‘Attack Basketball’ and ‘Quick Play’ coveted Tango Juniors, who launch NF2 season on Saturday

Back to the current affairs of Benoit Perot. This summer’s European champion in Portugal with France U16 as assistant coach (just like young Tango Clémence Collin), the coach sees his side’s start, Saturday (5:15pm) at Prado, the NF2 season against Dijon. With a portion of the unknown.

Who is coming? Who is leaving? Movements at the Bourget Basket Training Center

“We’re in a pool where we don’t know all the teams. I think our start to the season will be a little more complicated than last season. In particular, we have to change our style of play, and by that I mean the roles will be distributed differently, which takes time to adapt.” »

Bneunameu-Simo and Zodia are available for professionals

Hence, it is difficult to state goals. “But it’s too high for girls,” emphasizes Benoit Biro. Who then points out the priority: “The goal of the training center is to develop players and get them out, and you have to use the kit for that. I expect them to do in matches what we will work on in training.”

Like every year, at the end of their training cycle, the youngsters left Krebs-Beruier and others arrived. But Benoit Burt expects his team, both in NF2 and in the U23 Championships (where qualifying for the fourth final, as is the case every year, the stated goal), an identical trajectory: “We want to develop the basketball attack, with the idea of ​​passing the ball and playing fast. And for this, it will be necessary to defend vigorously.

After a European title, a hardworking and voluntary return to Bourges for youth Tango Clémence Collin

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As has been the case for several years, some of the youngsters from the training center will train with the Bourges Basket professional group if necessary. This season, it will be the case of Emmanuel Beninamio Simo and Jess Maine Zodia. “As soon as necessary, they will be available for training or even matches with the pros. Then at the weekend, they will come and store some playing time with us. And we want them to convey with us what they will get with the pros.”

Man power

Arrived. Janis Albert (Marne-la-Vallee), Tess Barbosa (Rennes), Liana Bourgeois (Saint-Fet), Saina Garnac-Saya (Insip), Cathy Emma Otto (Tours), Mawen Boelvey (Saint Delphine), Chloe Rosellier (Chorray), Alicia Tornebez (Cornon).
They stay.Emmanuelle Bnuenameu-Simo, Juliette Bourgeois, Zoé Cavelier, Alice Cheré, Clémence Collin, Faustine Desestrets, Maëlynn Elmira-Eudaric, Jade Ferré, Amycolet Mané, Maëva Marcq, Maris Miekountima, Mathilde SellMieodkos.
staff.Benoît Peyrot (NF2 coach and wanted), Martial Gitton (U18 coach), Sébastien Corvillo (physical coach).



  • D1. September 17, 2022. Bourg – Dijon (second-leg match January 7, 2023).
  • J2. September 24. Annemasse-Bourges (second-leg match on January 14th).
  • D 3. 1 October. Bourges-Mulhouse (second-leg match on January 28).
  • D 4. 8 October. Lons-le-Saunier – Bourges (second-leg match on February 4th).
  • D 5. 15 October. Bourges – Charleville-Mezières (second-leg match, February 11th).
  • D 6. 29 October. Alliance Sport Alsace-Bourges (second-leg match on February 25).
  • D 7. 5 November. Bourges – Paris Basket-Avenir (second-leg match on March 4th).
  • D 8. 12 November. Gesbolsheim-Bourges (second-leg match on March 11th).
  • D9. November 19. Bourget-Chenov (second-leg match on March 18).
  • D10. December 3rd. Fürdenheim-Bourges (second-leg match on 1 April).
  • D11. Dec 10. Bourges – Charnay (second-leg match on 15 April).


  • D1. November 2, 2022. Saint-Amand / Hainaut-Bourges (second-leg match on January 21, 2023).
  • J2. October 22. Bourget – Villeneuve d’Ask (second-leg match on February 18).
  • D 3. 26 November. Bourget – Landerno (second-leg match on March 25).

Nicholas Werquin

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