TrashTalk Store Opens Its Décor Department With Six Beautiful Basketball Stickers

There is something new in your favorite online store! The Shop TrashTalk is proud to open the Deco category with six 100% homemade basketball stickers. Above the sofa, in the office or right next to the coffee machine, the hardest part will be choosing where to display your new decor.

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The title is now well known to purists and some even have a wardrobe sponsored by TrashTalk. Whether you’re wearing a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweatshirt, the TT can be worn Monday through Sunday without the same clothes. But even then, your walls and furnishings have watched it all with a bit of jealousy. Never mind, space has been made in the menu bar to allow for a nice decorative section to open. Wearing clothes is good. If you can also decorate your apartment or barracks, even better. When we were kids, our room was full of posters of our idols. So much so that we couldn’t determine the color of the wall below. Meanwhile, we’ve matured a bit or simply moved on without being able to take our favorite pictures with us, not without a bit of heartache. That’s the whole idea of ​​these 100% homemade stickers and guaranteed to be in the best taste so we can proudly show our passion without detracting from the style of our little cocoon. Mounted on the wall or carefully framed, it’s the final touch that is still missing in the decoration of your office or living room. All posters are printed in France and are available in A2 format (59.4cm * 42cm) to perfectly match your favorite wall. Come on, let’s move on to the presentations in gallery opening mode!

Operating Manual Set

To launch this section, we wanted to explore many styles and inspirations with different legs to suit everyone’s tastes. We start with a collection of Playbooks that allow you to relive the greatest basketball moments you’ve had since TrashTalk media was created nearly 10 years ago, in 2012. From Thomas Huertel’s shot in Madrid in 2014 to Nicholas Batum’s counter during the Tokyo Olympics against Slovenia to the beater that Unforgettable From The Block and Kawhi Leonard to Game 7 vs Sixers in 2019, we get goosebumps just by looking at these posters. We couldn’t ask for more than another feat of legend when Terry Tarbe awarded us the gold at Euro 2022 thanks to a magical last-gasp interception in the final against Spain.

  • TRASHTALK poster “Give me your shorts”: “Give me your shorts”, a phrase that resonates in the hearts of many French people. The Spaniards hope to cut our way in 2014? It was without relying on Thomas Hurtl. Solitude, thread, legendary commentary, here’s the classic.

TrashTalk “Give Me Your Shorts” Sticker

  • TRASHTALK Poster: “The Block,” a legendary feat, a legendary moment in NBA history. Relive the action with this poster, which perfectly places every player in LeBron’s Scotch time on Iguodala. Warriors fans, go ahead, there’s nothing to see.

TrashTalk “The Block” Poster

  • TRASHTALK poster “LE AGAINST”: “Le Contre”, the most decisive action in French basketball history? Everyone remembers his whereabouts during the Batum campaign against Slovenia. With this poster, we represent France and the legend.

TrashTalk “The Cons” Poster

  • TRASHTALK “OH THE SHOOT” poster: “Oh the Kawhi shot,” a phrase that recalls a legendary moment in the NBA. Game 7 between the Sixers and the Raptors, Kawhi returns this shot from elsewhere in the right corner. If you like ricochet, it can also make a nice gift.

TrashTalk “Oh The Shoot” Poster

Elise’s creations

When it comes to artistic creations, the name Élyse Delahaie (elysedlh on Instagram) never strays from our minds as he is the graphic designer for the cover of “Le plus grand Livre All-Time Basketball,” a book that everyone should have in their library by the way. In these two posters, the artist plays with lines and typography to immerse us in his world. Beware, the first poster could bring back old nightmares for Spurs fans.

Back to Allen Shop TrashTalk Poster

TrashTalk “Rebound Bosh” Poster by Elise Delahey

TrashTalk Store Orange Balloon Sticker Delivery

TrashTalk “No Manu” Poster by Elise Delahay


Good news for Team Textile, we haven’t forgotten you! The entire Playbook collection is also dismissed in T-shirts, blouses, and jackets. If you want to talk a little bit about your supportive warrior friend or your little Spanish cousin, you already know which model to turn to.

An important note we would like to make with every drop, in the continuity of projects undertaken in the past, the entire TrashTalk team wanted to respect the values ​​of Mother Nature within the store: the unisex T-shirts, blouses and hoodies are therefore made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, ensuring that products are eco-friendly and respectful poster fair clothes Establishment Which guarantees working conditions certified by the International Labor Organization in the textile industry. Getting dressed is fine, but dressing with the planet in mind is even better.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I frame my poster?

Posters are sent in a tube and unframed. The A2 format has been specifically chosen to allow you to easily find a tire to your liking and at a lower cost in the trade.

  • Can we choose different models and colors of textiles?

Yes, there are many possible options. All of Shop TrashTalk’s textile products are unisex, the vast majority of which are available in T-shirts, blouses, and jackets. Once you get to the article page, you will be able to choose the color and size.

  • What sizes of textiles are available?

You can take from XS to XXL!

  • Can we take several?

Rather it is highly recommended. Plus it saves shipping costs.

  • Will there be more designs to come?

If you’re wise, sure: We have many ideas in mind and we’ll introduce them later.

  • Technically, how does it work?

We cannot advise you enough to begin taming the beast by bouncing from link to link according to your desires. If you have more technical questions, you’ll find the answer you’re looking for in the Shop TrashTalk FAQ.


New, fresh and more by listening to the best community Del MundoWe let you check out the brand new home drop you can find In the TrashTalk store now. While waiting to put Guérande salt and tractors down at low prices: good shopping!

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