SLUC Nancy Betclic Elite 2022/2023: Calendar, Transfers & Squad

At the dawn of the start of the Betclic Elite 2022/2023 season, We Sport returns to you the status of the 18 teams that make up it. Today, trend Lauren to talk about SLUC Nancy, newly regrouped in First Class.

balance sheetu behavior nancy Last season

Five years after relegation to Class Two, SLUC Nancy will return to Class One. And if the Lorrainers have that privilege, it’s because they’ve had a top-tier season. After a good start to the season, albeit a little slow, Nancy will beat his opponents at the end of the year, taking just one defeat in the last fifteen games, and even winning the last ten. After the record-breaking tie with Saint-Chamond, Nancy, who has beaten her opponent twice during the regular season, will inherit the top spot, synonymous with the Pro B title and direct promotion to the next level. Enough to revive a historic club that has long sprouted in the French basketball antechamber.

[26-8]1Verse Regular season and French Pro B . champion

Off-season moves

Having just returned from the top flight, Nancy extended coach Sylvain Loti to allow the team to continue to grow. However, the club has left a few players behind to try and improve its workforce in order to maintain itself in the Betclic Elite. In the departures division, six players found a new base in Pro B, including four who took the Champagne Basket route. No player has left France, since Lucas Ogolin’s last departure, has been in the direction of Limoges.

To make up for these departures, I expected SLUC everywhere, but especially in France. Thus, Donte Grantham and Clément Frisch have arrived in Lorraine after developing into Pro B last year, while Luke Fischer will bring his experience with the elite and young Aurèle Brena-Chemille will discover the professional world after studying at INSEP. Nancy then recruited two Americans: Roberto Galinat, a former Danish Championship player of the year who arrived from Turkey, and Kilis Vinales, who played in Puerto Rico last season.

Access: Aurele Brena-Chemille (ANSIP), Luke Fisher (JS Nanterre), Clement Frisch (Dineen, Pro B*), Roberto Galinat (Yalovaspor BK, TBSL), Donte Grantham (champagne basketball, Pro B), Kyle Vinales (Guinabo Mets, BSN)

Departures: Josh Ajayi (St. Schmond, Pro B), Ludovic Beehorst (champagne basketball, Pro B), Matisse Keita (champagne basketball, Pro B), Charles Nkalulu (champagne basketball, Pro B), David Scarra (champagne basketball, Pro B), Lucas Ogolin (CSP Limoges), Vincent Wind (champagne basketball, Pro B)

Accessories: Sylvain Loti (Fitness Trainer), Caleb Walker

*If he arrives from Dennin, Clement Frisch belongs to SIG Strasbourg, which has decided to loan him to Nancy for the 2022/2023 season.

Work’s strengthu behavior nancy 2022/2023

Leaders: Aurele Brena-ChemilleAnd the Kyle Vinales

succeed: Roberto GalinatAnd the Merides HomonoAnd the Anthony Labanca

wings: Caleb Walker

Attackers force: Clement FrischAnd the Donte Grantham

Axes: Luke FisherAnd the Stephen GumboldAnd the Mohamed Sidiba

Fitness Trainer: Sylvain Loti

SLUC Nancy : ambitions and arrangement

Just promoted, Nancy will first try to keep herself. In a tournament where competition is growing, the pursuit of something other than maintenance for its first season seems fanciful, even if no one is immune to surprise. A historic club for the French Championship, SLUC will have to secure its place in the elite, before hoping to be able to play – why not – the playoffs in a few seasons. But not in 2022/2023.

Player to watch: Aurélie Brenna Schimmel

At just eighteen years old, Aurèle Brena-Chemille would discover the professional world at Betclic Elite with Nancy, having splashed his talent in France with Pôle France at NM1. As a tall captain, he contributed to a record season of Optimists who had eleven successes in thirty-four games. It is now up to him to exploit his ability to snap the minutes in turns and adapt to a new environment.

Evaluationu behavior nancy in 2022/2023

D3: 01/10/2022@GIS Strasbourg

D8: 05/11/2022opposite the Roan Choir

D9: 11/18/2022@ESSM Le Portel

D12: 10/12/2022opposite ADA Blois

D13: 12/16/2022@ FOS on the sea

D20: 02/03/2023@Chorale Roanne

D21: 02/11/2023opposite ESSM Le Portel

D26: 03/28/2023@ADA Blois

D30: 25/04/2023opposite SIG Strasbourg

D33: 09/05/2023against Voss-sur-Mer

Photo credit in one: Est Républicain

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