France and Poland, how can the Blues reach the final

France will play their place in the Eurobasket 2022 Final on Thursday at 5:30pm. Against Poland, the Blues will be the favorites again, but will have to, as in the previous two rounds, beware of their opponents like the plague. The Poles took out Luka Doncic’s Slovenia and will arrive without the slightest knot in this poster of the Last Four.

Here are a few ways to explore to avoid missing out on this golden opportunity to reach the final.

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Taking care of the ball… and the third quarter

We repeat it in every match except for the sin homely Nice from the blues and one of the reasons why matches are so complicated, is losing the ball. France is the team that has lost the most balls in the Europa League and still hits 18 against Italy. We are still afraid that after a while we will end up paying too much. All 13 teams that follow France are left out in this unenviable ranking of ball losses at the moment…

Shifts also always occur in swarms and frequently coincide with the massive air pockets observed in the third quadrant. We definitely have to avoid that against Poland, who will be ruthless in the game in transition. Habs opponents for this place in the final clearly prefer the two-point counterattack to the outside strike, scoring a weak 33.8% since the start of the competition, versus 36% for the Blues.

For this damn third quarter that’s been embarrassing us in two games, we’d like to see the Blues go into a wall situation and not play against nature. Good news, the Poles aren’t fans of the third quarter either. They just snatched 24-6 against Slovenia but they survived…

Braking Mateusz Ponitka and pressing inward

European basketball fans know Matthews Bonnetka Before their exceptional match against Slovenia in the quarter-finals. Ponitka, who has scored the third hat-trick in Eurobasket history with 26 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists, has successfully roamed Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Russia and Italy (as of this year), having been one of Europe’s top potential players. generation.

In 2011, Pole was Evan Fournier’s teammate at the Hope Summit in Portland with the international team. The two men will meet again, perhaps in the same playing areas from time to time, moreover, after 11 years for a place in the Euro final …

We imagine Vincent Colette will ask his most stubborn defender to take care of the Polish star of choice as best he can. Just to prevent something crazy like the following from happening…

And of course, Poniteka is not the only Polish danger. The back area he formed with it AJ Slaughter (Rated 20 against Slovenia) and even the trio formed with very good shooting and defender Michel Sokolowski It is the source of their success. Which leads us to say that we still have to take advantage of our theoretical advantage in the racket.

Size and properties Rudy Gobert It ended up being pushed back against the Italians and the scenario could repeat itself. By preventing the “juniors” from shining, the Blues should be able to avoid much suffering against the opposing inner sector, clearly not the Poles’ strong point.

By relaunching Poirier and Fall

Rudy Gobert It’s exceptional and very good news for the Blues at this Euro. It simply wouldn’t be a luxury to be able to blow Rudy so frequently, especially with the other two big guys that Vincent Colette owns. Vincent Poirier and Mustapha Vall each played just five minutes against Italy, without that being convincing.

This game might be an opportunity to use it more to tire out the Poles and keep Rudy fresh and free of spoiled issues. We’ve seen in previous competitions that they were able, albeit for a limited time, to play this anchor role. Now would be the time to showcase it again, when they are not in their favour in this tournament.

If that’s not possible, we can still, normally, use the lethal weapon that is ruddy. Evidence in numbers? When he became the new Wolves pivot on the field since the start of Eurobasket, France was at +70. When he’s on the bench, you’re at… -51.

By leaving the Plus-Minus King, Terry Tarpey, on the field for 40 minutes

We’re kidding. But not that much. Captain Loman continues to attract wealth and success as soon as he steps on Earth. The difference in play is still amazing. Against Italy, Tarpey finished at +18 and was the only player with Gobert to pass +9. In 34 minutes of play, he collected 8 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal, once again playing a very valuable role with the Blues.

We were told Terry Tarbe would be an almost undisputed player for the Blues in the Eurobasket semi-final a year ago, and we wouldn’t believe him for a second. There, we want the beautiful story to continue and we can no longer imagine doing without him. Tarpey also has a small personal challenge to defend against the Poles, as he currently still leads the picks in this tournament with 14 steals. Among the only people who could still catch up to him because they were still qualified, the number one stalker is none other than… AJ Slaughter.

Watch out for 4 Polish moles

Of the 12 players selected by Igor Milicic for this Eurobasket tournament, four of them have links with France and are well aware of the style played by the Blues:

  • Aaron’s cell He is a Polish Franco, born in Orleans and played 8 seasons in the First Division before joining the Polish League
  • AJ Slaughter, the naturalized commander, spent 5 years in France between Cholet, Chalons, Strasbourg and Villeurbanne. He was the American All-Star (2014), Cup Winner (2019) and Championship (2019) during his adventure on our land.
  • Dominic Olinczakthe reserve hub, joined Gravelines last season after five years on American colleges in the NCAA.
  • Jacob Schenkthe substitute captain, finished the season in last year’s rounds and will attempt to raise the club to Pro B level in 2022-2023.

I hope Amadeus “Ferrari” Roslake will not appear in the pre-match conference

The Poles are a people who love to fight. In MMA, Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roslik has a specialty beyond his octagon prowess. Roslik, a Polish by trade, has been known to come and surprise his opponents and opponents when they respond to reporters on the sidelines of their battle, sending them huge mandalas.

Hopefully the Blues have planned a security service around their executives during the interviews, in case the Polish Basketball Association commissioned Ferrari for a pre-game expedition…

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