Game Versions: ScourgeBringer, Golf Knight, Dice Versa, 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Today there are 12 interesting video games on the App Store for your iOS devices especially ScourgeBringer, Golf Knight, Dice Versa and 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

Thursday is for video games, Wednesday is for cinema, which is why at iPhoneSoft you find: Thursday game outings For iPhone, iPod, and iPad for years.

New free iOS games:

Wild things ipa iphone ipad game iconwild things (Game, Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v5.5.3, 233 MB, iOS 15.0, Netflix, Inc.)

Exclusively for Netflix subscribers.

Rescue adorable animals, explore an immersive world and build the habitat of your dreams in this colorful Match-3 game. A title that Candy Crush fans should delight…

Download free game wild things

Wild things capture ipa iphone ipad game

star trek basements mobile icon ipa iphone ipad gameStar Trek Lower Decks Mobile (Game, Adventure/Simulation, iPhone/iPad, v1.5.3, 260MB, iOS 11.0, Eastside Games)

The official idle game of Star Trek: Lower Decks!

Finally, after another boring viewing, the basements of the USS Cerritos are ready to party at a concert for the Zebulon Sisters! Tendi is even more excited, because it will be her first cho cho dance! But first, they must perform routine holodeck exercises, which Buemler commissioned to organize. Buimler? with force? When was it good?

Boimler, Tendi, Rutherford and Mariner must now solve Star Trek stories, familiar or new, in order to return to the real world.

Download free game Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile

Star Trek basements ipa iphone ipad mobile phone pick up game

otteretto icon game ipa iphoneOtrito (Game, Puzzle, iPhone, v3.2.3, 18 MB, iOS 12.0, Christopher Klimovsky)

Otteretto is a puzzle game about symmetries (and otters). This is not another matching game, but a completely new idea for you to think of! How long can you create from symmetrical?

5 game modes await you in this cultured Tetris game.

Download free game Otrito

otteretto ipa iphone capture game

Merge stories ipa iphone game iconmerging stories (Game, Strategy/Puzzle, iPhone, version 4.0.2, 278 MB, iOS 11.0, Playtika LTD)

to merge. Builds. attacks. Will you be able to in one of these new fusion games? Go on an adventure and beat merger records with Merge Story! Merge objects and build units in this new epic merging game!

Download free game merging stories

Merge stories ipa iphone capture game

lucky luna icon game ipa iphone ipadLucky Luna (Game, Adventure, iPhone/iPad, version 1.0.10, 477 MB, iOS 15.0, Netflix, Inc.)

Exclusively for Netflix subscribers.

Lucky Luna is a vertical platform game with one peculiarity, there is no button to jump! This changes everything. Since there is nothing to skip, each level introduces new game mechanics and features that open up different areas of action to explore. You’ll need to take advantage of your surroundings and use your mental presence to get to what’s hidden and help Luna find her way.

Download free game Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna pick up ipa iphone ipad game

last hope 3 sniper zombie war icon ipa iphone ipad gameLast Hope 3: Sniper Zombie War (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 410 MB, iOS 11.0, JE Software)

Last Hope 3 is an offline game that offers realistic 3D graphics. Discover a fun game campaign, between a sniper rifle and an assault weapon, you will have to eliminate the zombies and the bosses standing in front of you.

The developers have planned 4 game modes:

  • Story: Help the survivors rebuild the city and save the world from terror.
  • Sniper: Be a deadly killer. Assassinate your targets from a distance.
  • Contracts: Can you defeat the infected zombie invasion in time?
  • Defense: Survive the horde of zombies in first person. Kill endless waves of zombies.

Download free game Last Hope 3: Sniper Zombie War

last hope 3 sniper zombie war capture ipa iphone ipad game

golf knight ipa iphone ipad game icongolf knight (Game, Sports / Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v1.08, 92 MB, iOS 11.0, Ernesto Solares Guerrero)

A brand new free platform game that takes you on an adventure like no other. You don’t run a champ like everyone else because it’s a golf ball, which of course behaves like a champ.

With its pixel art graphics, Golf Knight presents a constant challenge in single player mode thanks to the different enemies and interactive objects in each level.

Download free game golf knight

golf knight ipa iphone ipad game

Fallcone icon game ipa iphoneFalcon (Game, Action, iPhone, version 1.0, 33 MB, iOS 12.0, Ondrej Malota)

Just tap and change direction, but think ahead of acceleration in this skill game.

Download Falcon at 0.49 €

Fallcone capture ipa iphone game

dice game inverse game icon ipa iphone ipadreverse dice (Game, Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 60MB, iOS 11.0, Ragtag Games Ltd)

Winner of GAME JAM 2022, Dice Versa is coming to iPhone.

Due to circumstances beyond your control, you find yourself in a battle for your soul against Versa, the lucky demon. Play his dice game for a chance to cheat death…at least for a little while longer.

Dice Versa is a logic game inspired by Uno, Dominoes, and Tetris.

Download free game reverse dice

dice game vice versa ipa iphone ipad game

New Paid iOS Games:

scurgebringer ipa iphone ipad icon gamesobringer (Game, Action/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.1, 153 MB, iOS 11.0, Plug In Digital)

ScourgeBringer is a very responsive and fluid rogue lite platformer. Help Kyhra explore the unknown and make her way through ancient machines that hold the secrets of her past and possibly the salvation of all humanity.

An action and platform game halfway between Dead Cells and Celeste, but with gameplay that varies depending on whether you’re playing on a touch screen or with an MFi controller. When we start, we don’t stop!

Download sobringer priced at 6.99 €

scurgebringer capture ipa iphone ipad game

samurai shodown v aca neogeo game code ipa iphone ipadSAMURAI SHODOWN V ACA NEOGEO (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.1.0, 214 MB, iOS 11.0, SNK CORPORATION)

SAMURAI SHODOWN V is a fighting game released by SNK in 2003, and reworked into the ACA NeoGeo collection.
Yoshitora Tokugawa, Mina Magicina, and others join the cast of Twenty Four Warriors.
New systems, including Sword Gauge and Focus, are available for even more sword movement.

Download SAMURAI SHODOWN V ACA NEOGEO Priced at 3.99 €

samurai shodown v aca neogeo capture game ipa iphone ipad

20 minutes until dawn ipa iphone ipad game icon20 minutes until dawn (Game, Action / Role-playing, iPhone / iPad, v2.0.30, 167 MB, iOS 11.0, Erabit Studios)

In this roguelite survival game, choose from a variety of upgrades to create a unique super powerful build every time. You can be a fire wizard, for example, igniting monsters with every gun blast, or a clever ninja who controls magical knives to stab your enemies.

Choose from a wide range of characters and weapons that offer a variety of gameplay experiences. Over 50 different upgrades to choose from for a unique experience with each run! Excellent game to discover!

Download 20 minutes until dawn priced at 1.99 €

20 minutes until dawn ipa iphone ipad game

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