Dear EuroBasket 2022, I have so many things to tell you

22h50, un 14 septembre, entre Berlin et Bourg-en-Bresse dans le 01. Un frisson traverse ma peau, mais ce n’est pas la fraiche température extérieure ni la sensation d’un sorbet à l’orange trop frais sur la dent from the depth. This thrill has a name, an Englishman who gives its name to an incredible sport: basketball. And for a few days and more until today, this sport fascinates me more than ever, it moves me.

Dear EuroBasket 2022: I love you madly and passionately

Everyone always finds a little bit of happiness right in front of their door, and there’s definitely no idea to compare anything. All his passions, all his idols. my passion? Basketball. my idols? They come and go, and since September 1 many have crossed the routes between Tbilisi, Prague, Milan, Cologne and most recently Berlin, the holiday resort of the 2022 European Basketball Championship champions.

HeroBasket 2022, which we could have called this competition, because some of the best soccer players on the planet met this year on the Old Continent to climb its most beautiful, highest score, above all. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic, for example, are NBA MVP holders for four seasons already, or even Luka Doncic, who is said to be able to collect these accolades one day as his talent is unanimously recognized. These people fascinate me, their talent sometimes overwhelms me.

Source: FIBA

So are individuals, but not only. Away from this. Because EuroBasket, like any other international sports competition, is a collective consideration put at the service of his country. We forget a little which player we are, or rather we try to cleverly mix it with the pressure of the event, with the desire of an entire country to glorify its team, its nation.

But where the hell am I going? up there.

Just wanting to say, write, or even scream, that this sport is simply awesome. Why ? Because it allowed fourteen days to face mysterious continental players with NBA stars, without writing the script beforehand. Because during this EuroBasket 2022 we didn’t expect more than who would be on the finish line, because during EuroBasket I found Estonian and Dutch people with names that can’t be pronounced, because during EuroBasket 2022 the strongest basketball player doesn’t always win, especially. When he’s very lonely, especially if he’s not ready.

Because the game in basketball never ends, not even when it seems that the winner is already decided less than ten seconds after the end of the game, correct Rudy, correct Thomas.

Because we feel French more than any time of the year, even if sometimes the make-up and songs of some fans make us want to be Lithuanian.

Lithuania September 14 2022

Source: FIBA

Because those we follow throughout the year become other players, other people when they wear the national costume. Because, for some of them, we just want to give them a big hug.

Because Thomas Hurtle and Matthews Bonnetka tonight, because Rudy Fernandez (yes) and Andreas Obst yesterday, because Terry Tarbe and Laurie Markanen, because Sidi Osman and Simon Fontechio.

Because EuroBasket 2022, damn it, we might be remembering for a while.

For all these men, in the end, remind me that the sport in which I have cherished so much for more than thirty years … is also and above all a story of men, a story of passions, a happy compromise between desire and destiny, between the talent of some and the desire to win others.

Dear EuroBasket 2022: I love you madly and passionately

Theatrical, suspense, joys, sorrows. Surprises, disappointments, revelations and even birth. Since the start of EuroBasket 2022? The mix is ​​amazing and brings me back to the essence of what I decided to write…every day.

Because I live this sport as I do it, because I watch it as I feel it, because I talk about it and sometimes I hide from it. Passionately, lovingly, humbly but without shame, with a smile, sometimes with a few tears, in 2013 or in 2015, also in 2020 some obviously know what I’m talking about.

At 6:40pm the neighbor called, she just wanted to bring a bowl of salad, and she said I looked drugged. I’ve never taken drugs, at least I think. Because if basketball is dope, it’s time for a consultation soon. But between us a lot… Do I really want to take care of myself?

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