donta HallAnd the John Brown IIIAnd the Donatas Motigonas

Fitness Trainer: to hersin Obradovyagainst

AS Monaco : ambitions and arrangement

Out of the unlucky ones in last year’s Betclic Elite Final, Monaco will once again be among the favorites to win the final this season. Backed by a large recruiting and one of the best teams in the league, he has taken advantage of his participation in the Euroleague to attract the players of Team SA.sin Obradovyagainst He will certainly play the leading roles and will be among the contenders for the title. Winning it would be a success, letting it go to another failure.

Player to watch: Eli Okubo

France’s champion with Asfel last season, Eli Okubo moved to the other side during his off-season by joining rival Monaco. Year-round stellar and MVP in the Betclic Elite Finals, he regained his health in Europe to the point of joining the France group for Eurobasket. In an ambitious team that has made a significant transfer window, Okubo will be one of the attacking leaders of this team, especially along with Mike James whose association has promised so much. After winning with Asvel, it is up to him to show his ability to lead Monaco to the top.

Evaluation AS Monaco in 2022/2023

D8: 11/06/2022opposite JDA Dijon

D9: 20/11/2022opposite Limoges CSP

D12: 12/11/2022@Metropolitans 92

D14: 12/23/2022vs. LDLC ASVEL

D16: 01/08/2023against Ilan Bernays

D19: 01/29/2023@LDLC ASVEL

D25: 03/25/2023@CSP Limoges

D27: 04/02/2023opposite Metropolitans 92

D28: 04/08/2023@Elan Béarnais

D30: 25/04/2023@JDA Dijon

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