The French team displays Italy and rushes to the semi-finals of the Euro!

But what did we do to deserve this?!? An incredible scenario on September 14 in Berlin, once again, with the French national team qualifying for the semi-finals of the Euro Championship, thanks to a hard-earned victory over Italy. A perfect start, the opponent’s comeback in the third quarter, the match we thought was lost, shots placed by the opponent’s star and a win in overtime? Here, like the impression that you have already told this story …

The statistics of this new demo of the French still running their opponent from the first minute to the last minute here

So they don’t know how to win the game without forcing us to change our underwear four times in an hour. Maybe it’s in their DNA, maybe it enhances them, we don’t know, but the fact remains that we thank the blues very much for five liters less sweat since 7pm. The stadium in the quarter-finals? You’ll see, I swear you already saw it somewhere.

A very good start to the match by Vincent Colette’s men for two reasons. the first ? Starting a five-on-five match with Andrew Albissi and Terry Tarbe in the backcourt offers some defensive guarantees and, once again, these two players have made life impossible to resist the attackers. Marco Speco and Stefano Tonot see no ball for the first few minutes, so we can move on to the second reason to smile: Yvan Fournier. yon shoot from the parking lot, a second then a basket with a foul, yes, Favan scored 9 pawns in 3 minutes but yes also … Favani makes a technical foul from the start, forcing him to finish the game for the rest of the game to avoid going to one with his shower gel much earlier than expected. Guerschon Yabusele performs as an offensive captain superbly, Rudy Gobert fills the circle with balls from time to time and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot skates in good shape by batting as soon as he gets in: awesome, the Blues are very well established, despite the alarm at an onslaught from the Italians and in particular Gigi Datum Who scored his second basket at the bell in the first quarter. The Blues are advancing 27-20, it might be better but let’s not complain because as a famous thinker from Team TrashTalk said: Only victory is victory.

Second Quarter? Soup without vegetables, live without electricity, beer without alcohol. Gentle, gloomy, without rest. Defenses are in place, attacks are disastrous, and it’s pretty clear we won’t get into the topic except that round 2 ends with a score of 11 all over, except for that round 2 and thus ends with a ping-pong score. 38-31 in the first half, the Blues are there, the Blues are playing white but they are there, strong from the lock that seems to be holding Squadra in a big way.

From there it all goes on…

As in the round of 16 against Turkey, the French returned from the first half by cutting pizza around Boca. Without solutions in attack, and overwhelmed in defense, the Blues take a drizzle as the third quarter passes. Mustafa Fall has been tried for the position and we are still trying to figure out why, just as we are still looking for positive action from him but calm Musa, he will be back when he returns. In the French part of the field, the Red Sea blushes in front of the spaces left by the defense, the Italians laugh and return whatever they want And the result will certainly be less fun for us because La Bout is obviously kicking us, because we want more over and over again, because France obviously doesn’t like it when it’s too easy.

The architects of the Italian comeback are Marco Speco and, above all, Simon Fontechio, the star of this list who in six minutes proved to us his cracked condition is unfounded. Satellite shots of Terry Tarbe’s face doing what he can, every ball that passes into Mommy Simon’s hand ends up burning the strings and the gap begins to widen poorly, logically a bit given the scene provided by the EDF who is clearly losing power, and the fuse. Nico Manion snatching the ball from the hand of Andrew Albisi, Timothy Loew Caparrot looking for the ball in defense, Simon leading and Marco shooting, +8 Italy and France Basketball are about to get angry when you hear Vincent Colette’s English accent during a break.

A quarter to play, and now tell yourself that the craziest is yet to come, 80% of the interesting information for this match still has to be told. To make it a little short to be on time for the 8:30 p.m. game? Suppose the French team returns, slowly, relying on what it knows how to do best, namely defense, finally, and then using Rudi Gobert’s sprawling arms in attack. But Thanks, in part, for the blues’ comeback to Thomas Hurtle, Thomas Mortel, and Thomas Mortadel simply executing a defense across the Alps based on big shots of a test-packed parking lot and driving in trafficBecause, luckily, Italy started to defend in the last quarter as well as France defended in the third. Hallelujah, so we’re leaving for new money time on the ventilator, but Simone Fontecchio gives the Italians a 7-point lead at 2 minutes 30 bells off, smelling burnt as the other says. still. Evan to Rudy, technical foul for Speso and Evan who put in a throw and pass behind, 73-75, we’re breathing a little bit. Spissu who score? Tarpey who scores. We believe in it, we dream about it, but the clock is ticking and with +2 Italy and two throws for the beige Fontecchio, we tell ourselves this time we’ll quietly pack up and go to swallow our pack all evening. But like CEDI OSMAN, poor Simon inexplicably lost his two throws, laughing at the emoji, and like against Turkey this time around, it’s Thomas Heurtel who equalizes five seconds left after seeing Berlin police on him open the way to the circuit. Fontecchio’s last shot obviously doesn’t fit, France and Italy are going into extra time, how can I tell you this team is blessed with gods, how can I tell you we have our ass lined with pasta and that expression is incredible when we talk about Italy.

stretch? How would it be then? Thomas Huertel is unplayable, apart from a big Spissu shot the Italians no longer put in, and As a double symbol, it’s Terry Tarbe who reports to the Intercept Police and Rudy Joubert who spins two wonders of throws to end this poor Italy.before the eyes of Gianmarco Pozzecco’s Droopy is on the verge of collapse due to the claim that he is anti-sports every time the player farts.

Come stop because hands are soaked, France won 93-85 after five minutes of Rap having lost this match a thousand times and thus go to the semi-finals where they will face the winner between Slovenia and Poland. They don’t make us blues blues it’s not euro it’s paranormal week.

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