Focus on the best (others) players who wore the number 6

On Thursday, the National Basketball Association decided to memorialize history like never before by removing the number 6 of the 30 franchises that make up it. A solid homage to Bill Russell’s career, pretty much outside the bounds of the field, which puts in the background all the other names who have written a beautiful story with this number lined up on their back. behold “other 6”.

Hey, but LeBron has worn number 23 throughout his career, only number 6 since arriving at the Lakers.. For sausages born after disgrace and knowledge, LeBron James He is undoubtedly the second most influential player to have ever worn the 6. Far be it from us to begin a very questionable comparison between two boys who have absolutely none, both in terms of time and in terms of the storytelling that surrounds them. by “The second most influential player”Obviously, we hear that he was the one who gave his best hours to this number after Bill Russell. when ? From 2010 to 2014, during his term “heating” (No. 6 retrieved from Mario Chalmers) in which LeBron played 294 games and won two NBA titles with the six huddled behind. Shame on us to put him in front of Julius Irving? behavior. We’re talking about one of the best players of all time—without taking the time to rank him—against a man whose style was his time, who certainly won a championship, but whose influence on the world, societies and times exploded. Down far fewer barriers. However, we stand Julius Irving Third place in this race “I was more generous than six”. OGs are still reading and waiting for a name Walter Davisa six-time All-Star, who played for the Suns from 77 to 88. Not really Phoenix’s least stellar stint since the Arizona franchise reached the NBA Finals twice, in 79 and 84. A stellar presence in his team’s great moments, was worth mentioning .

It’s been 45 minutes since an angry Spurs fan smashed his skull into the door of the editor’s apartment. So let’s talk aboutAvery Johnson before you give up. Ten seasons of good and loyal service in San Antonio, and a title at 99 to complete a circuit. He’s not the most talented player in Texan history, but, like New York’s John Starks, his sense of sacrifice has earned him a special place in the hearts of fans. We don’t know many point guards who retired by 3 points by 14.5% (27/186). The gritty style was so powerful that it made us forget about the offensive player’s flaws. We don’t directly owe him the Spurs dynasty, but it would be hypocritical to separate him from it: Avery Johnson saw Greg Popovich’s San Antonio land, then Tim Duncan, and was one of those essential to ensuring a smooth transition between him. Time, the time of a talented but not victorious group, et seq., are listed in all history books. Beautiful number 6 in the sky of the AT&T Center.

For those who have already shook hands with Rene Coty and had coffee with Leon Bloom, we get there: Neil Johnson He was one of the best players to get sixth place. Eight seasons in which the Philadelphia Warriors averaged 19.4 points and 11.3 rebounds on a 44% shootout, though competitors in Timberland and floorboards jumped more than players, it was mentioned without a startle. Ellipse in the Gregorian calendar, going back to the first decade of the twenty-first century Lance Stevenson who achieved what Jerome Moisseau He tried to do ten years before him, that is, move the number 6 with his enthusiasm. To younger readers, Lance isn’t just a clown who blows LeBron’s ear and shrugs his shoulders after each half distance. There was a time he brought freshness to the Pacers’ workforce that lacked personality. Since it suits all tastes, we’re pulling off the name of three heavyweights who have done well with this number 6: Kenyon Martin (2001 to 2007), Tyson Chandlerover nine seasons including the year of DPOY in New York, and Deandre Jordan Who wore it during that time “Lob City”.

“A noun sometimes makes status more than verbs.”. Let’s move on to those famous men who have already worn the number 6, without leaving their mark on it. From 2009 to 2012, at the end of the race, Ben Wallace Double his number 3 and inherit 6. What will we remember? subordinate Highlights For a man in his thirties buried in the sand, he could, in his greatest aerial feat, put a bank card under his feet. In the category “Uncooked but still cooked”The Jermaine O’Neill Of the Raptors (2008-09) he also wore the number 6. Knowing that he only played 41 games there, it would take about forty-three lives to find this shirt at a flea market. in the same line, Joel Brasilia des Bucks – to whom we recently assigned a cute little file – wore a number 6, just like Larry Nance During the 1987-88 fiscal year and Andrew Bogut Out of the warrior years. “But TrashTalk, it didn’t mention any Pelicans, Magic and Kings players, when Number 6 was already retired in all three of these franchises before Bill Russell passed away.”. Relevant comment! Due to the lack of legends, these three teams removed the six in honor of their fans who consider them their sixth man. Little naughty.

The person whose absence the reader indicated, and who, in the interest of honesty, is not included in the body of the text: Eddie Jones. apologies.

All these little “myths” of the number 6 have been revised, and a question comes to mind: “How will the NBA reconcile its decision to retire No. 6 all around, and No. 6 already retired in some privilege?”. There is no doubt that Adam Silver and his followers are already immediately present so that this great tribute should not arise from any controversy.

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